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Shipping January 2019!
The U.S. M14 Rifle, The Last Steel Warrior 2nd Edition

The updated-expanded edition of the Last Steel Warrior is here. Now in hardback with many color photos. The history and development of the M14 from the full-automatic T20 Garands to the production of M14 rifles, including the updated Enhanced Battle Rifles (EBR) versions developed for the war on terrorism. Now has 430 pages and lots of new information and photographs including... Development and Research - Full-Automatic Garand Rifles-T44 Series of Rifles - Belgian T48 vs. the T44 T44E4 - Experimental Models - Series Production at Olin-Winchester Company - The Springfield Armory - Thompson Ramo Woodridge - Harrington and Richardson Inc.- M14 (M) Match Rifle - M14 (M) Modified Rifle - M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle - M14E2/M14A1 Rifle Accessories and Accoutrements-Lubrication and Maintenance-Magazine Contracts - Manuals - Commercial M14 Type Rifles - Springfield Armory Inc. M1A and 7.62mm NATO Ammunition and more.

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Now Shipping October 2018
Smith & Wesson Model 76 Submachine Gun

In 1966, the Department of the Navy contacted Smith & Wesson about the possibility of the company designing and manufacturing a weapon that would be similar in concept and operation to the Swedish-K that was currently in service with U.S. Navy SEAL teams operating in Vietnam. The Swedish government refused to sell or support the Swedish-K submachine guns, due to their outspoken protest of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. In the fall of 1966, the Development Section of Smith & Wesson received an official written request from the Department of the Navy for the development of a new 9mm submachine gun. Corporation officials met with SEAL Team One at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, in San Diego, California, to discuss the project.
The company issued 76 as the model designation for the project, simply as a control number, having no other significance. The S&W Model 76 went into series production in 1968. The book includes Smith & Wesson Light Rifle Model of 1940, Smith &Wesson Model of 1945 Carbine, Smith & Wesson Model 76 Submachine Gun, History and Manufacturing, Caseless Ammunition Program, m/45 Swedish-K Submachine Gun, MK 760 Submachine Gun, MK 760 Semiautomatic Carbines and Pistols, Global Arms 76A1, Burgess SW76 Submachine Gun, Omega Arms SW 760, Special Weapons SW 760, Magazines, Parts and Accessories, Trouble Shooting. Hardbound book. Disassembly-Assembly and Maintenance

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Now Shipping October 2015
American Thunder - Third Edition!

Now Shipping, American Thunder III, Military Thompson Submachine Guns The third edition of American Thunder is here! Updated with over 436 pages in hardback with many color photos.

The revised new 3rd Edition of American Thunder Contents: History, The Colt Thompsons, British and Commonwealth Thompsons, World War II Production 1939-1943. The Savage and Auto-Ordnance Factories, Ordnance Rebuilding Program, 1928 Models, M1 and M1A1 Models. The Lend-Lease Program-Drums and Magazines, The Search for a New Submachine Gun, Replacing the Submachine Gun, Accessories and Accouterments, Thompson Parts, United States Ordnance Department, Military Experiments and Prototypes, Post War Service, Movie Thompsons, Numrich NAC and West Hurley Thompsons. Books are available signed by the author upon request.

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Now Shipping August 2013
AK-47 The Grim Reaper - Second Edition!

Shipping Now! Its back, with more pages, more information and more photographs: AK-47 The Grim Reaper Second Edition. This book is most definitive study on Kalashnikov pattern rifles to date. Over 1,100 printed pages covering the AK rifle and its many variants that have been manufactured in over 19 countries. In-depth detailed information and photographs from private collections, museums and military armories around the world. In addition to original military issue AK rifles, this publication includes an in-depth study of the many civilian semiautomatic AK rifles that have become very popular since they were first imported in the early 1980s up to the present time. Hardbound, Indexed, 1104 printed pages. Eighty full color pages.

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Now Shipping January 2012
The Mac Man Gordon B. Ingram

Over 500 pages, 776 photos, and illustrations 18 Chapters. There is a lot more to the Gordon Ingram story than his MAC-10 submachine gun. This book was put together using Gordon Ingram's personal memoires and notes, along with documents and vintage photos from the companies involved in manufacturing his basic designs, that date from 1964 to the present.

