Best 10mm Ammo 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Corbon 165 Grain 2. Federal 180 Grain 3. G2R RIP G2
Corbon 165 Grain JHP Best 10mm AmmoFederal 180 Grain Trophy Bonded JSPG2R RIP G2 Research 10mm Ammo

Carrying a gun comes with a lot of responsibilities as well as maintenance and accessories. You need to have an excellent caliber to ensure that their weapon is in good condition to work seamlessly. The ammunition that they carry must have a few basic features to ensure that they can be used for all purposes.


Be it for self-defense or emergencies, be it for knocking down an attacking bear or threatening a mugger – a gun is always handy. However, the weapon owner needs to keep in mind that the weapon must perform all duties diligently.

One must not buy a weapon that can serve only one purpose. It is better to invest in a weapon that gives a more excellent range in terms of utility.

As a direct consequence, one also has to invest in good quality ammunition. Thus, we talk about the 10 mm ammo, which has gradually earned respect for itself over the past few decades. Let us take a look at the best 10mm ammo that is available in the US market.

Top 10 Best 10mm Ammo 2020

1. Corbon 165 Grain JHP 10mm Auto Ammos

Corbon 165 Grain JHP Best 10mm AmmoPeople who are buying ammunition will know that Carbon is one of the best manufacturers in the world. Developed by Jeff Cooper, this highly packed ammo was officially used by the FBI.

In substitution to the 9mm rounds that the FBI used, they began using the 10mm Auto by Corbon as they have better penetration and necessary expansion. Its 165 gran weight gives it a fair amount of recoil.

This jacketed hollow-point (JHP) bullet type is mostly loved by one and all. These bullets’ heavy-duty power is a must-have for every person who likes something that comes with much power packed in it.

The USA is one of the leading states where Corbon finds its markets. The ammunition manufactured by them is state of the art. Their equipment, on the other hand, is also top-class. The bullets are crisp as they are fired at the pull of the trigger.

These 10mm bullets come in a pack of 20 carrying muzzle energy of 573 ft-lbs. The JHP projectile provides it with a 1250 ft per second of muzzle velocity. The boxes are made out of material that is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and primed in and out. Carbon makes sure to incorporate strict control in the quality. The cases are made out of brass, and they can be reused after being refilled.


  • Jacketed hollow type or JHP in nature.
  • Self-defense use type.
  • 20 bullets in a box
  • Boxer Primer type


  • Heavy recoil
  • Heavy-duty
  • Self-defense only

2. Federal 180 Grain Trophy Bonded JSP

Federal 180 Grain Trophy Bonded JSPHunters and professional shooters all over the world have a great inclination for Federal Ammunition. This trusted ammo from Federal Ammunition is perfect for wild boar hunting and deer hunting in the wilds. The bullets come in a pack of 20. The bullets are made out of fresh brass casings. Apart from being able to reload the casings, they are boxer primed as well.

The bullets are of the jacketed soft-point (JSP) and weighing 180 grains in total. Furthermore, the jacketed soft-point allows the bullet a large projectile. The muzzle energy can reach a maximum of 650 ft-lbs—moreover, the muzzle velocity peaks at an average of 1275 feet per second.

The 10mm heavy duty bullets are high in the power that they deliver. The auto cartridge makes life much easier for all shooters in the USA. One can expect the high penetrative qualities of the bullet. Additionally, the expansive nature is more controlled in this brand.

The Federal Ammunition has built a good reputation for itself in the United States of America ever since 1922. Based in Minnesota, they produce their ammo to deliver an astounding number of products throughout the country and abroad.


  • High penetrative quality
  • Popular choice
  • Excellent wound channel
  • Controlled expansion


  • Limited usage if you are a city resident
  • Low muzzle energy

3. G2R RIP G2 Research 10mm Ammo

G2R RIP G2 Research 10mm AmmoIf you are fond of copper ammunition, then these bullets are meant for you. The bullets manufactured by G2 Research are made by using precision cuts on the copper metal to create bullets that cut through any material.

