Best Gun Cases For Flying 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. SKB2. Double Rifle Case3. Waterproof Case

SKB CUSTOM 3 GUN CASE Best Gun Cases for Flying


When you are going hunting with your guns or just flying with your firearms, what do you need the most? A gun case. Not just an ordinary gun case but the best gun case for flying that protects your firearms and meets the TSA guidelines.

Guns are powerful weapons that come with immeasurable power and a huge responsibility. You cannot afford to travel with your guns in a poor-build case as it may cause disastrous results. Plus, guns are a costly investment, and you don’t want scratches, dust, or moisture on them.

So, the best thing you can do to have a safe flight with your firearms is to invest in a reliable gun case.

To make your search easier, here are our top handpicked gun accessories that keep your valuables protected from impact, dust, or water and simultaneously don’t let them fall into the wrong hands.

Top 10 Best Gun Cases for Flying 2021


SKB CUSTOM 3 GUN CASE Best Gun Cases for Flying

SKB has been innovating transport cases since 1977 and emerged as a reputed brand in the gun cases market. This custom 3 gun case from the manufacturers is a brilliant example of their finest craftsmanship.

The case is built from heavy-duty polypropylene copolymer resin and ensures a long term safety solution for your firearm. Plus, it is resistant to water, UV rays, dust, solvents, and corrosion. Its robust body is also resistant to fungus, varying temperature, or any sudden impacts.

One remarkable feature of the product is the patented trigger release latch system. It gives you super quick access to your guns. Its trigger release latches can be retrofitted with TSA accepted key-locking latches when you are flying.

It features a molded-in hinge with stainless steel pin for instant unlocking and snap-down rubber handles for a better grip. Its automatic ambient pressure equalizer valve meets military standards and adds extra points to its strength and durability.

It has smart padlocks and protector clips for added convenience and efficiency and skates style wheels for easy transport. One feature that we really like about the product is that the interior foam has several accessory cavities where you can keep shells or other tools.

Lastly, you get a lifetime warranty with the item and a whopping $1500 content coverage.




If you are looking for a gun case specially designed for extra-long guns, then this is your product. With internal dimensions of 50.0″L x 13.0″W x 4.5″, it is one of the most spacious gun cases on the list.

As already mentioned, its foremost impressive feature is its space where you can easily store two long rifles. Next, it has hard-shell case protection and SKB’s unique “Perfect Match Valance Bending System” for a strong seal. It also features an EPS lid and base material to keep your gun safe and secured.

For additional security, it has injected molded heavy latches that ensure it is in your safe hands. Not to forget, you get a limited five-year manufacturer warranty with the case.




SKB’s Mil-Std Waterproof case is innovative and sturdy, with every feature you desire in your firearms case.

The most attractive characteristic of the case is its sturdy construction. It is an ATA 300 category-I rated case and features an ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin material, military standard injection molded design, and stainless hinge pins. For a quick opening, it possesses four trigger release latches and four reinforced padlock locations.

The case is designed to take efficient care of your firearm, which is its best part. Its soft foam base and convoluted foam lid make sure that your guns are safe without a single scratch on them. For convenient travel, it highlights three snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handles and in-line skate style wheels.

Its long list of features doesn’t end here! It is innovatively designed to secure stacking ability and has an auto ambient pressure equalizer valve. If your guns fit in the given internal dimensions, i.e., 42.5L x 14.5W x 5.5D inches, it is definitely the best option for you.

Besides all these safety measures, it is also immune to water and dust. It has a submersible design and is resistant to corrosion and any sort of impact.

Lastly, you get Up to $1500 insurance for the contents along with the manufacturer’s full warranty.

To sum up, it has all the desired features that you look for in a durable case. It’s modern engineering, flawless design, and reliable customer service make it one of the best locking gun cases for air travel.




Like the rest of the sturdy SKB gun cases, this military-standard waterproof case is a highly long-lasting gun case. The only difference is – it is designed for shotguns.

It has interior dimensions of 19.00L x 14.38W x 8.00D inches, and if you have a shotgun to store, it is the best lockable gun case for air travel. It is made of high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and comes with a mighty gasket seal.

It has an injection-molded body that is resistant to water, dust, chemicals, UV radiation, and impact for additional safety. It keeps your guns safe with its layered foam interiors and provides you quick access with a special trigger release latch system.

The most important feature that we need when we travel with heavy luggage is the ease of carrying. For that purpose, it has wheels, a pull-back handle, and a snap-down rubber cushion grip handle.

Lastly, it just weighs 12.85 pounds and gives you unparalleled ease in transporting your firearms. A lifetime warranty adds brownie points to its usefulness.




If you were waiting for a robust case for your pistol, here is SKB’s Injection Molded Pistol Case.

