Best 9mm Ammo 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Speer Gold 2. Winchester Silvertip 3. G2 Research Civic
Speer Gold Best 9mm AmmoWinchester Silvertip 9mm RoundsG2 Research Civic Duty 9mm Rounds

Among all the different self defense pistol rounds, the 9mm is one the most popular ones. 9mm pistols have low recoil and compact size, which makes them ideal for concealed carry gun.

The ammo capacity of the 9mm ammo is much superior when compared to others, but finding the best 9mm ammo is something that concerns individuals looking for ammo for shooting or self defense purposes.

Many brands claim to be better than the others, but it can be hard to determine which one is the best choice for you.

So, we have presented this buying guide that will take you through the top 9mm ammos available in the market today. Later, you will also come to know about the factors you must consider while buying ammo.

Top 10 Best 9mm Ammo 2020

1. Speer Gold Dot Duty Ammunition

Speer Gold Best 9mm AmmoYou can get the best price on 9mm ammo with the Gold Dot duty ammunition by Speer. The company uses the UNICOR process for manufacturing these bullets, which involves fusing the jacket to the alloy lead core starting from a molecular level. This makes the bullet exceptionally resilient and well-balanced, and it can retain almost its entire weight even after penetrating through thick surfaces like steel or denim.

The brass case is nickel-plated, which lowers friction and increases the efficiency of the semi-auto cycle. Furthermore, there are no chances of the bullet suffering from corrosion even when it rests in the magazine for a long while.


  • Extremely durable
  • High muzzle velocity
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • A bit pricey


2. Winchester Silvertip 9mm Rounds

Winchester Silvertip 9mm RoundsWinchester’s Silvertip has been arguably the best 9mm ammo since its inception 40 years ago. This bullet has massive takedown power, thanks to its 115-grain JHP bullet design. The bullet has a distinctive look that makes it appealing to most people. But good looks aside, the bullet delivers superior performance, with the special jacket profile providing exact accuracy and smooth functioning.

The bullet jacket has precise notches pressed into it, which causes it to fracture as it expands, thus maximizing tissue damage through uniform expansion.


  • Detailed construction
  • Reliable primer
  • High muzzle energy


  • Expensive for a 20 rounds box


3. G2 Research Civic Duty 9mm Rounds

G2 Research Civic Duty 9mm RoundsThese hollow point bullets are considered by many to be the best 9mm ammos, mostly because it deals with the typical problems of insufficient trauma and damage to the target.

Most of the standard hollow point rounds tend to penetrate too much, but you won’t be facing this issue with the Civic Duty 9mm ammo. G2 Research uses the Trocar design for the fragmenting projectile, which allows it to push through barriers and expand significantly from the initial diameter.


  • HP Lead-free
  • Precision machined
  • High muzzle energy


  • No brass casing
  • Accuracy can be improved


4. G2 Research R.I.P. 9mm Ammo

G2 Research R.I.P. 9mm AmmoIf you are looking for the best price 9mm ammo, the R.I.P. ammunition from G2 Research is perfect for you. These frangible rounds provide some significant advantages over a full metal jacket or a standard hollow point round. After hitting the mark, the bullet breaks into many pieces, causing multiple wounds.

Compared to other ammunition, this bullet does not over-penetrate, so there are fewer chances of collateral damage during shooting. Thus, the initial target absorbs more energy, which is highly desirable.


  • More damage compared to others
  • Each fragment leaves a trail
  • Initial penetration is restricted


  • Chances of pre-separation


5. G2 Research Telos 9mm Ammo

G2 Research Telos 9mm AmmoWhile looking for the best 9mm ammos, you are bound to come across the Telos, which is a different type of frangible round. After entering the target, the round breaks into several parts. This means more damage, as there are several projectiles traveling through the target.

The rounds are quite reliable and cycle smoothly in all compatible firearms. As is desirable with self-defense ammo, there are no light-strikes or malfunctions with the Telos. It allows for rapid firing and is accurate for up to 25 yards.


  • 7 wound channels
  • More than 10 inches of penetration
  • Controlled fragmentation


  • Short-range


6. PMC Bronze 115 Gr 9mm Luger Ammo

PMC Bronze 115 Gr 9mm Luger AmmoIf you are looking to buy the best 9mm ammos for range training and target practice, then the 9mm PMC ammo can provide you with dependable performance. PMC is known for making high standard ammo and it maintains consistency and excellence with this one as well.

You can run 100 rounds continuously with this ammo without any issues whatsoever. It is a full metal jacket bullet with a brass casing and corrosion-resistant properties. It gives reliable performance over a long time.


