Best 22 Ammo 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Subsonic2. Grain V-MAX3. Hornet Green 22
Subsonic 22 LR 500 Rounds Best 22 AmmosGrain V-MAX Polymer Tip 22 WMRHornet Green 22

Amongst all the rimfire rifles, the .22 rifle is one of the most popular ones. These rifles are quite popular, thanks to their considerable advantages over the normal centerfire rifles.

Specifically made for the rimfire rifle group having a caliber of around 5.6 millimeters, normal .22 ammunition have a weight of twenty-nine grains which equals to 1.88 grams. Since this particular rifle is quite common, people always look for the best 22 ammo to load your gun.


Now, there are a lot of ammos present in the market having the .22 cartridge length and suitable for the rimfire rifle. This is why, in this article, we have put forth the best 22 ammo packages that will make your shooting experience much more exhilarating and exciting.

Furthermore, this buying guide will also help you to pick the best ammo from the list and will also answer some of the common questions related to this .22 cartridge ammo.

So, sit tight and get informed with the discussion!

Top 10 Best 22 Ammo 2020

1. Subsonic 22 LR 500 Rounds

Subsonic 22 LR 500 Rounds Best 22 Ammos

If you are looking for the best 22lr ammo for target shooting, then this is one of the best ones you can get. These bullets can work in semi-automatic rifles excellently, thanks to the paraffin wax layer on their body. Another benefit of the lubricant is that it allows firing of the bullet in any weather condition.


  • Reduced velocity results in quieter muzzle reports
  • Shorter penetration distance with great stopping capability
  • Best used for vermin hunters
  • Accurate shooting capacity


  • Price could have been a bit lower

2. Grain V-MAX Polymer Tip 22 WMR

Grain V-MAX Polymer Tip 22 WMR

This is one of the most sought after 22 ammos in the ammunition market, all thanks to CCI- the parent of rimfire ammos. The bullets have a polymer tip, which is far different from the normal ammos.

The presence of the polymer allows considerable expansion characteristic, which further imparts a quick but accurate kill. The case of the bullets is made non-corrosive and hence it wouldn’t jam your ammunition.


  • Can be used for hunting coyotes, ground hog, and vermin
  • Polymer tip to lend high shot accuracy
  • Non-corrosive casing to increase the bullet’s lifetime


  • Can be quite hard to find in stock
  • Number of rounds could have been more

3. Hornet Green 22

Hornet Green 22

For hunting down the harnets, this is the best ammo that you can get in the market. These bullets are lead free and hence are non-toxic for you. Using the ammo is very easy, thanks to the perfect finish of the cartridge.

The bullets can easily form fragments owing to the high pressure of the metallic body. The muzzle velocity of the ammo is 3150 feet a second, due to which the penetration power is impeccable and stops right after the fragmentation.


  • Lead free bullets to help you shoot in lead-restricted zones
  • Trajectories are flat for straight kills
  • Can be used in hunting variety of animals and pests


  • Number of rounds could have been more

4. Aguila 40 Gr CPRN 22 LR

Aguila 40 Gr CPRN 22 LR

If you are looking for ammo available with ample number of rounds, then this 22 LR from Aguila will be one of the best options to choose from.

These bullets are covered with copper plating, which hardens just like the ammos having the metal jackets. With the presence of the copper casings, the lead present in the bullet’s core would never come out to jam the rifles. The velocity of the muzzle is quite high, which will help you to deliver a flat trajectory.


  • Copper plating to harden the bullet for accurate penetration
  • Non-corrosive primer covers for better performance
  • Penetrate the target’s body in a single shot


  • Larger varmints can’t be shot
  • Expansion degree is almost negligible

5. CCI SB Subsonic 100 Rounds

CCI SB Subsonic 100 Rounds

One of the ammos to be used in low noise hunting grounds is the SB subsonic bullets from CCI. The bullet is designed in a such way that the muzzle report wouldn’t produce a huge sound. This is why killing the targets will be easier, since no distraction will be there.


  • Higher degree of accuracy
  • Lower muzzle noise in the hunting field
  • Great velocity and higher penetration power
  • Non-corrosive case for long lifetime


  • Can’t be used for semi-auto guns

6. CCI 45 Gr 22 LR LHP

CCI 45 Gr 22 LR LHP

This is the best .22 lr ammo that you can get from CCI with such a high grain amount. The cartridge is fully loaded with shots and gunpowder, which enables the hunter to fire rounds for an one-time but perfect kill. The bullets are manufactured based on the subsonic feature, which means that the muzzle sound produced will be almost negligible.


