Best 223 Ammo 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Wolf WPA2. Tula 2233. Winchester
Wolf WPA 223 Best 223 AmmoTULA 223 Rem 62 Winchester Ballistic Silvertip

Are you a professional shooting instructor or enjoy target shooting as a hobby? Does your job profile include shooting with a rifle such as AR 15? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you need the best 223 ammo for your gun to make your job easier and more efficient rather than working with conventional and cheap ammo.

Here you will get a detailed review of the best ammo in the market to understand what you need. Also included is your buying guide to clear up any confusion regarding the ammo according to your budget and requirement and a FAQ section where you will have all your queries answered.

Top 10 Best 223 Ammo 2020

1. Wolf WPA 223 

Wolf WPA 223 Best 223 Ammo

For range training and varmint hunting, the best 223 ammo can be the Wolf WPA Polyformance 55 grain bullets. The 223 Remington cartridge is available in 20 rounds and each bullet is of Hollow Point (HP) type for unmatched efficiency in expanding impact. The steel cased boxer primed product with Berdan primer is coated with polymer or lacquer.

As a money-saving choice, these steel cartridges are corrosion resistant while being non-reloadable. The soft lead core is covered by the shell made of harder metal like cupronickel and gliding metal.

Make sure that the range is compatible with bi-metal and steel cased bullets before using these in the indoor range. bwin شركة

The bullets project at the velocity of 3241 feet per second while the muzzle energy remains at 1283 feet pounds. While giving an accurate shot, it ensures deeper penetration with great power when it impacts on the target.


  • Value for money
  • High velocity
  • Suitable for long distance shooting
  • Perfect for indoor ranges and outdoor hunting
  • Available in 20 round small batch for occasional usage
  • HP style for expanded impact
  • Prevents corrosion with polymer coating and steel primed casing
  • Smooth feeding


  • Performance not up to the mark with some AR 15 rifles
  • Less accurate shooting
  • Not for professional use
  • Not reloadable


2. Tula 223 Rem 62 

TULA 223 Rem 62 

The Tulammo 223 Remington 62 grain ammo comes with 25 boxes per case and each box contains 40 rounds, making it the best AR 15 ammo for range training. Manufactured by Tula cartridge Works, these bullets have Berdan casing with boxer primed steel, which adds to the non-corrosive properties of the ammo.

With muzzle velocity of 3025 feet per second, each bullet has Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) made of mild steel and copper, making these more affordable than those with brass casing.

The non-reloadable ammunition has non-corrosive primer and while using these for indoor shooting, make sure you check with the authority whether the range allows bullets with steel casing or not.

For better cycling, the ammo has polymer coating that makes it perfect for using in semiautomatic rifles such as AR 15. Instead of buying several ammos with lesser rounds, this cartridge with 1000 rounds will save you significant amount of money.


  • Available in bulk 1000 rounds
  • Cost-effective than those with brass casing
  • Suitable for high-volume shooting
  • Berdan primer is non corrosive
  • Improved cycling with polymer coating


  • Not reloadable
  • Not available in lesser rounds


3. Winchester Ballistic Silvertip

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip

Choosing the 223 Remington Winchester Ballistic Silvertip bullets can prove to be the best 223 Ammo if you are up for some game hunting. These 55 grain bullets come with the polymer tip while the ammo casings are made of nickel plated boxer primed brass so that they can be used in varied temperature without corrosion.

The projectiles have patented Black Oxide or Lubalox coating on them to eliminate wind drift so that you hit the target smoothly.

Perfect for varmint hunting, these bullets have rapid and controlled expansion with accuracy over a long range. The muzzle energy is 1282 feet pound with a velocity of 3240 feet per second.

The polymer tipped bullet can expand quickly and fragment rapidly on the impact so that both large and small sized games can be hunted efficiently.


  • Boxer primed brass casings for using in different temperature
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fragmenting polymer tip to aim at varmint games
  • Better casing than conventional brass with Lubalox coating


  • Cannot use more than 20 rounds with each cartridge


4. Winchester USA 223

Winchester USA 223

One of the best AR 15 ammo variants for range shooting, the Winchester USA 55 grain bullets come with boxer primed reloadable ammo casings made of brass to avoid corrosion from weather.

The Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) style makes these 223 Remington ammos affordable options for those who enjoy shooting less frequently than law enforcement officers but regularly as range shooters, trainers and trainees and for competitions.

The white box can be identified easily while you are having a long shooting session at the range. The non-corrosive bullets are available at low cost but do not compromise at reliability, thanks to the long-standing reputation of Winchester with the enthusiasts and military personnel since 1873.


  • Great option for range training
  • High muzzle velocity
  • Non-corrosive brass casing
  • Reliable and low-cost


  • Only 20 round cartridges available, not for frequent use
  • Might not be suitable for professional shooting


5. Wolf Performance 55 

Wolf Performance 55 

If you are looking for ammos with greater calibers the Wolf Performance 223 Remington ammo can be considered as the best AR 15 ammo.

Thanks to the PolyFormance coating around the bullets that is formulated especially by Wolf, you can be rest assured of smoother extraction and feeding. Whether you are a tactical shooter or enjoy competitive and recreational shooting, the six variants of this model can serve your needs.

The bullets come with Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or with bi-metal jacket where the lead core is cased entirely within copper or any hard metal. For general practicing or target shooting, these types of bullets come out to be very affordable.

If you are a regular shooter, choosing the ones with 1000 rounds per case can be the most viable option. However, if you indulge in recreational or irregular shooting, the one with 20 rounds per box is your best 223 ammo.

There are two variants with 75 grains and while the other four variants of 55 grains have muzzle velocity set at 2953 feet per second, these are shot at 2750 feet per second.

These 20-round and 1000-round variants are with Hollow Points (HP) so that the impact expansion is greater and thus cause more damage than FMJ ones. Although more expansive than FMJ bullets, these have better performance.


  • Great caliber
  • Smooth feeding, easy extraction
  • Available for 20 to 1000 rounds
  • Six variants to choose from
  • Both HP and FMJ available


  • No middle ground between pack of 20 and 1000
  • HP variants can be costly


6. Tulammo 223 

Tulammo 223 

Available in both Full Metal Jacket and Hollow Point categories, the Tulammo 223 Remington bullets with a weight of 55 grains can be your best 5.56 ammo if you are looking for the most affordable single-use bullets. The bullets are Berdan primed and have a steel case that prevents corrosion.

Tailor-made for the modern-day AR rifles like AR 15, these cartridges are also suitable for bolt action guns that are chambered for a round. Each bullet comes with the muzzle velocity ranging up to 3241 feet per second. Apart from 20 and 1000 rounds, you can also choose the ones with 50 rounds. The Norma brass is of high quality and can be reloaded.

Undoubtedly the best 223 ammo, these bullets perform consistently within the temperature range of -20 degree to 50 degree Centigrade. Therefore, you can use them without corrosion in freezing regions, as well as, in sultry regions. What is better, each round matches all the CIP requirements.


  • Not corrosive
  • Hardy steel casing available
  • Very affordable
  • Weather resistant
  • CIP certified rounds


  • Only 20 and 100 round variants available


7. Norma Tactical 223 Rem

Norma Tactical 223 Rem

As the name suggests, the best 223 ammo for tactical shooting will be the 55 grain Norma Tactical cartridge that is available in both 20 round and 500 round variants. These 223 Remington Ammo cartridges with Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) are highly reliable and have the muzzle velocity set to 3240 feet per second.

Following the Norma standards strictly to offer unmatched efficiency and consistency, these bullets come at reasonable price. You can use these for high volume shooting training, as well as, for range shooting, competitions and plinking.


  • Best for training and competitions
  • Reliable FMJ available
  • Affordable price


  • No 1000 round cartridge available


8. Winchester Match 223 Rem

Winchester Match 223 Rem

One of the best AR 15 AMMO cartridges, the Match 223 Remington ammunitions from Winchester can be used for recreational shooting, training and serious rifle shooting competitions.

With 69 grains, these bullets come with the unique Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP) style and offer 20 rounds per cartridge. Each bullet is made according to the Winchester technology to gain precision in continuous shots for match shooters.