A FEW of the topics covered in the book - Early Ingram Designs - The Police Ordnance Company - Ingram Models 5 through 9 - The Weapons Factory Franchise Program - Standard Cartridge Company - The Erquiaga Arms Company - Erquiaga-Ingram Assault Rifle - The Ingram Military Rifle - Mitchell L. WerBell III - Sionics Incorporated - The Military Armament Corporation - The Quantum Corporation - Defense Systems Incorporated - Overseas Business - The MAC Auction - RPB Industries Incorporated - The Second RPB Industries - MAC/RPB Double-Stamp Submachine Guns - SWD Incorporated - Texas MAC - New Jersey MAC - Ingram Westarm Rifle Series - Security Ordnance Corporation - Ingram Ranchero Rifle - Ingram Durango Rifle - Other Ingram Concepts and Designs - Ingram Cobra Mark I and Mark II - Aftermarket Parts and Accessories - Masterpiece Arms - MAC Technical

Cost is $39.95 + $5.00 S/H - Hardcover, Many Color Photos Ordering Information

Browning Machine Gun Shop Manual

The original BSD manuals (Base Shop Data)for the Browning caliber .30, caliber .50 machine guns and .30 caliber BAR were originally compiled by the United States' Ordnance Department for the purpose of training U.S. Ordnance armorers how to disassemble, overhaul and reassemble these weapons. The World War II BSDs were well illustrated with clear line drawings and written descriptions. These rare BSDs have been digitally restored and reformatted for presentation in this manual. Today's enthusiast will find this manual invaluable for maintaining or repairing Browning firearms.

Included are the following arms:
1.. U.S. .30 Caliber Browning M.G., M1919A4, Fixed and Flexible
2.. U.S. .30 Caliber Browning M.G., M1917A1, Water-Cooled
3.. U.S. .30 Caliber Browning M.G., Aircraft, M2 Fixed and Flexible
4.. U.S. .50 Caliber Browning M.G., Aircraft, M2 Fixed and Flexible
5.. U.S. .50 Caliber Browning M.G., H.B. Ground, M2
6.. U.S. .30 Caliber Rifle, Automatic, BAR M1918A2

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United States Submachine Guns

This profusely illustrated new book covers the research and development of the submachine gun in the U.S. from World War I to the present. Some of the weapons and subjects covered in this well-researched work include.
Post WWII Submachine Guns Reising M50, Ithaca M3A1, Erquiaga SMG, McQueen Sidewinders, The Unger, Ingram M5, M6, M7, M8 and M9, Ingram M10, MAC 10, MAC 11, Texas MAC M10A1, Jersey Arms M10, RPB MACs, SWD MACS and M11/Nine, Smith & Wesson Model 76, West Hurley Thompsons and Drum Magazines, The Viking, AM 180, MK Arms MK760, Global Arms M76A1, Stemple Submachine Guns, Medea Corporation M3A1, Colt 9mm Submachine Guns (M16), Group and Vector UZIs, Calico 960 SMG

WWII Submachine Guns The Pederson Device, The Hyde 109 submachine gun, The Hyde Model 35, Smith & Wesson Light Rifle, H&R Reising, Atmed submachine gun, Hi Standard Submachine Gun, The Woodhull, 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun, M1 and M1A1 Thompsons, Hyde-Inland, Masco Submachine Gun, U.S. M2 Submachine Gun, The Turner, United Defense UD M42, U.S. M3A1, Auto-Ordnance T-2, The T15 and T20, The U.S. M3 Submachine Gun, United Defense UD-1, The Olsen Submachine Gun, The Sedgley , The Ruger MP9
Plus...learn how many foreign submachine guns fared when tested against the U.S. designs at the Aberdeen Proving Ground from 1939 to 1943

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Many photos and charts, nearly 500 pages!

Blitzkrieg! - The MP40 Maschinenpistole of WWII

Its back, now in a new larger 8x11 format with over 275 pages, 280 photos & documents. Lots of new info. and many unpublished photos The original book on the famous German MP40 of World War II, researched and written by Frank Iannamico. The Germans fielded their first pistol-caliber fully automatic weapon, the MP18, I machine pistol, in the last months of World War I. The new German weapon, and the tactics developed for its use, were largely ignored by the victorious allied nations. The Germans however saw great potential in the concept and continued development in the post war era. In the first month of World War II the Germans fielded the revolutionary MP38 weapon. Just a little over a year later the Germans introduced the MP40 machine pistol. While the MP38 changed the way machine pistols looked, the stamped sheet-metal MP40 revolutionized the way they were made. Soon all of the allied nations scrambled to develop and field machine pistols (submachine guns) of their own.

