Best 22LR Ammo 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. RWS2. Winchester3. Winchester USA 525
RWS 22LR Best 22LR AmmoWinchester USA 555 RoundsWinchester USA 525 Rounds

Are you looking to buy some high-quality and best 22LR ammo? If yes, then this buyer’s guide is for you.

22LR ammo is also known as 22 long rifle ammunition. It is one of the most preferred ammunition by shooters and someone who does casual hunting as it provides high accuracy and reliability. Shooters find it easy to use 22 long rifle ammo and it is also available at the best price possible.

There are many brands available for 22LR ammunition. They all vary in quality, velocity, price, and other different factors. The following is a curated list of the best .22LR ammo for your gun that will help you pick the ideal ammo as per your requirements.

Top 10 Best 22LR Ammos 2020

1. RWS 22LR

RWS 22LR Best 22LR Ammo

The RWS Rifle Match is one of the best 22LR ammo that is mostly used as a training cartridge. It has an optimal speed development with a very impressive performance. With excellent accuracy, it is also an ideal contender for competition related to the shooting.


  • Bullet type is lead round nose (LNR)
  • The bullet weight is 40 grain
  • The casing is made up of brass
  • Muzzle energy range is less than 499


  • Comes with only 50 rounds per box

2. Winchester USA 555 Rounds

Winchester USA 555 Rounds

Winchester USA is one brand that is well known and quite famous amongst shooters and hunters. They produce the best quality ammunition.

The 22LR ammo of this brand offers consistent performance. It has a hollow point bullet type which is quite good for hunting, plinking, or target shooting and can be fired with muzzle velocity of 1280 fps.


  • Bullet type is hollow point that is copper plated
  • Comes with 555 rounds per box
  • The bullet weighs 36 grains
  • Manufactured to the best standard


  • None observed yet

3. Winchester USA 525 Rounds

Winchester USA 525 Rounds

22 long rifle ammunition provided by Winchester USA is loved by many shooters because it is sold at a reasonable rate. It is a rimfire cartridge and moves at 1280 FPS velocity.

The bullet weighs 36 grains and has a copper plating that is perfect for small games. This ammunition ensures the accuracy and consistency required for hunting.


  • Copper plated bullet with a hollow point
  • Comes with 525 rounds per box
  • The bullet weighs 36 grains
  • Ideal for small game hunting


  • Hunters who don’t prefer velocity overweight might not like this

4. Winchester USA 333 Rounds

Winchester USA 333 Rounds

Winchester USA not only offers high-quality ammunition but its best 22LR ammo is considered to be perfect for varmint, plinking, small game, and target shooting.

This ammo is packaged with 333 rounds per box, and you get 10 boxes per case. Winchester USA comes with a bulk package that is convenient and safe so that any possible hazard can be avoided.


  • Comes with 333 rounds per box
  • Value for money
  • Copper plating ensures reduced fouling
  • Best for target shooting, plinking, and hunting
  • Primer location is rimfire


  • Cartridges are not reusable

5. Winchester USA 222 Rounds

Winchester USA 222 Rounds

Winchester USA has made quite a few appearances on this list and rightfully so because it offers cartridges that are of supreme quality. This ammunition comes with 222 rounds per box with 10 boxes per case.

The bullet is copper plated with a hollow point that is considered good for hunting and plinking. This can be a good choice for those who are still new to hunting.


  • Smooth performance
  • Bullet weighs 36 grains
  • Comes with 222 rounds per box
  • Available at an affordable rate


  • Not ideal for seasoned hunters

6. Lapua – Biathlon Xtreme Ammo

Lapua - Biathlon Xtreme Ammo

The Lapua Biathlon Xtreme cartridge is one of the best 22LR ammo for hunting. The bullet’s shape makes it easy to shoot the target with accuracy.

The company has stated that this product goes through extensive laboratory testing to ensure accuracy and reliability. This product is ideal for those who are looking for fast and accurate shooting.


  • Bullet style is lead round nose
  • Ensures fast and accurate shooting
  • Bullet weighs 40 grains
  • Muzzle velocity is 1106 FPS and muzzle energy is 109


  • Not consistent with the performance

7. SK – Flatnose Target 22LR Ammo

SK - Flatnose Target 22LR Ammo

SK Flatnose Target as the name suggests comes with a flat nose bullet style. Flat nose bullets expand on impact. This type of bullet is suitable for a revolver or pistol.

