Best Gun Cleaning Rods 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Hoppe’s Elite2. Outers Brass3. Tipton
Hoppe’s Elite Best Gun Cleaning RodOuters Brass RifleTipton One-Piece Deluxe

Lousy gun-hygiene can create a lot of issues like less accuracy, slow FPS, and a greater probability of shell jamming. While you are at the ranges, or on a hunt, there is nothing more distressing than having a weapon that is unable to give optimal performance.

The idea of cleaning guns is proposed to solve the above stated issues and promise better performance. Methods to clean a gun have just evolved during this era. Many innovative techniques have stepped up in the market and some amazing environment-friendly chemicals have been introduced.


To experience a perfect experience you just need to opt for the best maintenance tool and accessories for cleaning. When it comes to proper hygiene of a gun, it is advisable to go for the best gun cleaning rod as per your preferences and needs.

To make your choices easier, we present to you the top 10 best gun cleaning rods for an impeccable shooting experience.

Top 10 Best Gun Cleaning Rods 2020

1. Hoppe’s Elite

Hoppe’s Elite Best Gun Cleaning Rod

It is very difficult to complete a gun maintenance list without the mention of Hoppe’s cleaning rods. Irrespective of which corner of the world you belong to, if guns intrigue you, Hoppe’s is never too far.

Hoppe’s have been in the market for the last 100 years and have introduced some of the best bore cleaning solvents and oils. Similar to their other products, their maintenance tools are undoubtedly as useful and are well recognized.

This cleaning rod has a very strategic design. It is made up of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is proven to be the ideal material to clean your handgun without causing any damage. It resists a little rough treatment but is strong and durable.

The handle of this cleaning rod is carved into the shape of a screwdriver. It is made up of comfortable material providing a good grip. It offers a soft and great design allowing you to apply some elbow grease to clean.

It constitutes two premium ball bearings. These built-in bearings provide a smooth rotation while you are pushing it down your rifle for cleaning purposes even under a tight patch.

It is a one-piece model, preventing any fiddling around the screwing rods. As it is one-piece, it limits the chances of breakage and does not contain any weak spot.

This Hoppe’s cleaning rod is an 8-inch rod designed for 22 caliber pistols.

This is one of the best gun cleaning rods offering some advanced quality cleaning performance.


2. Outers Brass Rifle

Outers Brass Rifle

Outers have been in the market for many years now. They produce some fine-quality hunting tools for a great hunting experience.

They introduce products that are cost-effective as well as having pristine quality. When these two features go hand-in-hand, it makes the product a great one.

They offer some gun care kits in addition to primary cleaning and maintenance tools that allow you to have an optimal shooting experience and perfect gun hygiene.

Outers Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod is a three-piece set. It allows you to vary the size of the cleaning rod and assemble it as per your preferences. With this flexibility, you can clean the desired sizes of rifles and shotguns.

The one-piece design of this cleaning rod covers the full length of bores of handguns.

The rods are made of brass. This construction reduces the risk of barrel or chamber damages of your rifle.

They also include attachment tips made of either nylon jags, nylon loops, or a rod adaptor. This provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip which makes the cleaning easy and stable.

If you are searching for a cleaning rod that fits in your budget and at the same time makes you feel content, this cleaning rod would be a perfect choice.


3. Tipton One-Piece Deluxe

Tipton One-Piece Deluxe

One who wishes to buy a trouble-free and safe cleaning rod, Tipton is the one you go for. Tipton produces some of the finest quality gun cleaning equipment.

Tipton is a member of the famous BTI Brands, Battenfield Technologies Family. They have been introducing high-level gun cleaning and maintenance equipment tools in the market for many years.

The body of this cleaning rod is made up of Carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is one of the most ideal materials for cleaning rods. They have the flexibility to bend to an extreme degree and then regain its original straightness. This makes these cleaning rods efficient and ensures a smooth and comfortable cleaning experience.

The Carbon fiber shaft also does not embed particles that may scratch or damage the inside of your barrel.

They include brass ends to ensure that if the rod comes in contact with the barrel, it feels the same as a bullet has passed through it.

This cleaning rod has two premium ball bearings in its ergonomic handle, which, when attached to the patch, promises a smooth and cleaning motion. It has proved to be excellent for working tight patches. It rotates freely down the barrel following the cleaning and rifling.

This rod is a one-piece rod, due to which it does not require threading of multiple rods. It makes the rod stronger and nullifies the existence of any weak or flex spots.

