Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

Often we hear about numerous casualties caused by gunshot accidents. It is crucial then that you store your gun in a safe, secure location. A safe is an ideal option because of the security it provides to you, the people around you, and of course, your gun.

However, a good quality safe could be an expensive purchase, and you might have to look for cheaper alternatives without compromising on safety. Worry not, because we have created a list of the best ways to store guns without a safe. Read on to find out how you can be a more responsible gun-owner.

Top 5 Best Ways To Store Guns Without A Safe

1. Trigger Lock

One of the most basic and popular choices when it comes to gun safety is a trigger lock. It is a lock that fits over a gun’s trigger and its trigger guard. Its locking mechanism involves a small bar or rod that slides through the trigger guard of your weapon, thereby preventing you or anybody from firing your gun.

Apart from the standard two-piece rod mechanism, trigger locks can also exist in the form of large padlocks that inhibit the gun’s action. They’re available either as keyed locks or combination locks. Combination locks are a better option because you don’t have to carry the key around with you at all times, and multiple people can have access to it, of course, with your consent.

It is not easy to remove a trigger lock, so you need not worry that someone would access your gun. This is especially helpful if your weapon is stored someplace where your family or children are around.

However, trigger locks also come with their disadvantages. For starters, they cannot work on a loaded gun. Using it on a loaded gun can lead to an accidental discharge that might end up being fatal. If you apply a considerable amount of pressure on the trigger lock placed on a loaded gun without the intention of firing it, it could result in a discharge.

Trigger locks are effortless to procure and quite readily available, which is a potent reason they’re still sought-after. They’re comparatively inexpensive and do not involve much hassle during usage. They’re also a portable safety option, given how lightweight they are. It is ideal to use them as a backup security option for hunting guns or range guns.

2. Gun Storage Bag

Gun storage bags are available in different sizes according to your gun type. If put simply, they’re just bags in which you can store your gun and carry it around. However, some of these bags come with attractive features that will convince you that this is one of the best ways to store guns without a safe.

Gun storage bags are designed with precision to withstand external pressure and adverse weather conditions. They are sturdy and durable and do not rip or tear very easily.

One of the most significant characteristics of a gun storage bag is that it is resistant to moisture and keeps moisture away from your gun. By doing so, it prevents any kind of corrosion activity from taking place on your firearm. It protects your gun from rusting and subsequently increases your gun’s lifespan.

Gun storage bags do not take up much space or add to the bulk of your gun. Because of this, they are portable and relatively easy to carry around, especially when you go hunting. You must keep in mind that the bag you purchase has the right amount of padding inside so that your gun remains protected. It also ensures more resistance to puncture.

If you’re looking for a long-term way to store your guns as well as protecting them, then getting a gun storage bag is an excellent choice.

3. Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinets are one of the coolest ways out there to store your gun because they come with the added advantage of personalized customization. It means that they are available in various designs, and you can add features according to your whims.

For example, if you want to keep the existence of your gun a secret but still want to store it at your home, you can add hidden drawers in your cabinet. Anybody would take it for a regular cabinet and wouldn’t even guess that it holds your magnificent gun. In most cases, the sliding drawer pulls out of the back of the cabinet. This way, your gun is kept concealed.

Many of these cabinets come with custom lock systems and prevent any kind of unauthorized use so that your gun remains safe. They are tamper-resistant and ensure extra security for your weapon. Their sleek designs enable you to even show them off to your guests as elegant display cabinets.

If you add extra protection like a trigger lock or a steel cable, you can showcase your gun without worrying about someone stealing it. Gun cabinets are most definitely one of the most interesting options out there for gun storage.

4. Gun Case

Gun cases are one of the best ways to store guns without a safe. They are quite popular, readily available, and go easy on your pockets. Apart from giving space to keep your firearm, gun cases also ensure your gun’s safety and come with cool features.

Gun cases mostly provide a hardshell case for your gun and protect it from external pressure and rough weather conditions. These cases are traditionally made from wood, but nowadays, we’re finding more and more metal and plastic cases in use because they provide more rigidity.

Soft gun cases made out of nylon and ripstop material are also available on the market, with extra padding and more portability. They also carry space to store other accessories along with your gun.

Gun cases protect your gun from moisture and rusting so that you can use it for a long time. While most gun cases can store only a single gun, some have multiple compartments to store guns. Ideally, you may add additional lock systems so that your weapon remains more secure.

You may look for the case that best suits your needs and purchase it accordingly. Gun cases are undoubtedly a great way to store your gun conveniently.

5. Hollow Spaces

If you do not wish to spend any kind of money and still want a secure place to store your gun in, then you may go on a hunt for hollow spaces around your house. It could be under your mattress, a large tub, a kitchen container, behind a wall, anywhere. You’ve seen how cool people store their guns in a hollow carving inside a book.

Well, it’s up to you how creative you want to get. All you need to do is make sure that it is a concealed spot because guns often attract unsolicited attention, and you wouldn’t want that.

It could be a little risky, but if you have a secure enough space and regularly take care of your gun, then storing it in these hollow spaces is going to be a cakewalk. It is also essential that you incorporate some additional safety features like padlocks or a trigger lock to ensure more safety for your gun and the people around you.

Factors To Consider When Storing Your Gun

1. Always make sure that you prioritize the security of the people who care about when purchasing storage options for any firearm.

2. Ensure the gun is stored pointed towards the direction opposite to where someone would be standing. This is to avoid any casualties in case of potential accidental discharges.

3. You must unload your gun when not in use to avoid accidental discharges.

4. Keep your gun stored in an extra secure space if your neighborhood is more prone to robberies. But keep in mind that it is easily accessible by you in case an intruder breaks into your house.

5. Secure your gun storage chamber with a lock so that unauthorized persons won’t be able to access your gun.

Best way to store guns without a safe – Conclusion

We have seen that even if a safe is an expensive and non-portable option for many, secure alternatives are available on the market. If you’re looking for other storage options, you may go for security cases, aeration systems, false walls, or a lockbox.

You can get as creative as you want with your storage ideas and customize them according to your whims. The only essential thing is that you take caution and use and store your firearms responsibly.

Now that you’ve gone through the best ways to store guns without a safe, it would be prudent to make your purchase as soon as possible because safety matters, every second of the day.