The mind-blowing part about this product is that it distributes itself into trocars, creating more than one wound channel. These additional wound channels make up for the extra damage, which can seriously wound the target. These ammos have the penetration power of 13+”. The diameter of the wound is somewhere between 5.5′ and 7.5′.

On an additional note, the shock wave is multiplied, and the path of the wound is maximized, thereby leading to an unmanageable trail of the bullet fragments. These sturdy boys from G2 Research are known to cut through plywood, sheetrock, windshields, sheet metal, and super heavy winter wears.

If an accurate number had to be achieved based on the wound channels, nine individual wound channels contributed to the main fragment and the smaller fragments.


  • Precision cuts on the machine
  • Lead-free solid copper
  • Multiple wound channels
  • Fragments of the main bullet
  • 2′ groupings within 15 yards


  • Shipping only if compliance with California Proposition 63
  • Heavy damage

4. Federal 10MM Auto 200 Grains JSP

Federal 10MM Auto 200 Grains JSPFederal is a renowned name in the world of ammo. The ammo made by the company is of the best quality and provide accuracy. From its composition to its construct, these ammos are well-designed for a good shooting experience.

This particular product is a must-buy from the range of $20 to $30. Of course, there is some difference between standard hunting ammunition and this specific ammunition. The significant difference lies between the scientific composition and manufacture of these bullets.

These are some of the best 10mm ammos as the construction is based on the fusion of molecular bits. This makes the bullet strong and sturdy overall, giving it the toughness that it deserves. The bullet’s jacket is made out of copper, which is applied electro-chemically to the core of the units.

Apart from this feature, one could expect the Federal’s bullets to have high performance levels as far as the accuracy is considered. This product is tailor-made for the shooters who like a little bit of short barrel shooting.

However, on the same note, these bullets prove worthy of a little light-hearted hunting. The penetration is medium to high, while the penetration of the bullets is good. The wound channels look great, and overall the product features help one to use this gun as a regular gun for self-defense. This set of bullets promise more than what they deliver in general.


  • Molecular technology for core
  • Electroplating of the casing on the core
  • 200 grains weight
  • Deep penetrative nature
  • 20 or 200 rounds in packets


  • Shipping only if compliance with California Proposition 63.
  • Expansive in nature

5. CCI Blazer Brass 10mm Auto Ammo

CCI Blazer Brass 10mm Auto AmmoTalking about the best 10mm ammos, CCI brings exceptionally good brass bullets to the US market. The bullets weigh close to 180 grains, which give it a standard weight in total. The casing in which the CCI bullets come is non-flammable, as well as reusable.

The casings are made of good quality brass that ensures the casing’s longevity and provides strength to it. This means that the casings are made of standard primers of the box-type such that the primer pockets are made reusable.

Additionally, the brass bullets by CCI are coated with a protective full metal jacket (FMJ). These 10mm cartridge auto bullet casings come in two rounds – 50 and 1000 rounds. CCI makes sure that the primers allow safe ignition. The burning of the bullets on the pull of the trigger is also very clean due to the special propellants used in the unit. This is ISO certified, enhancing the trust in this brand.

Customers in the United States can buy the bullets according to the pricing set on the casings. One has to purchase the full casing one time.


  • 50 and 1000 rounds
  • ISO certified
  • SAAMI standards
  • Reloadable brass casings
  • Clean burning


  • Heavy casings
  • No single unit purchase

6. Sellier & Bellot 180 Grain FMJ 10mm Ammo

Sellier & Bellot 180 Grain FMJ 10mm AmmoAre you looking for ammo that can provide you excellent ammo for shooting and training? Sellier & Bellot is a luxury brand that offers a wide range of ammunition for various purposes. This ammunition belongs to the style of Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), which means that it comes with a completely coated metal layer to the bullets.