It is one of the best gun cleaning rods available in the market promising easy and quick cleaning of your barrels.


4. Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod

Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod

If you own a gun, and you have some experience of using cleaning rods, Dewey Rods is a name you must have surely heard. Dewey Rods has been a family running business since 1975, producing gun cleaning and maintenance equipment.

They are successfully manufacturing their tools in the USA, making US Navy SEALs and the US Olympic Shooting Team their main customers. They produce a wide range of cleaning equipment to fulfill all your needs.

Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod is one of the most beautiful craftsmanship of Dewey. The body of this cleaning rod is made out of aluminum. It is coated with high-quality Nylon, making it a reliable and durable tool.

It consists of a screwdriver type of ergonomic handle supported by a single ball bearing.

These cleaning rods are supposedly the optimum choice for your AR15 or other high-powered service rifles. They are also available in multiple sizes.

It is highly advisable to use the bore guide to avoid any sort of unwanted flex action when applying higher pressure, in view of this cleaning rod.

These cleaning rods are equipped with a 22j brass jag and SMBA brush adaptor.

If you are searching for a simple yet effective bore cleaner for your rifle in the market, Dewey would be the best choice you could make. It is a bonus for every rifle cleaning kit.


5. Tipton Max Force Cleaning Rod

Tipton Max Force Cleaning Rod

It shouldn’t be a matter of surprise that Tipton is making another appearance on the list of best gun cleaning rods, as it surely produces some amazing and fine quality gun cleaning and maintenance equipment.

In due time, Tipton has paved its way in the gun cleaning and maintenance market with some impeccable innovations. This cleaning rod is undoubtedly the best innovative gun cleaning rod produced by Tipton.

This rod being a standard one-piece cleaning rod has also taken gun maintenance to a whole new level. It has a complete durable design and is lightweight and fully-solvent resistant.

This rod is constructed of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is considered to be the most ideal material to prevent any kind of damage. They are durable and extremely flexible and also protect the inside of your barrel from any scratch or disruption.

These cleaning rods are capable of cleaning rifles, shotguns, and pistols ranging from 22 to 45 calibers. This rod allows you to clean most of the firearms.

This rod itself measures 40 inches, therefore cleaning log guns and rifles would not be a tough task if you are using this cleaning rod.

The most advanced feature about this cleaning rod is its handle. This handle has a strategic design, enabling up and down sliding of the rod. This allows you to clean guns of variable sizes with as much pressure as you require.

The handle is loose and free. It can slide smoothly up and down until you push the clip. Once you push the clip, the clip exerts pressure on the rod and prevents it from sliding. Although it does allow relocation.

It is one of the most advanced and best gun cleaning rods available in the market, allowing you flexibility in cleaning any size of gun or rifle smoothly.


6. W Wiregear Gun Cleaning Rod

W Wiregear Gun Cleaning Rod

WIREGEAR produces some fine-quality tools and equipment for gun cleaning and gunsmithing. It is available in variable lengths to provide you an overall great cleaning experience.

This rod is made up of carbon fiber. It is believed that carbon fiber is the ap test and ideal material to be used while manufacturing the body of the cleaning rod.

These carbon rods prevent the internal of your gun’s barrel from getting scratched or damaged. It is capable of bending to an extreme degree and then regain its original straightness which portrays its flexibility.

It is designed innovatively and includes a detachable handle. It makes this handle an ergonomic handle and provides you smooth and easy handling of the tool. It also includes a hanging hole to ensure easy storage.

It is available in four diameters and six lengths. This extends your options for choosing the best suitable size for your rifle or pistol. It is intended to be used for cleaning shotguns of all gauges.

This cleaning rod is consumable and the handle is rotatable.

This cleaning rod is a very flexible and strategically designed model which makes it a great choice for your gun.


7. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod

Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod

If you own a big shotgun and are searching for a cleaning rod for the same, you might not mind picking an aluminum cleaning rod. If you are looking for cleaning rods to clean shotguns, Hoppe’s No.9 Cleaning Aluminum Rod would be a great pick.

These cleaning rods can be used on handguns as well as it is a three-piece model. It is way too easy to store this three-piece cleaning rod than any one-piece cleaning rod as they can be easily disassembled and stored.

These cleaning rods have a ball bearing swivel handle. This makes the rotation of the rod easy as it follows the rifle. It is strategically designed in such a way that it follows rifling of the bore easily and makes turning smooth while cleaning.

It also provides an efficient grip which makes it easy to use and handling it becomes more sorted.