This ammunition comes from a line of rimfire rifle. SK Flatnose Target is the perfect choice for competition and practice shooting.


  • Comes with 50/500/5000 rounds per box
  • Good quality ammo
  • Flattened projectile with ballistic properties
  • Offers stability and reliability


  • A bit on the pricier side

8. Federal – Bring Your Own Bucket

Federal - Bring Your Own Bucket

Federal is one of the most known brands for providing the best 22LR ammo. If you are looking for 22 long rifle ammunition for training or hunting purposes, then this ammo might be the one for you.

According to many customers who have used this ammo, they find Federal’s 22LR ammo perfect for target practice.


  • The company offers highly accurate and reliable ammo
  • Available at a reasonable rate
  • Bullet weight is 36 grains
  • Comes with a copper plated bullet with hollow point


  • Can’t expect high-quality ammunition

9. Gemtech – Subsonic Ammo

Gemtech - Subsonic Ammo

Gemtech Subsonic ammo is great for target shooting which is why it is considered as the best 22LR ammo for hunting. It is also an ideal choice for varmint eradication.

This ammunition is coated in such a way that it ensures reduced fouling and burns cleaner. Subsonic rounds make less noise and have great accuracy while shooting.


  • Bullet weighs 42 grains
  • Has a lead round nose bullet
  • Silencer subsonic make less noise
  • Optimized suppressor which reduces fouling


  • Requires gun maintenance as it gets messy

10. Fiocchi Ammunition

Fiocchi Ammunition

Fiocchi Ammunition Super Match is high-quality ammo that offers excellent performance and reliability. The company is known for producing a wide variety of ammunition for shooters and hunters. Even seasoned shooters can go for this product as it offers a high level of accuracy and uniformity in every shot.


  • Comes with a lead round nose
  • Bullet weight is 40 grains
  • Rimfire ammunition
  • The muzzle velocity of the ammo is 1050 FPS


  • Only comes with 50 rounds per box

Purpose Of Buying .22LR Ammos

There are so many 22LR ammunition options available in the market that sometimes it might be hard and confusing to choose the best one. To have the best .22 ammo for your gun, decide on the basis of the purpose for buying it.

22LR ammo is one of the most common ammunition used and it has many uses. Following are some of the most popular uses of this ammunition:

You can use 22LR for self-defense as it is pretty reliable and accurate. It is comfortable to use. This ammunition provides easy shooting, so it can be a good option when you want to practice shooting on a target. A beginner in shooting and older people are recommended to use 22LR ammo.

22LR ammo is ideal ammunition for hunting small animals. It can be used for small hunting games, and especially new hunters will find this ammunition easy and safe to use.

As crazy as it sounds, many people use this ammunition for pest control. 22LR ammo is good for hunting small animals like rats, squirrels, or snakes.

How To Buy Best 22LR Ammo?

Now that you have decided on the purpose of buying 22LR ammo, you must be thinking about things to consider or to know about 22LR ammo when you are planning to buy it.

Factors like velocity, accuracy, reliability, and the material of the bullet should be taken into consideration when you are selecting the best .22 ammo. Following are some of the things to know about 22LR ammo that will help you buy the best quality cartridge.

Types Of 22LR Ammos

Here are the three main types of 22LR ammo:

1. Hollow point

Hollow point or also known as ‘round nose’ is best for plinking, hunting, or target shooting. This bullet offers a powerful impact on the target.

2. Shotshells

Shotshells are specially made for hunting small animals. You can mostly use this 22LR ammunition for pest control.

3. Subsonics

Subsonic rounds offer sharp accuracy and make less noise as compared to other 22LR ammo. This type of cartridge is good for small hunting but is not powerful enough for big hunting.


Choose the best 22LR ammo that serves your requirements. Choosing the right ammunition can be confusing as you don’t know what to expect. This is why you should research properly about the brands that you deem perfect for 22LR ammo. It will help you make the right decision.

In this guide, we have discussed in detail the factors that you should consider before buying .22 ammunition. We have also reviewed some powerful ammunition that will help you select the best .22 ammo. It is always advisable to go for ammunition that you find comfortable to use.