These bullets offer an excellent projectile allowing them to be used for recreational purposes such as hunting, games, and shooting practices. If you want to get a precise and accurate shooting experience, then you need ammo like these.

This brand talks about offering bullets and other ammunition at affordable rates with a impossible quality at that price target. There is no loss in the performance as the muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, projectile, and balance remain unmatched.

The ammunition comes in rounds of 50 bullets. On a precise note, the bullets’ muzzle energy stands at 543 and the muzzle velocity at 1164 feet per second. Sellier & Bellot offers excellent utility and premium quality at reasonable rates.


  • Full metal jacket
  • Standard weight
  • Recreational shooting
  • Premium quality


  • Cannot be shipped outside the USA
  • Not match-level

7. Inceptor 90GR ARX Case 10mm Auto

Inceptor 90GR ARX Case 10mm AutoHere is another name that we cannot miss on our list of the best 10mm ammos. The Inceptor produces and manufactures 90-grain bullets in casings of 200. This means that the bullets are incredibly light in weight. This is a much-needed diversion from 180-grain bullets of standard size. The lightweight allows a universal usage of the case.

So what’s unique about this bullet? Well, apart from shooting and training, this one is good for self-defense. The projectile is made of space copper polymer, which makes it precise and gives an optimal performance, something that you should be looking at when it comes to self-defense ammo.

The bullets are sold in 10 boxes, with 20 bullets each in every box. This highly effective, light-weighted bullet features the right balance, enough penetration for its weight, and a clean wound channel. Additionally, the muzzle velocity stands at 1780 feet per second, and the muzzle energy is at 633 ft-lbs.

The Inceptor ammunition is light in weight and thus offers lower recoil, which makes its use easy. This makes this ammunition a hot-seller for people who prefer lighter weapons than heavier ones.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • 200 rounds
  • High muzzle velocity and muzzle energy
  • Clean wound channels
  • Ease of use high


  • Price at the higher end
  • The weight subject to physical factors when in air

8. Buffalo Bore Heavy Outdoorsman 10mm Ammo

Buffalo Bore Heavy Outdoorsman 10mm AmmoIf you are looking for a heavy 10mm ammo that hits right at the target, then this is the one for you. This hard cast flat nose bullet comes with a flat nose. It is 220-grain ammo which can easily penetrate even through the toughest of targets.

This ammo is designed for precise hit and maximal expansion, allowing the ammo to hit the target precisely, making shooting a hide-and-bone game of kids.

This ammo offers an average muzzle velocity of 1,200 fps. So, if you are looking for effective ammo, then this is the one for you.


  • Precise hit
  • Maximal expansion
  • Best for hard targets


  • Heavy ammo

9. Jesse James Black Label 10mm Auto Ammo Incorporated

Jesse James Black Label 10mm Auto Ammo IncorporatedThese bullets are designed and developed by people who have studied ammunition and have been in the field for years.

As a direct result of this, people get to use ammunition that is of superior quality. No matter what the event may be, these line bullets are fit to be used at a competition, a shooting range, or for the sake of self-defense.

This ammunition is made out of point bullets that are hollow in the middle. They offer excellent steadfastness and consistency from one shot to another. The accuracy is sky-high, which makes this ammo fit for swift and smooth action.

These bullets weigh a standard 180 grains in weight. To level up the auto bullets’ strength, they are given a coating of black oxide, thereby contributing to its excellent muzzle velocity. The added benefits include high muzzle velocity, generous amounts of recoil, and outstanding balance after firing.

The hollow point (HP) bullets by Ammo Incorporated come in 20 rounds, and the pricing of these bullets are according to the price printed on the box of each set.