This book includes the history and development of the German machine pistol from the MP18,I to the MP40 to include;
*The MP28.II the evolution begins *The Bergmann machine pistols *The Erma EMP *Steyr-Solothurn *The MP36 the missing link *The MP38 and MP40 *The Aberdeen Proving Ground trials *The German influences of U.S. weapon design *MP40 Production, contractors and subcontractors *Waffenamt-marks and proof marks and much more!

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The Last Steel Warrior - US M14 Rifle
SOLD OUT - NEW updated, hardback edition with color photos coming in 2017

An in-depth study of the 7.62 mm M14 rifle, from its World War II roots until the end of production. Also included are facts and history of today's Springfield Armory M1A and commercial M14-type rifles. The book includes numerous vintage photographs as well as many taken from museums, private collections and remaining government inventory. Over 400 pages soft color cover.

7.62 mm NATO ammunition - Accessories & Accouterments - Commercial M14 Type Rifles - Development & Research - Experimental Models - Harrington and Richardson Co. - Lubrication and Maintenance - Magazines Contractors - Manuals - Olin-Winchester Company - Production - Springfield Armory Inc. M1AT - The Belgian T48 versus the U.S. M14 - Full Automatic M1 Garand Rifles - Government Springfield Armory - The M14 (M) Modified Rifle - M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle - M14 M Match Rifle - M14E2 and M14A1 SAW - T44 Series Prototype Rifles - Thompson Ramo Wooldridge - Many previously unpublished vintage photographs


U.S. M3-3A1 Submachine Gun

This book goes into detail on the development and history of the famous M3 and M3A1 models. Many never seen before photos of prototypes, and the M3 production line at General Motors where the WWII guns were made. Many great detailed photos and text including the 1950s Ithaca produced M3A1s, The 9mm conversion kits, the government suppressor tests, subcontractors and more. The most complete work on the M3 series to date.

Cost is $15.95 + $4.95 S&H Ordering Information

Downloading Image Reising Submachine Gun Story

At last an in depth look at the popular Reising submachine gun. Although the weapon fared poorly in its military application, it was very successful in its law enforcement role. The book covers all of the various models in great detail, including the police and military versions. Also covered is the British and Canadian testing in 1940. Its use by the US Marines, and law enforcement agencies. There are a lot of original documents and sales literature describing the gun and its rare accessories. Many detailed photos of the weapons, experimental prototypes, manuals and accessories. A must read for submachine gun and history buffs.

Cost is $15.95 + $4.95 S&H Ordering Information

Hard Rain - History of The Browning Machine Guns

We were able to buy a small number of new-in the wrap copies of the Browning Machine gun book HARD RAIN from an out of print book dealer. Due to demand, and limited availability, we had to pay a premium well over the original retail price for the books. Unfortunately this is common once a book is sold out. There are currently no plans for a 2nd edition.

HARD RAIN The Browning Machine Gun is an in-depth study of these famous weapons as used in World War Two and beyond.The book starts out with a brief overview of the history of the machine gun as a military weapon. Subsequent chapters tell of the urgent WWII requirements for machine guns, and how American companies met the challenge of manufacturing millions of the Browning guns, parts, mounts and accessories.
All of the WWII contracts are listed as well as the prices the government paid for the weapons and mounts. Complete detailed descriptions of all variations of the .30 and .50 caliber guns are covered to include ground, aircraft, tank and experimental models. Accessories including the various mounts, flash-hiders, tools, belts, and links are addressed. WWII machine gun tactics to include ground, aircraft and anti-aircraft roles are described. The book concludes with a chapter on todays shooter and collectors of the Browning guns. Included are the modern "new manufacture" variations, semi-automatic guns, display models, caliber conversions, maintenance and more. Over 250 photos, charts and documents.


American Thunder Part II

We were able to buy a limited number of new-in the wrap copies of American Thunder II from an out of print book dealer. Due to demand, and limited availability, we had to pay a premium well over the original retail price for the books. Unfortunately, this is common once a book is sold out. There are currently no plans to do a 3rd edition.

The expanded, revised 2nd Edition of American Thunder. Now over 500 pages, over 600 photographs, documents and charts. More info, more pages, more photographs, more chapters.