It has all the fundamental features you seek in a gun case, i.e., strength, lightweight, and durability. Its polypropylene copolymer body, with its dust and waterproof design, makes it a reliable protector of your pistols. It features a continuous modeled hinge and padlocked design for durable performance.

The case has internal dimensions of 15 x 10.38 x 6” and is manufactured explicitly for transporting pistols. For added convenience, it has a cushion grip handle and a lightweight body. It is resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus, and impact.

To sum up, if you are looking for a pistol safe, you don’t need to look anywhere else. It keeps your firearms protected and makes it super convenient for you to transport them.




If a robust single pistol case is what you need, then here is SKB Single Pistol Gun Case with cubed foam for keeping your pistol safe.

Just like other SKB cases, it is a perfect amalgam of modern engineering and sophisticated looks. It has lots of handy features that keep your gun safe while simultaneously giving you ease in carrying the firearm while you’re flying.

To begin with, it features a waterproof and dustproof body that keeps your pistol safe from unwanted moisture and dust. Padlock holes, molded-in hinge, trigger release latch system, and snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle adds a lot of the desired comfort to its design.

It is also resistant to several types of solvents, fungus, UV rays, or other harmful sources.


7. SKB Model 4009 Double Rifle Case

SKB Model 4009 Double Rifle Case

If you have guns less than 40 inches in length, then the SKB Model 4009 Double Rifle Case is a perfect item for you. It is an ATA approved rifle case and performs great even after suffering abuse while traveling.

It has interior dimensions of 40 inches L x 9 inches W x 6 inches H and weighs just 16 lbs. If you frequently travel with bench-rest rifles, take-down shotguns, or a pair of lever-action rifles, then it will suit the purpose and offer you the desired ease in carrying firearms.

Lastly, you get an “Unconditional Lifetime Warranty” with the case, and you can always contact SKB for a defect or issue.




A constant problem with gun cases is you can’t keep accessories such as magazines, scopes, etc., with the guns. There is no particular space for keeping all these items, and you just have to throw them inside the box.

To eliminate such cons, here is SKB Single Pistol Gun Case with Custom Cut Foam. Its innovative cutout foam can house twenty-five different styles of handguns and has two separate slots for storing flashlights, magazines, etc. You can effortlessly store everything you need in this customized case and not worry about accessories mingling with each other.

Next, it has the typical SKB build of robust polypropylene copolymer resin and is resistant to impacts, water, dust, solvents, and other harmful elements, including UV radiation. It uses similar patented technology to the rest of the SKB products and comes with a smart “trigger- release” latch system, completely sealed gasket, and two padlock locations.

It also features a rubber over-molded cushion grip handle and an automatic ambient pressure equalization valve.

In a nutshell, it is an excellent locking gun case for air travel, especially if you like your items ordered and well managed.




The next product is SKB’s Hunter Series Double Rifle Case. If your rifles or handguns don’t fit into average-sized cases, you can consider having this extra-roomy gun case.

Its heavy-duty build and capacious inside are the two primary reasons for it being on our list of the best traveling gun cases. It is made of military standard high-density polyethylene material and can withstand any situation without getting unlocked. Plus, it can easily accommodate two scoped rifles or shotguns up to 49 inches in height and 13 inches in breadth.

It features quiet-glide wheels that will help you easily carry the equipment anywhere in no time. Plus, the military-style butterfly latches make it super easy for you to lock and unlock the case.

Finally, a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer adds the desired comfort to the product.




Here the list comes to an end with PELICAN – IM3200 STORM GUN CASE, a spacious gun case ideal for long guns, including scoped rifles or handguns.

It features six press-and-pull-style latches, two hasps that can be padlocked, dual in-line wheels, and two double-layered, soft-grip handles. Along with that, it has a Vortex pressure-release valve and powerful hinges that give you instant access to your guns.

One quality that we admire about the case is its lightweight. It weighs just 21.1 pounds (with foam), and as a big gun carrier, it becomes one handy accessory.

As already said, it has spacious interior dimensions of 44x14x6 inches. It makes the case perfect for carrying big guns while you travel. It is guaranteed for life, and if you face any sort of trouble with the case, you can contact the manufacturer.

Lastly, it is a premium gun case and an expensive alternative. However, if you love your guns and want to really keep them safe, it is undoubtedly one of the best traveling gun cases on the list.


Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Gun Cases For Flying

When you approach a locking gun case for air travel, several factors decide if it is perfect for you or not. Here is a list of all such important characteristics that you must notice when you are buying a gun case for yourself –

1. Size

Let’s start with the most basic factor – size.

Firearms cases come in various sizes, and depending upon the measurement of your guns, you can choose the right size for you. But that’s not enough. Several other factors influence the suitable size for you.