Although it is less flexible than a carbon fiber rod, it still has a durable design making it fit for use. This cleaning rod is suitable for all kinds of firearms. It includes 0.22 and 0.30 caliber rod ends.

This Hoppe’s cleaning tool is well recognized in the market and provides an amazing cleaning experience.


8. Gunslick Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod

Gunslick Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod

This new cleaning rod made by Gunslick is a very well designed rod. Gunslick produces some amazing quality hunting gun cleaning supplies. This rod is made up of the highest quality materials.

It is a one-piece cleaning rod that prevents it from having weak and flex spots. This feature of this cleaning rod makes it efficient for use and can be handled easily.

The body of this cleaning rod is made up of carbon fiber. Carbon fibers are considered to be the most ideal material for producing cleaning rods due to their flexibility and damage control features.

The Carbon rod prevents your gun barrel from any kind of scratch or internal damage. It protects your gun barrel from any sort of disruption. This allows you to have a smooth and tension free cleaning experience.

The carbon rod is capable of bending at a certain angle and then retracting to its original straightness, making this rod completely durable and reliable.

This cleaning rod is 8-inches in length and is ideal for handgun cleaning. It remains straight even after rigorous cleaning sessions.

It has a soft and easy-grip handle which ensures a stable structure while you are holding it and gives you a comfortable cleaning experience.

It is one of the best gun cleaning rods available in the market, which you can choose as per your needs and preferences of the cleaning tool.


9. Allen 30” Cleaning Rod

Allen 30” Cleaning Rod

Allen produces some world-class, budget-friendly range of gun accessories. They produce a wide variety of gun cleaning and maintenance tools.

It makes a great choice for one who wants a rifle-length rod and also wants to store it easily. It is a three-piece rod with easy storage and disassembly. It can be easily structured at the time of use and then dismantled and stored in a small place.

It is constructed of soft brass material. This material does not damage your gun’s barrel and prevents it from getting any kind of scratch. This promises a comfortable cleaning experience.

It is strategically designed for use with 0.22 caliber rifles. But, it is also good for rifle, pistol, and shotgun cleaning.

It has a durable ergonomic plastic handle, which is easy to use and maintain. It provides you a good grip and keeps your cleaning rod stable at the time of cleaning.

This cleaning rod had a great design and promises you a good and smooth cleaning experience of your gun.


10. Pro Shot .22-.45Cal Universal Pistol

Pro Shot .22-.45Cal Universal Pistol

Pro Shot has been an active member of the shooting scene since 1984. They produce some high-quality firearm cleaning and maintenance tools for every kind of shooter.

This cleaning rod is made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel is supposedly softer than your bore. This protects your bore from any type of damage or rupture. However, while using a cleaning rod it is better to follow the bore guide to prevent any sort of accidental operation.

This rod is a 6.5-inch tool that is easy to use. The compact size of the cleaning rod makes it easy to store.

This cleaning rod is a significant cleaning rod. It performs fantastically in the job it is made to do. It has a simple and attractive design. This cleaning rod is durable and sturdy. It is believed to last for a long duration of time.

This cleaning rod includes a brass patch holder that is suitable for 0.22-0.45 caliber pistols. The bonus point of this model is that it is available with a T-shaped handle. The handle comes with a brass tightening screw.

This screw gives you the flexibility to choose the resistance you want on rotation while pushing through the bore. This is known as the torque controlling mechanism.

This cleaning rod is a very well-made and durable rod with a strong and sturdy structure that allows you to have a comfortable grip and smooth experience while cleaning your gun barrel. This feature makes it one of the best gun cleaning rods available in the market.


Factors To look Out For In The Best Gun Cleaning Rod

Although there aren’t many factors that determine your choice of the best gun cleaning rod, still there are some factors you must consider while making the purchase so that it suits your firearm. The material is supposed to be top-notch and durable so that it serves you for a longer time.

Here are some of the factors you must keep in mind before choosing the best gun cleaning tool for your rifle or pistol.

1. Material

The best cleaning rods are available in a variety of materials.

One such material is Brass. Brass is the most common material found in cleaning rods. However, brass is considered to be good only for 3-piece models. Brass material is a very weak material. It tends to break or bend while cleaning.

Brass is generally preferred for a smooth cleaning experience as it does not damage your barrel. It is expensive and because of its safe cleaning feature. For people who want no scratch on their guns, brass would be a good choice.

Another material generally used for the construction of gun cleaning rods is aluminum. It is comparatively stronger and durable than brass. This material would give you a comfortable and scratch-free cleaning experience.

