Concealed Carry Tips

Get Your Guns Ready – Best Tips For Concealed Carry

Carrying a gun in the open can be totally fine, but it has its cons. In contrast, a concealed carry allows you to keep your gun affair a secret. You only have to reveal it when you smell danger. Afterall, you don’t want the public to know you’re carrying a gun with you, do you?

However, carrying concealed can be a huge headache if not done the right way. The holster is more likely to print through your shirt, and this can raise suspicion. To avoid this situation, you need to know several concealed carry tips and tricks.

Below are ten useful concealed carry gun tips to help you hide your guns in the right way. Strap your guns, and let’s head right into it.

Ten Best Concealed Carry Tips

1. It Can Be Uneasy

To carry a hidden gun with you can be exciting. You may feel like a superhero in disguise. But once you get over this sheer amazement, reality hits hard. Here’s the truth, it can be really uncomfortable. It can make you paranoid about your gun constantly. You are most likely to watch out for children frequently so that they don’t scream pointing at your hidden gun.

Spare ammo is also not convenient to carry around. However, it is relatively easier to carry it on a belt-mounted pouch that prints worse than the holstered gun. We know everyone has been raving about this super cool hybrid leather rig online. For your information, it doesn’t fit your body type, pinches, and chafes. Moreover, it is really expensive as well.

This whole concealed carry can be a tough nut to crack. The handgun grip often tends to rub, and it wears out really quick. Also, it can get caught on clothing and can leave you embarrassed at times. Not to mention the custom grip that will tell you a whole different story. In case you need to bend over, and your shirt goes up, you may reveal your gun accidentally!

When you finally decide to sit down, the handgun goes “THUNK” against the seat, and you can’t help but catch weird glances from people nearby. Additionally, if you intend to use an ankle holster, it can slip and rotate around your leg.

This will allow dirt and crud to enter into your gun. There is a high chance for the gun to get rusty from staying close to your sweaty body. Always remember not to wear tight-fitting clothes as it won’t help conceal your gun.

Most often, you have to be cautious about your handgun. You need to always keep an eye on “no guns allowed” boards. Every day, you’ll have to come across such boards multiple times that you wish you hadn’t taken your gun with you.

In short, carrying concealed is a herculean task that can eat your head. On a brighter note, time and experience can help you get through the gear and body location issues. But it’s something that can only be mastered over an extended period of time.

You ought to learn a few concealed carry tips to get your revolver hidden like a pro. Though it can get a bit troublesome, if you master a couple of tricks, you’re good to go.

2. Do No Fidget And Carry On

You have a gun on you, and you become too conscious that you keep checking if it’s in the right spot. If you didn’t know, even a quarter-inch difference could cause a huge difference in comfort. You tend to be so nervous about the gun printing that you keep adjusting the gun and holster in public.

But friend, knock it off. People are too busy with their own lives. They aren’t geared to analyze bumps and lumps sticking out of people’s shirts. If you are too bothered about it, wear a different dress. And if you still feel uncomfortable, deal with it. You can go to a restroom and adjust your right until you are comfortable.

If you fiddle with a concealed gun, people might either think you’re crazy and it can raise alarms.

3. Get Yourself A Good Holster

When you look for gear, it’s all about what catches your eyes. If you thought otherwise, a single holster wouldn’t suit everyone’s body. There’s no point in debating over an inside the waistband carries and an outside the waistband, 4’o’ clock carry, an appendix carry, etc. Ensure that you buy a holster that wholly covers the trigger guard for your safety. It’s always good to try out different holsters when you go to a shop.

Also, take your unloaded pistol with you in a locked carrying box to make it easier for you to choose the right holster. Take ample time and figure out what you like among them. Spend a few bucks and don’t look back. A good holster would never leave you disappointed and is worth gold. You are sure to be friends with your holster soon!

A good-quality right would cost about $60 – $100. Don’t go for cheap universal holsters, as they will be a huge waste of money. Now it’s up to you to choose wisely.

4. Get A Good Belt

An ideal belt is always more important than your holster. If you want to master several concealed carry tips then you ought to have a dedicated gun belt. They are much thicker, wider, and are designed specifically to hold the holster close. Moreover, it holds the precious cargo inside a holster near you and won’t allow it to move around.

When it’s time to draw, the belt ensures that the holster stays fixed and put with your body. It won’t permit the holster to go for a joyride with the pistol. People often do not pay much attention to a gun belt, and end up investing in really cheap ones. This will only prove to be a waste of money as it will likely break after two or three times of usage. We don’t want that.

The belt is, in reality, the heart and soul of your concealed carry setup. So it’s crucial to get your hands on the best belt in town. A good belt will cost you $60 to $100 approximately. If you want to keep your holster and pistol safe and sound, buy a good quality gun belt.

5. What Kind Of Gun Do You Need To Have?

If you knew you’d end up in a gunfight, what gun would you want with you? Undoubtedly, you’ll prefer the biggest, baddest lead-slinger on the block to shoot effectively. You’d always have your eyes on a gun with excellent sights and an effective caliber. Therefore, part of the concealed carrying mindset is that it is essential to know that you’ll get into a gunfight someday. Carrying a small .22 derringer wouldn’t do the job at all.