For instance, do you carry one or two guns, or are you wondering about adding another shotgun to your collection? Plus, what accessories you carry (such as magazines or scopes) also decide the relevant size for you.

There are options ranging from a single rifle or single pistol to double rifle options. Depending upon your guns you usually travel with, you can choose the case. Besides, always check the internal dimensions before getting a case and not the outside measure.

For big-size cases, the availability of wheels is also a beneficial feature as it would add a lot more convenience while you are traveling.

2. Material

After its size, the next thing that you must notice in a gun case is its build and the overall robustness of the material. For keeping something as valuable as a gun, you cannot afford to choose a fragile cover. Plus, while you are traveling, the case might have to face abuse. Hence, its strength is a must.

Hard gun cases are made from several materials such as aluminum, wood, or polymers. Aluminum is used for making premium gun cases, and many times when the cases are made from some different material, aluminum is used to make latches and locks of the case.

When you are flying, weight becomes a determining factor due to weight restrictions. Aluminum cases withstand all types of unfavorable situations and, being lightweight, give you desired ease while transporting.

Wood is another material frequently used for making lockable gun cases for airline travel. The primary reason behind using wood is very obvious – its classic look and feel. However, it comes with the disadvantage of low strength. Plus, airline restrictions might not allow a wooden case.

Other than that, plastic and reinforced fiber compounds are used to make sturdy and lightweight cases. The military uses these types of cases for carrying firearms, and you can also use such high-quality compound material cases.

Depending upon the level of protection you need for your firearms and your budget, you can select the material. Just make sure that the case is impregnable and capable enough to protect a gun.

2. Construction And Design

The next significant factor is how the safe is constructed and how composed the structure is.

Cases are made with a ribbed pattern for giving structural integrity and resistance to impacts. The solid ribbing provides more support to the design and reduces unwanted flex. Plus, it acts as a guard between your firearm and an impact.

When you are flying, you have to go through an inspection and lock your case. We recommend you purchase a lockable case that gives access to firearms only to you. A locked case also restricts your children as well as intruders from accessing the guns.

Built-in key locks and latches are additional measures that protect your firearms and allow you to travel safely.

4. Rules And Regulations Friendly

The Transportation Security Authority (TSA) has some strict guidelines for traveling with firearms, such as the firearm must be carried in a locked and hard-sided container. For all the guidelines, check the internet and contact the airlines to not face any trouble when you’re out.

Airlines have their own policies regarding carrying weapons, such as the number or weight of firearms you can carry, etc. So, we recommend you to contact the airlines weeks before you plan to travel and clear all your doubts.

Next comes the Air Transportation Association (ATA) of America guidelines. These rules demand a case that can hold up for a minimum of 100 roundtrip airline flights and withstand a drop onto concrete from 36” without opening due to a malfunctioning latch.

So make sure your case has ATA designation, and you can comfortably carry it during a flight.

5. Waterproof And Fireproof

The next features that you should look for in your gun case are its waterproof and fireproof nature.

You might face rain or even storms when you are out there traveling or hunting. In such cases, you will need a waterproof case to protect your guns from moisture. Similarly, a fireproof gun case will keep your guns secured while there is any sort of fire or mishap.

Remember that there is a certain con with waterproof cases, i.e., they seal the water out but do not let moisture go out. So if you have a waterproof case, always wipe off moisture from your guns before keeping it in the case.

How To Maintain Your Gun Case?

Now that you have the best gun case for flying, its maintenance is the next most important thing. Here are some tips for efficiently maintaining your gun case –

  • While you are cleaning the case, remove the foam and set it aside. Clean the outer shell with a mild soap or some detergent solution and rinse with water. Never put the guns inside until the case is completely dry.
  • Always remember that the biggest enemy of your gun case is moisture. So, do everything to maintain a moisture-free atmosphere inside the case.
  • If you are storing your guns for a longer period inside the case, ensure that the foam is absolutely dry. Next, ensure that the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and covered with good gun oil (especially the barrel should not have any lead or copper residue).
  • If you live in an area with high humidity, then having a waterproof gun case would make your guns immensely safe. Several rust-inhibiting inserts are also available in the market that eliminates the possibilities of corrosion.

Best Gun Cases For Flying – Conclusion

Power comes hand in hand with responsibility. When you carry something as lethal as a gun, it becomes your duty to keep it in safe hands. Besides, guns are expensive! You invest a huge sum in them and cannot afford to have any scratch, rust, or damage.

For that purpose, we recommend you invest in the best gun case you can afford. It will increase the lives of your guns and keep them safe in your hands for a long time.

A premium gun case would cost you more at first, but it would be worth all the pain in the long run.