Best 9mm Hollow Point Ammo 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gold Dot 9mm2.  Black Hills3. Black Jacketed
Gold Dot 9mm Best 9mm Hollow Point AmmoBlack Hills AmmunitionBlack Hills Jacketed 124 

This is widely accepted and well known fact that the best overall pistol round for self-defense is the 9mm variant. If you are a concealed carry aficionado, then you would surely prefer those 9mm handguns which are in high demand due to their low recoil and compact size.

The only issue with the 9mm handguns is that there are several round options to choose from. In case you require the best 9mm ammo for your gun specifically for the purpose of self-defense then you cannot go wrong with these loads.

In this article, we would discuss the most useful tips for purchasing the best 9mm hollow point ammo. You can also check out the list of the top 10 best home defense 9mm ammo available in the market and also the crucial FAQs. So, let’s start.

Top 10 Best 9mm Hollow Point Ammo 2020

1. Gold Dot 9mm

Gold Dot 9mm Best 9mm Hollow Point Ammo

Speer’s Gold Dot line of ammunition is lauded as one of the best solutions for self-defense to be used with handguns out there in the market. This best 9mm carry ammo is suitable for the cops and equips them well for the best self-defense.

This is the very first bonded core pistol bullet which fuses its jacket to its alloyed lead core one molecule at a time. The bullet is extremely balanced and resilient. It offers deeper penetration to provide maximum expansion inside the soft target.


  • Super reliable
  • Wears down the gun lesser
  • Reliable expansion
  • Good expansion, as well as barrier penetration
  • Great for personal defense


  • Highly priced

2. Black Hills Ammunition

Black Hills Ammunition

The is one of the best 9mm ammo for home defense where the focus has completely been on handcrafting ammunition for the serious folks who demand that this works every time without any failure.

The accuracy and performance of Black Hills Ammunition 9 mm Lunger Ammo has been very commendable amongst the customers and this is a highly recommended product. This is counted as one of the finest in this world.


  • The accuracy of this is exemplary
  • The recoil is mild
  • This bullet expands completely and penetrates the 17-inch mark


  • The price is on a higher side

3. Black Hills Jacketed 124 

Black Hills Jacketed 124 

This 9mm Luger Black Hills 124gr is high in demand as this is one of the best 9mm target ammo. Black Hills is a proven and popular brand which supplies ammunition to all the five US military branches.

There are several Law Enforcement Agencies which use the Black Hills nationwide. They only use the best of components available for the manufacturing of this hollow-point ammo. This factory-made ammo is indeed dependable, accurate, boxer primed, brass-cased, non-corrosive, non-magnetics and boxer-primed.


  • Expanded depth
  • Expanded diameter
  • Commendable bullet velocity


  • The price is on a higher side

4. Sig Sauger 9mm

Sig Sauger 9mm

SIG V-Crown defensive rounds combine the most perfect material specification and fine-tuned design innovations that include a stacked hollow point cavity which delivers on-target exceptional energy with maximum retention of weight and optimal expansion for ultimate power to stop.

This best 9mm ammo brand is equipped with a hollow point design that provides a smaller additional hollow point cavity. This design, along with V-shaped jackets skives & scores provide the controlled and uniform expansion at all the effective velocities and distances.


  • Perfect hollow point design
  • Perfect material specification
  • Exceptional on-target energy
  • Maximum retention of weight


  • The price is on a higher side

5. Sig Sauer 365 V-Crown

Sig Sauer 365 V-Crown

This best 9mm ammo for home defense provides the most superior reliability as well as terminal performance in all short-barreled concealed easy-to-carry handguns.

This innovative V-crown bullet very strongly features a stacked hollow-point with an optimal wide opening along the V-shaped jacket skives and scores to initiate the expansion at all the effective velocities and distances.


  • Delivers great performance
  • Strategically engineered to control the recoil
  • Exceptional on-target energy
  • Maximum weight retention


  • The price is on a higher side

6. JHP 10 mm Auto 165gr Self-Defense

JHP 10 mm Auto 165gr Self-Defense

The 10mm Auto was developed by Jeff Cooper in the year 1983. This is a high-powdered round and has been accepted as the best replacement by FBI to their previous 9mm rounds that lacked the required penetration and expansion at the time.

This best ammo has heavy recoil that makes it somewhat undesirable for some whereas liked by others. In case you are a kind of a person who is fond of a ton of power, then the 10mm Auto is the right cartridge for you.


