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Class 3 Items For Sale
Please Contact Frank Iannamico for more information.
NFA Transfers for Pennsylvania Residents $50.00
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---Transferable Sten MKII, 9mm --SOLD!--

This is a tube gun (not C&R) built on an ERB receiver, using World War II surplus parts. Very good condition procured from the original owner who bought it in 1986. The magazine housing is marked LONG BRANCH 1944. Stens fire both semi-auto and full automatic, runs good at approximately 600 rounds per minute. Like the original World War II Sten guns the finish is a semi-gloss black, but is a modern moly-resin finish that, unlike the original painted finishes, is impervious to oil, bore cleaners and wears very, very well. Comes with one magazine. Can transfer out on a tax-free Form 3 to your dealer.

$4,500.00 plus shipping. Click For Pictures

---SWD M11/Nine 9mm Submachine Gun NIB --SOLD!--

This M11/Nine is Brand New in the original box. Comes with 4-Zytel magazines, magazine loader, cleaning rod and manual. There are very few NEW submachine guns in the system. This one has remained unfired since it was built and registered in 1986. M11/Nine submachine guns have become very popular in the last few years primarily due to the many accessories available for them, and their increasing use in subgun competitions. Can transfer out on a tax-free Form 3 to your dealer.

$3,700.00 plus shipping. Click For Pictures

---UZI Submachine Gun --SOLD!--

Israeli made IMI 9mm UZI submachine gun; registered receiver by Charlie Erb, all semi-auto markings removed and remarked UZI. Submachine gun Hebrew marked trigger housing, ratcheting top cover and chrome-lined barrel. Blocking bar removed has standard UZI SMG bolt. Gray Parkerized finished. Runs flawlessly. One owner has been fired it very little since purchased new in April 1986. Includes 1 25-round magazine.

On a form 3 $6,750.00 shipped to your FFL/SOT. Click For Picture

---Remington Model 870 Shotgun --SOLD!--

Remington Model 870, pump-action 12 gauge shotgun. 12.5-inch barrel, front and rear factory pistol grips, Pakerized black finish, extended magazine, holds 5 rounds 4 in mag 1 in chamber. Brand-new in the box. This is an AOW (any other weapon) with $5.00 transfer tax.

$650.00 plus $35.00 shipping. Click For Picture

---Remington Police Tactical Model 11-87 Semiautomatic Shotguns --SOLD!--

Police trades, in very good condition. 12 gauge, takes 2-3/4 or 3-inch shells, 14 inch barrel, ghost-ring sights, with Tritium front sight post, barrel mounted Sure Fire Light with pressure switch (batteries not included), black Parkerized finish, with black polymer stock. Because the receiver mounted shell holders (removable) obstruct the serial numbers, these have the serial numbers engraved in the stock, but are hardly visible. Receivers are marked "Remington 11-87 Police". These are short-barrel shotguns with a $200.00 transfer tax. Can transfer out tax-free to your FFL/SOT dealer on a Form 3

$775.00 plus $35.00 shipping. Click For Picture 1998-20xx