History - The Colt Thompsons - British and Commonwealth Thompsons - World War II Production 1939-1943 - Savage and Auto-Ordnance - Ordnance Rebuilding Program - .45 Caliber Ammunition - The Search for a New Submachine Gun - Replacing the Submachine Gun - Accessories and Accouterments - Thompson Parts - United States Ordnance Department - Colt and Savage Models (differences) - Military Experiments and Prototypes - Post War Service - The Modern Thompson Collector


AK-47 The Grim Reaper

The most comprehensive AK book to date, this well-researched work covers; history, development, factory and production details. Covered are AK type rifles and production from over 19 countries with detailed photographs of features, markings and detailed text descriptions. Also featured are the pre and post-ban semiautomatic AK rifles available to civilians. Subsequent chapters cover magazines, ammunition and accessories.

868 pages, hardbound, 17 chapters, over 1300 photos, drawings and illustrations.


Semper Fi Fifty! Frank Iannamico w/Dolf Goldsmith

This well-researched book covers the invention, development, manufacturing and military history of the caliber .50 Browning machine gun from 1918 to the present day in Iraq. The big .50 cal affectionately nick-named MA Deuce (for M2) has engaged the enemy from the ground, on vehicles, ships and aircraft, all covered in this definitive volume.

Described in great detail with photos, documents, contracts, production figures and text are the manufacturers during WWII that included; AC Spark Plug, Brown-Lipe-Chapin, Colt, Frigidaire, Buffalo Arms, High Standard, Kelsey-Hayes, Savage Arms. Also covered are the Korean War era manufacturers that included the Springfield Armory and Wayne Pump and modern companies including RAMO, FN, ERMCO and General Dynamics.

The .50 caliber Browning, which has been in continuous service longer than any other weapon in the U.S. arsenal, and is still in use today in the inventories of 86 countries worldwide.


Downloading Image American Thunder, The Military Thompson

A new book on the military issue Thompson Submachine Guns. While most previous publications have focused on the early 1921 Model Thompson Submachine Guns made by Colt, this book deals with the less popular, but considerably more prolific military issue Thompsons models, the M1928, M1 and M1A1. Among the topics covered are; prime and subcontractors, production figures, evolution and details of the design. Magazine and accessories, contractors, production figures, and the original cost to the government. Proof and inspector marks, including U.S. British, Australian and others. Also includes a chapter on the Lend-Lease program and the US Ordnance Department during WWII. Many detailed photographs of the weapons and their accessories from private collections.


The German FG42 Manual

A nice reproduction of a WWII operators manual for the WWII FG42 German Fallschirmjgergewehr paratrooper rifle.This book is a close replica down to its size and color. Paper cover, illustrated 75 plus pages. NOTE; The text is COMPLETELY written in GERMAN not English. The FG 42 was a special weapon designed specifically for the German Luftwaffe paratroopers the elite Fallschirmjger. The weapon was a compact select-fire weapon chambered for the full size German 8mm service cartridge. Reportedly only 5,000 of these rare guns were made. A rare weapon and original manuals are very scarce this manual is an excellent reproduction made in 1973.



Fact, you do not need a class III license to own a machine gun! Get all the facts in The Machine Gun Buyers Guide, A complete guide to civilian machine gun ownership. Buying, Selling, Transporting, Storage, C&R, Suppressors, DD, Transfer Taxes, Value and Pricing. DEwats and REwats, Display Guns, BATF forms, Class III Dealers, Dealer Samples, State Laws and more..



The new 2nd edition of the Sten Manual is now available! This new edition has been expanded to over 180 pages, and includes new information and photos. The manual covers; History, Operation, The 1941 U.S. evaluation of the weapon, All the British models, Suppressed Stens, Non-British copies of the Sten, Parts and accessories, Trouble shooting and maintenance, The 9mm cartridge, The 7.62 caliber Sten, The Sten MKII to MKV conversion, The Sten to Sterling conversion and much more


German MP40 Maschinenpistole

An in depth look at the famous MP-40 submachine gun of WWII. History-Production-Accessories Rare MP-36 prototype MP38-MP40/II. Manufacturers markings and proofs-the modern MP-40 shooter, great photos of some rare variations of the MP-40, accessories and much more.


"A must buy for the MP40 owner or WWII enthusiast" - Shotgun News review 1999
"This book thoroughly examines the history, development and use of this famous gun of WWII" - NRA's American Rifleman magazine 1999

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