These ammo variants have muzzle energy of 1434 units while the muzzle velocity ranges up to 3060 feet per second.


  • Offers 20 rounds for recreational usage
  • High muzzle energy
  • Precise continuous shooting
  • BTHP style for efficiency


  • Only 20 round variant available


9. Federal Gold Dot Rifle 223 

Federal Gold Dot Rifle 223 

What makes the Federal Gold Dot rifle ammo the best 223 Ammo is its intricate Soft Point (SP) design that ensures significant damage with larger expansion on impact.

These 223 Remington bullets are undoubtedly one of the top choices in law enforcement sector and among serious rifle shooters. Besides, in rifles for self defense, these ammos are optimized according to the FBI standard protocols for great performance through barrels that are shorter than sixteen inches.

This is the best 5.56 ammo with bullet weight ranging from 55 grains to 62 and 75 grains. Its reliability is ensured by Speer Gold Dot so that you get only the leading performance in rifle industry.

The exclusive Uni-Core technology and the sensitive yet reliable CCI primer make the bullets sturdy enough while the brass with nickel plating offers corrosion resistant properties.

The cartridge variants are designed for 20 rounds and 200 rounds where you will get consistent penetration with superior expansion through the common barriers. While eliminating the separation of core jacket virtually, it has maximized accuracy with the uniformity.


  • Efficient SP design available
  • Three variants of grains
  • Consistent and tough projectile
  • Efficient Gold Dot method for eliminating core jacket separation
  • Perfect personal protection ammo


  • Cost is a bit high
  • Only up to 200 rounds available per cartridge


10. Winchester USA 223

Winchester USA 223

Being the most cost-effective and the best 223 ammo, the Winchester USA 55 grain bullets are suitable for versatile usage i.e. law enforcement, rifle shooting training, competitions and recreational target shooting.

These 223 Remington cartridges are available in 20, 150 and 200 rounds for regular shooting while the 1000 round variant is mostly used in serious tactical jobs.

Having a great reputation over the generations for excellence in bullet manufacturing, Winchester USA makes sure that you enjoy consistent performance, especially for hunting and recreational shooting.


  • Affordable FMJ design
  • Suits all needs with four variants of rounds
  • Cost effective choice


  • FMJ design might not be suitable for greater impact requirements


Factors To Look For When Buying Best 223 Ammo

When you are looking for the best 223 ammo, few factors need to be considered, which are as followed.

1. Type Of Bullets

You should check whether the bullets have common FMJ style or the detailed HP or SP style. Also, discuss with the shooting range authority about the type of casing (brass, steel or hybrid) they allow.

2. Cost

While choosing the best 223 ammo, go for 20-round FMJ if you are tight on budget. For regular use, 150, 200 round FMJ can be useful. For more frequent usage, go for the 500, 1000 round ones and for precision, choose the HP or SP ones that are a bit costly.

3. Usage

Choose the ammunition according to your frequency and requirement of usage. While some ammos are suitable for game hunting, some are suitable for range training and some are for serious competitions and law enforcement.


From police department to weapon instruction center, from shooting range to hunting area –if you have proper ammo to team up with the rifle, half of your work is done.

Choosing the best 223 ammo can be quite daunting, especially if you are new to the ‘game’, but once you know your requirements and plan your budget, it is like a piece of cake.


Q1. What Is The Difference Between FMJ, HP And SP Bullets?

FMJs have simple design, are easy to produce and cost-effective for general practicing and target shooting. شراء يانصيب اون لاين HPs and SPs have hollow and soft points for greater damage and expansion for serious shooting and are costlier than FMJs.

Q2. Are FMJ Bullets Cheaper Than HP?

Yes, because they have simpler design than HP, are easy to produce and cause lesser damage.

Q3. How Many Rounds Should I Look For?

Go for 20-100 rounds for recreational shooting and bulk package with 500-1000 rounds if you use rifle frequently.

Q4. Which Casing Is Better For Bullets?

Brass casing ensures greater shelf-life with non-corrosive properties. Steel casing is corrosive and less reliable, but more affordable.