  • Low recoil
  • Tight groupings
  • Impressive flash


  • Prone to jamming with some weapons
  • Not ideal for follow-up shots


7. PMC Bronze 124 Gr 9mm Luger Ammo

PMC Bronze 124 Gr 9mm Luger AmmoThe Bronze 124 grain ammo from PMC is one of the best 9mm ammos in its price range, that allows you to enjoy your shooting sports without spending too much. It is ideal for high volume shooters who demand consistency and accuracy.

The bullet is copper jacketed and has a lead core that provides superior ballistic performance. It has boxer primers that make reloading easy. Moreover, it is non-corrosive and has no steel in the bullet or case that makes it safe for an indoor range.


  • No feed problem
  • No stovepipe
  • Impressive ballistic performance


  • Has a noticeable smell


8. Inceptor Arx 9mm Luger 65 Grain

Inceptor Arx 9mm Luger 65 GrainThe Inceptor ARX is one of the best 9mm ammos in the market today, designed to penetrate tough barriers without any deformation whatsoever. With this ammo, you can get the desired terminal effect for tissue and soft targets.

Compared to generic lead-core bullets, the ARX has optimum weight and design that prevents it from penetrating too far beyond the initial target. This reduces the chances of collateral damage in case of a miss. العاب تجلب المال


  • High muzzle velocity
  • Consistent terminal performance
  • Reloadable brass case


  • Has a snappy kick


9. Doubletap 9mm 77-Grain Hollow Point Ammo

Doubletap 9mm 77-Grain Hollow Point AmmoThis is without any doubt the best 9mm ammo for short-barreled pistols, which makes it ideal for concealed carry aficionados. It exits the muzzle of a 4.5-inch barreled gun at a velocity of 1625 fps while generating a muzzle energy of 451 foot-pounds.

With this ammo, you can hit a target at 7 yards without any bullet drop and only 1.5 inches low for a target 25 yards away. It has almost no muzzle flash and manages to achieve excellent penetration.


  • Compact design
  • Extremely accurate at short range
  • Penetrates deep into the initial target


  • Not available in certain locations


10. Doubletap 9mm 165-Grain Jacketed Hollowpoint Ammo

Doubletap 9mm 165-Grain Jacketed Hollowpoint AmmoWith its Equalizer load, the Doubletap ammo takes self-defense to a whole new level. The bullet consists of a 50 grains solid enclosure with 115 grains jacketed hollow point. This makes it possible for you to hit the target twice with every shot you fire.

Many shooters consider these the best 9mm ammos, as they provide reliable accuracy, where the first stage hollow point reaches a target up to 25 yards away. The low flash loads are great for personal defense situations.


  • Fewer chances of over-penetration
  • Great stopping power
  • Expands at a lower velocity


  • Costs more compared to other products


Factors To Look For When Buying The Best 9mm Ammo

When it comes to buying ammo for your firearm, you would not want to take any chances, and anything less than the best 9mm ammos won’t do. As such, it is not enough to know about the various ammo brands in the market. You should also look into some of the factors you need to consider before making your purchase.

1. Bullet Weight

While a heavier bullet can achieve better penetration, it moves slowly compared to the lighter ones and also has more recoil. So, if you are looking to deal with more tissue damage, you should go for a heavier weight, even though they can be harder to push. This mostly depends on what purpose you will be using the gun for.

2. Velocity

Velocity refers to the speed at which the bullet exits the barrel of the gun. Higher velocity means more energy and consequently better ballistic performance. But similar to weight, a high-speed bullet has more recoil, due to which it is harder to control.

3. Muzzle Energy

The higher the muzzle energy, the better is the performance. Some gun enthusiasts think that a high energy bullet is a waste of energy since it travels too far, hitting a different target. كيفية لعب البوكر للمبتدئين But with fluted and hollow-point bullets, the energy can be used to cause more damage.

Get 9mm Ammo For Enhanced Self Defense

Now that you have a clear understanding of different 9mm ammos available today, you can make your purchase with increased confidence. Remember, you should always consider for what purpose you need to use the ammo, so that you can buy a product with proper specifications.


Q1. What Is The Difference Between 9mm Luger And 9mm?

There is no difference between the two. Ammunition stores and manufacturers commonly use the name 9mm Luger.

Q2. What Kind Of 9mm Ammo Is Used By The FBI?

The FBI uses the Gold Dot G2 as a duty round. They adopted this ammo after excessive testing.

Q3. Can A 9mm Round Kill A Bear?

Yes, you can injure or kill a large animal like a bear with a 9mm round. But it is unlikely that it will die instantly.

Q4. Can I Use 9mm For Self-Defense?

Yes, 9mm is a high-performing gun suitable for self-defense purposes.