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Thompson SMG Photo Gallery
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Model Owner Any Interesting Facts on This Thompson Photo Link
Kahr 1927A1 Devlin Powers Custom SA Thompson done in the fashion of a Colt '21 Model. Numerous Upgrades. Work done by PK
West Hurley Auto-Ornance 1927A1 - (Semi-Auto) with Cutts compensator. B.D. From NY The stock & rear grip were replaced with an old WW-II stock & grip.The actuator knob on top of receiver is a 1921 style from Doug Richardson. The sling is an un-issued 1914 Kerr Web Sling. Best Semi-Auto timed rate: 30 rounds -> 8.5 seconds (from the hip)
1921A Colt * 1928 Savage * M1 Savage No Name 1921A Colt 1928 Savage M1 Savage
M1 , 2-1927A1 deluxe models and a 1927A3 22cal model Mike Ok so there only semi auto versions, but they still are a blast to shoot!
M1A1 No Name Photo of my M1A1 Thompson gotten in 1995, together with one I made as a 10 year old kid. I had to have 'Sgt Saunders' Thompson and proceeded to make one out of wood without any measurements or ever holding one! - Had to have a Thompson since I was 10
Various (Colts) No Name Pretty Big Selection Here!!
M1 Savage Stefan Just the picture :o)
28WH w/WH 39rd. drum Carson Here is a picture of my 28WH w/WH 39rd. drum. Below is a 28 display gun put together from a parts kit. Don't you wish AO had made something like that?
M1A1 James Using a hired M1A1 for a re-enactment in 1999 - earplugs a necessity. Blanks were made from .308 cases.
1928 Andy These photos are of my 1928 W.H. machine gun. The drum is a Type "L" 50 rounder (runs flawlessly). This gun was an original .22 cal machine gun that A/O converted to .45 when the ban came about limiting supplies.
Savage 1928 A Jim F. Included in the picture is some of Tommy's favorite toys (and mine). 4 out of the 5 drums are originals. Can you guess which is not?
Various Models Frank These pictures are from Frank Iannamico's new book American Thunder The Military Thompson
WH M1 Bill WH M1 This gun is one of the last M1's produced.
M1928A1 Howard This is my M1928A1 Thompson, Sn. S-332XXXNAC
1921 # 708 with Magurie "U" "L" drum Murray 1921 # 708 with Magurie "U" "L" drum, 1928A1 # AO 103330 also with a Magurie "L"drum 1828A1 #AO 51003 with seymour 30rd box mag 1921 # 586 with 1990 new 100 rd drum.
Photo 2 Murray Same line up but with NZ Army marked Bren Gun.(all in working order)
Photo 3 Murray My mint 1921 Colt Irish Sword with unmarked number on receiver number 708
1921AC Gary It is a model 1921AC, serial number 9703 in 92% to 94% condition. It spent its first 50 years in the service of the New Orleans, La. Police Department.
WH M1 Bill WH M1
Colt 1921/1928 Navy Overstamp GiJive Ser. # 5XXX Range
Auto Ordnance Bridgeport Conn. 1928 AC Roger in AZ I purchased this Thompson in August of 1999 from Machinegun Kelly's in AZ.
WH 1928 Thompson Michael My WH 1928 Thompson with 1-"C" drum, 2-"L" drums and a "XL" drum.
US Model of 1928A1 John It is one of the guns that has the "US" ground off, and has an X as the final digit of the SN.
West Hurley Model of 1928 Chris West Hurley Thompson and 50 round "L" drum. Custom fitted violin case by Coleman
W.H. 1928 Model Tom Ser. 100xA, doing a 50rd Mag Dump 1998-20xx