Although, it is tough to find an aluminum cleaning rod for cleaning pistols or small-bore firearms. But, aluminum is considered best for cleaning shotgun or other large bores.

The best and ideal material for the construction of cleaning rods is carbon fiber. If you find a cleaning rod made of carbon fiber, go for the same.

For cleaning, there is no other rod better than carbon fiber. It is the most durable material which makes the pulling/pushing mechanism easy. It protects your gun from any sort of scratch or rupture.

Carbon fibers are flexible enough to bend at extreme angles and then regain their original straightness, promising you a smooth and easy cleaning experience.

Choose the material of your cleaning rod based on the requirement of your firearm for some high-class gun hygiene.

2. Bearings

If you wish for easy and effective bore cleaning, ball bearings are a must in your cleaning handle.

The brushes and patches need to contact the rifling for effective cleaning. This contact makes the cleaning rod rotate as the user pushes it through the bore. If you do not have a ball bearing your handle would be fixed, limiting you from having an effective cleaning.

It is better to go for a cleaning rod with a ball bearing handle as it provides you a comfortable grip while cleaning.

3. Rod Length

While buying a cleaning rod, the length of the rod is a major factor that needs to be considered. It goes without saying, the aim of the cleaning rod is to go through your barrel and pop out the end.

You can not go with a smaller rod for a big rifle. It will limit the effectiveness of cleaning.

Hence, it is important to buy the cleaning rod with the perfect size to match the requirements of your gun or pistol.

4. Number Of Pieces

One of the other major factors you need to consider while purchasing a cleaning rod for your gun is the number of pieces of the rod.

Single cleaning rods are a great choice. They work incredibly well while cleaning large bores. Since single piece rods are long in size, they are not preferred while cleaning small pistol bores. In such a case, you can opt for a small-sized single piece rod.

Alternatively, we find another kind of structure of a gun cleaning rod based on the number of pieces. A three-piece set of cleaning rod is available in the market and is considered to be suitable for all kinds of bores.

If you wish to clean a shotgun bore, you can assemble and fix all the parts and turn it into a big rod. Whereas, if you are planning to clean the pistol bore, just detach the other parts, make it small and your work is done.

Storing 3-piece cleaning rods is easy. You just need to disassemble it and store it even in a very tight place.

To conclude, if you are looking for a strong cleaning rod without any weak or flex spots, a single-piece cleaning rod is the one you must opt for. On the other hand, if you are looking for flexibility and versatility in your cleaning rod, go ahead with a three-piece cleaning rod.


A good gun cleaning rod is a necessity to keep your gun clean and maintain its hygiene. While you are buying a cleaning rod, you must ensure that you go with the option that best suits your firearm.

Guns must be handled with care while cleaning to avoid any kind of rupture or damage. To prevent your gun barrel from getting any scratched you must give some attention to the material of the cleaning rod you are buying.

Flexibility in a cleaning rod promises an overall comfortable and smooth cleaning experience. Hence, it is advisable to opt for cleaning rods having a good reach.

A gun cleaning rod with a good ergonomic handle is preferable as it provides you an easy-grip and a stable handle while cleaning the gun.

To protect your gun from any kind of accidental operation or pressure, it is highly advised that you refer to the bore guide while cleaning your gun.

We have reviewed a variety of gun cleaning rods and come up with the best ten gun cleaning rods to make your choice easier. These include gun cleaning rods of variable sizes and structures, different performance efficiencies, and sturdiness.

Make the best choice as per your preferences and requirement of your firearm.

FAQs on Gun Cleaning Rods

Q1. Is It Bad To Clean Your Gun After Every Use?

The most general advice regarding cleaning your gun is to clean it at the very least after each time you fire. It is advisable to clean your gun within a few days of shooting it. It is unnecessary to clean it every five minutes after shooting. Cleaning your gun generally within one week would be fine.

Q2. Are Bore Guides Necessary?

For proper cleaning, it is preferable to have a bore guide. Bore guides generally keep things straight. It is possible to clean your gun without one, but there is a high risk that you will end up damaging your barrel. Hence, it is advisable that you use a bore guide for the safe cleaning of your gun barrel.

Q3. Are Aluminum Cleaning Rods A Good Choice?

Aluminum rods are definitely not the best options available in the market. They must only be preferred if you wish to clean large bores because there is a high possibility that they can bend permanently out of shape after a few uses.

Q4. Can A Brass Jag Damage Barrel?

Brass jags are soft and do not have many possibilities of damaging your barrel.