  • Controlled expansion
  • Loaded in non-corrosive boxer primed brass cases
  • A quantity of 20 ammos are there in one pack


  • Some customers complained that these are too wide and long to fit in
  • Sig P220 Mags

7. 38 Super 125 Grain +P JHP Carbon Ammo

38 Super 125 Grain +P JHP Carbon Ammo

38 Super 125 Grain +P JHP Carbon Ammo Box is jacked hollow points which are being made with a gliding metal jacket as well as a soft lead core. This jacket is specifically scored inside as well as out for ensuring rapid and unform expansion.

The traditional hollow-point bullet is priced very economically and at the same time can be used to test the reliability of a handgun. The experts recommend that you fire at least 200 rounds of your carry load in order to ensure that this would function each time when you require the same.


  • 38 Super caliber
  • 125 grains of projectile weight
  • JHP projectile jacket
  • 1325 FPS velocity
  • 487 ft-lbs muzzle energy


  • Non-availability in the market due to high demand

8. Sig Sauer 147 Grains

Sig Sauer 147 Grains

Sig V-Crown defensive rounds perfectly combine the perfect material specifications and the goodness of fine-tuned design innovations that include a stacked hollow point cavity. This delivers exceptional on-target energy with optimal expansion and maximum weight retention for the optimum stopping power.


  • This the best JHP ammo type
  • Has 9mm luger caliber
  • Has a grain weight of 147 gr
  • A good muzzle velocity of 985 fps
  • Muzzle energy of 317 ft-lb


  • Some consumers find the price of the product to be very high

9. Sig Sauer Elite Performance

Sig Sauer 147 Grains

Sig Sauer is designed for elite performance that provides superior reliability and terminal performance which is ideal for personal defense. This is an innovative V-Crown and high-power bullet which features a stacked hollow-point with a fairly broad opening along with the V-shaped jacket skives.


  • The best V-Crown stacked hollow-point bullet
  • A high-quality terminal performance especially for personal defense
  • Techni-Crom coated brass cases
  • Toothed cannelure locks jacket to the core


  • The price of the product is perceived to be high by certain customers
  • Sometimes non-availability in the market due to its high demand

10. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Ammunition

Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Ammunition

This is a high-performance M17 9mm +P military ammunition which is being considered as the best defense 9mm ammo. This is specifically designed for rendering exceptional performance in any 9mm +P hand pistol that include the SIG P320 M17. This offers the perfect combination of performance and affordability.


  • Best 9mm luger cartridge
  • 147 grains weight
  • Has a jacketed hollow point
  • Brass-coated
  • Non-corrosive
  • Reloadable


  • Sometimes unavailable due to the high demand amongst the consumers

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best 9mm Hollow Point Ammo

Here are some of the major factors that you should necessarily examine to purchase one cartridge over another.

1. Modern Technology

The modern bullet technology has made the 9mm as one of the most effective option for bigger calibers. So, 9mm is one of the best options available in the market.

2. Lesser Recoil

The less recoil makes the 9mm easier to shoot, especially for “small-statured female officers. So, you may choose according to the profile of the user.

3. Higher capacity

The 9mm pistols usually have a higher capacity, so they can pack more rounds for the fight. So, check the capacity.

4. Cost

The 9mm ammunition costs lesser and allows us to shoot more. The precious metals usually sell by the pound. So, the lesser metal you use to prepare a cartridge, the cost will be lesser. So, check the metal of the cartridge while buying.


These are the readily available best ammo range 9mm and self-defense ammo. All of these listed products are decent performers and are available at a variety of price options. You can choose the one which suits your requirement in the best possible manner.


Q1. What Is Considered As The Best Ammo For A 9mm Gun?

Choosing the best ammo usually depends on the purpose of its use. For range plinking, the best 9mm ammo is indeed the safest and at the same time inexpensive. If you are looking to possess a gun for defensive use, then the best 9mm range ammo is the best choice.

Q2. Are The Hollow-Point Bullets Considered To Be More Deadly?

Hollow-point bullets are not designed to “kill” very effectively. They are well-designed to incapacitate.
This is a crucial distinction. The expanding effect of hollow-point causes relatively more damage with every shot, all else being equal. So, a hollow-point may stop an aggressor faster and with a fewer shot.