Guns are often seen as a symbol of violence, but they can also be an invaluable self defence tool. . They kill and destroy lives but in situations where you are being attacked, they can be a reliable source of protection. However, unlike any other gadget or machine, operating guns requires proper knowledge of the tool and its use. This knowledge must be accompanied by proper training as well. 

Without the knowledge and training, your guns can be a danger to you as well as those around you.. At Machine Gun Books, we provide you with all the information that you require on guns and their various accessories. There are numerous types of guns available along with a variety of accessories like gun cabinets, gun vises, gun-cleaning kits, and so on. 

You will find information on not just specific guns but also the rules and regulations to register for guns in different states, how to use a gun, how to clean and maintain it, the safety precautions to be taken before using one. Head on to Machine Gun Books for articles on all these topics and more. 

About the Founder:

Machine Gun Books was founded by Michael Castaneda from Michigan who is a 45-year old war veteran with a deep interest in guns. Michael fought in the Iraq War in March 2003. He is trained in shooting and knows everything there is to know about guns. The war changed him as a person as he witnessed the sheet power of guns and how it can not only kill your enemy but also leave thousands wounded or dead. While he loved guns, he also despised them for taking so many lives.

After the war, Michael took a pledge to never touch a gun except for the purpose of self-defense. He created Machine Gun Books to guide people on different gun models, suitable guns for specific circumstances such as for coyote or deer hunting, how to hold a gun, how to clean it, and more. He believed that an individual who used a gun knowing about these things can truly make good use of the gun. 

However, Michael discourages people from abusing the power of guns and causing harm to innocent individuals. Each and every article that is uploaded is researched extensively to provide readers with authentic information about the topic. 

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