  • Incredible grain quantity for heavy kills
  • Suppressor technology for hiding the damage
  • Great penetration power of the bullets
  • Noiseless hunting


  • High price ammo pack

7. CCI 22 LR CPRN Tactical Ammo

CCI 22 LR CPRN Tactical Ammo

This 22 LR CPRN tactical ammo is another pack of incredible 22 ammos that you can have from none other than CCI itself. The copper casing will allow you to gain supreme control on the projectile of the bullet.

Also the round nose will help in taking down the target in a single shot. Hence, having this ammo for hunting will elevate your experience further.


  • High grain amount to make the bullet more powerful
  • Accurate shot kills in a single trial
  • Copper casing to enhance the penetration power
  • Less muzzle noise produced after the shot


  • Price could have been a bit lower

8. American Eagle 22 LR CPLRN

American Eagle 22 LR CPLRN

If you want to have the best 22 lr ammo from a prestigious company, then this particular ammo package can be your best choice. These bullets have a suppressor technology, which will help you to hunt in noise-restricted areas. Also, the firing of the bullet is silent, and hence it wouldn’t startle the animals around you, especially your target.


  • Can perform well with both rifle and semi-automatic ammunitions
  • Higher ballistic coefficient for a perfect kill
  • Highly reliable while hunting in the wild


  • Made of lead, so can’t be used everywhere

9. CCI 22 LR High Velocity

CCI 22 LR High Velocity

If you want to buy the best .22lr ammo known for imparting high velocity, then this particular package will be the best choice. The copper coating in the cartridge case will protect the core material- the lead, thereby preventing the fouling of the material.

There is a special type of propellant present in the bullet that helps them to be used with semi-automatic firearms easily.


  • High speed and accuracy
  • Reduced lead buildup in the suppressor columns
  • No fouling of the lead core material
  • Perfect geometry for higher kill optimization


  • Needs supreme control on the muzzle for proper shot
  • Not suitable for beginner hunters

10. Rifle Match 22 LR 40 LRN

Rifle Match 22 LR 40 LRN

Another amazing .22 caliber ammo for the rimfire rifles and guns is from the Rifle Match brand. Their ammos are perfect for hunting a wide range of varmints in the wild.


  • Brass, non-corrosive casing for the bullet
  • Higher reliability and accuracy of the shots
  • High muzzle velocity for swifter penetration


  • Doesn’t work good with semi automatic guns

Factors To Look For When You Buy The Best 22 Ammo

Choosing the perfect ammo is not an easy matter. This is why here we have described a few factors that you must look for while choosing the best 22 ammos from the list.

1. Accuracy

The first thing to take a note of is the accuracy of the shots. You have to choose an ammo that can make an accurate kill, even if the target is at a distance from you.

2. Noise Production

While shooting the bullets, the muzzle report makes a noise. Now, if you want a silent hunting, you have to look for ammos with a suppressor column to have reduced noise levels.

3. Muzzle Velocity

Next, you have to take a note of the muzzle velocity, with which the bullet is fired towards the target.

4. Casing Material

Last, the casing material will play an important role, since it affects the weight of the bullet, the longevity of the core material, and also the penetration power.

Choose The Best 22 Ammos Now Using This Guide!

Yes, choosing the best 22 ammos is a real challenge, even for the pro hunters. This is why our guide is here to help you out choose only the best package. Once you will read this, not only you will come across the ten best ammos compatible with the .22 caliber rifle, but also you will be able to choose the perfect one.

Happy shooting in the wild session!


Q1. How Can I Stop Fouling Of My Lead Bullet?

If you want to stop the fouling of the lead core of the ammo, you have to choose a bullet package having copper casings.

Q2. Are Higher Grain Bullets The Best?

No, all the .22 bullets don’t have the same penetration power. It depends on the material and shape of the bullet tip.

Q3. Do, All .22 Bullets Have The Same Penetration Power?

No, all the .22 bullets don’t have the same penetration power. It depends on the material and shape of the bullet tip.

Q4. Is Every .22 Ammo Perfect For Semi Automatic Setup?

No, you will get some ammos to be compatible with the semi automatic setup, while some will not work well. You have to check the package or talk with the vendor to be sure.