  • High accuracy
  • Good balance
  • High muzzle velocity and energy
  • Coating with black oxide
  • Used at tournaments and matches


  • No individual pieces sold

10. Jesse James 10mm Auto Ammo Incorporated TML Label

Jesse James 10mm Auto Ammo Incorporated TML LabelIf you are looking for ammo that offers precision and accuracy, this is the one for you. It offers a high level of strength and sturdy build, allowing fair competition to other match bullets, which this ammunition offers. The design and appearance of the bullets have been arrived at by a house’s ballisticians’ scientific approach.

The use of Jesse James’ bullets is massive – self-defense, competition, and ranges. The shot to shot consistency and performance is steady. Furthermore, their standard weight of 180 grains helps the bullets maintain a continuous path in air producing clean wound cuts.

The balance between the bullets’ accuracy, the bullets’ velocity, and the recoil offered is perfect for the professional level of shooting. To cope with the demand and use of the bullets, Ammo Incorporated has started manufacturing 165-grain Hollow base or HBFP bullets as well. The standard bullets under this label are of the hollow jacket point (JHP) type. They come in rounds of 20 and 50 and weights between 165 and 180, respectively.


  • High accuracy
  • Large usage variety
  • Match-level cartridges
  • Clean wound channels


  • Shipping only if compliance with California Proposition 63

Factors To Look In Buying Best 10mm Ammo

The 10mm auto cartridges have been gaining quite a lot of popularity over the years. These find use in shooting, training, and even self-defense. The ammunition is much better in terms of features, performances, and builds type that the FBI has started using these bullets.

They come with clean wound channels, the right balance, no heating issues, and smooth, reusable cartridges made out of metal. You need to look at the following factors when it comes to choosing the 10mm ammo:

1. Excellent Muzzle Velocity And Muzzle Energy

The bullet fires at many rates, which gives the bullet a right path so that it may inflict clean wounds. The velocity determines the penetration through different materials and the level of penetration. This will also determine the recoil and the wound channels inflected by the bullets.

2. Rounds

The rounds of a 10mm auto ammo will decide how much the box’s price is if the ammo is not sold separately. The games also determine the number of rounds one gets at shooting.

3. Wound Channels

It is a vital check to determine whether the bullet is a sturdy one or not. When a bullet passes through various levels without being deterred from its path, it is said to have good momentum, resulting from the velocity and the energy.

4. Price

Check whether the 10mm ammo is being sold individually or within casings. A more massive bulk of the ammunition will lead to a lesser price. However, one may not need so many rounds of bullets at all. This is especially true in the case of self-defense.

5. Types Of Bullet

As you know by now, bullets can have various types depending on their build. They may be hollow in the middle or coated with metal all over. Whatever may be the case, be sure to inquire about the bullet’s physical form and identify with your requirements.


Our list of the best 10mm ammos is made keeping in mind the demand in the US market. Shooters of all levels of experience and knowledge prefer the 10mm bullets over all other bullets due to their balance and ease of use. Check out the list and find what suits you the best.


Q1. Can We Get International Shipping On The Ammunition?

This depends on two factors – firstly, the website policies and the laws of your country. If both the factors are fulfilled, then your country’s customs may allow firearms through the border.

Q2. How Should I Decide Which Grain Of Bullet To Go For?

It is always wise to measure how much weight you can carry and the amount of recoil to survive. The grain determines the net value of the bullet and, thereby, its momentum.

Q3. Is It Sensible To Buy A Broader Set Of Rounds?

It is sensible to buy a larger set of rounds of ammunition if you regularly use your weapon, and you are willing to pay the amount. However, in some instances, the ammunition is not sold separately. They come in casings of 200, 500, and 1000 and one have to purchase the entire box.

Q4. How Can I Use The 10mm Ammo?

No matter the purpose of the 10mm ammo, maybe – be it self-defense, shooting ranges, or recreational activities, the bullets serve their purpose very well. However, this list is only for purchase within the United States of America. Identify why you need a weapon and then select according to your choice.

Some of the USA’s websites may offer international shipping depending on the customer’s country’s laws. Try out the best 10mm ammos from our list and understand the difference between any other ammunition and these.