Now you know the greatest limitation of a concealed carry. The smaller the gun, the easier it is to carry. But what if you need a long gun? The kind of gun you’ll be carrying should be a lifesaver.

It is with this pistol that you’ll be defending your life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Full-sized guns are a pain to carry and conceal at the same time. Especially during the hot summer months, it can be troublesome.

But nowadays, newer subcompact variants of full-sized pistols are available. They are effective and can usually use the magazines, holsters, etc., from their bigger brothers. We’re talking about your life here, you should never be caught off-guard.

6. Always Carry Spare Ammunition

Here’s yet another convenience issue popping up. Carrying spare ammo can be an added burden. We know what you’re thinking; how about hiding the gun in belt-mounted mag pouches? But the truth is, these pouches invariably show through your clothing and can be much worse than a small pistol in a good holster.

Also, having a spare magazine or a speedloader can be annoying too. They tend to flop and move around, and they never stay the way you want them to be.

But if you’re ever caught up in a situation where you don’t have enough ammunition, then spare ammo is a must. If your gun dries out and your opponent is still shooting, then all you can do is pray to God. You don’t want to be in such a situation, do you?

To make it easier for you, you can carry filler items in your pocket. This will keep the magazine oriented well. Furthermore, you can utilize a neat rig to mount mag pouches.

This prevents magazine printing and keeps the magazine weight exactly where you need it. Alternatively, you can use a belt-mounted mag pouch and dress in a way so as to conceal it. You have to keep spare ammo with you!

Most importantly, you need to know how your ammunition works. In the case of full metal jacket ammunition, it is likely to penetrate and hit bystanders. It is always best to carry ideal defense ammo and no hand-loaded ammunition.

Ammos are usually crafted for accuracy, power, and reliability. But you don’t want them to be termed as a “deadly mankiller”, right?

So put these concealed carry tips into best use so that you can effectively carry around spare ammo without raising alarms.

7. Know When To Hold Them

Having a pistol with you doesn’t mean you have to start firing. It is not always necessary to use your pistol. The best way to avoid being shot is to stand away from gunfights. If you come across one such situation at all, get out of there as soon as you can and dial 911!

Remember, your brain is the most powerful weapon you possess, so when you sniff out an escalating threat, don’t be present there. This won’t make you look like a coward, on the other hand, this is a smart move.

Take a deep breath and walk away; this will save your life as well as the lives of those around you. Drawing out your gun would make things go worse, and we don’t want that. Also, be clever enough to keep yourself out of situations where you need to use your firearm.

This is common sense, and it does not require you to have an IQ of 200! Pride and boasting have always called for danger. It is always good to have a head on your shoulders rather than taking part in an action-drama sequence. In a nutshell, KEEP YOURSELF OUT OF TROUBLE.

8. Always Carry A Less Than Lethal Deterrent

All defense situations do not call for the nuclear option. You might come across an aggressive dog on your way back home, you have no way out rather than using pepper spray on it. Using this is much better than firing your pistol because you don’t want to be behind bars for this reason.

As a bonus, it is totally fine and not illegal to carry around pepper spray or similar non-lethal deterrents. Situations may arise where you can’t use your firearms, but you need to defend yourself.

Here, a lethal deterrent comes in handy. Further, if you are in a place that strictly says no to firearms, you still have a measure of protection on you, the pepper spray! Isn’t this an amazing concealed carry tip?

Until You Start Shooting, Nobody Should Know You’re Carrying A Gun

We are not against any political fundamentals that require everyone to expose their guns. Many people open carry their guns because they can! However, people often notice the ones who carry their guns around, and that can not be very pleasant. On the contrary, if nobody is aware that you have a concealed firearm, it becomes easier for you.

It is a common perception to think that the trigger is getting pulled because you perceive your life or others’ lives to be in danger from your target. If you’re in a heated argument and you think showing off your pistol makes you look cool, then you’re wrong.

You can now bid goodbye to your tactical advantage of having your gun concealed and ready for use. You better keep this in mind, know when to hold them, know when to fold them.

Get To Know The Legal System

For righteous self-defence, if you use your firearm in front of four cops and a judge, you are in a safe zone. But if it is not, you are likely to land yourself in jail. Unless they know the real intentions of you using your firearm, you’ll always be in a tight spot.

Don’t forget that the law enforcement officers don’t know what happened before they arrived, all they know is you shot someone. You can help your cause by unloading your gun and raising your arms up into the air. Moreover, you can justify your cause by saying you wanted to save your dear life.

It’s really important that you know your laws before you even strap on that holster. Also, always wait for your lawyer to show up and let them deal with the officers for you. You don’t know how you’ll be when you are suddenly treated as a criminal.

It’ll be hard to get a hold of yourself and if you say something by accident, you’ll be caught off-guard. On a positive note, every American is guaranteed the right of due process before a sentence is carried out.

You will likely be arrested and taken to jail. You would also have to undergo trial where you will have to prove your innocence through solid evidence. If the judge deems your shooting to be a righteous one, he will dismiss your case and you will have to face civil trial. The Civil trial would take place if your assailant had a family. Also, there is a possible chance for you to lose that trial.

Yes, you heard that right! You defended your life and the life of others, but you still could be found guilty. You could be charged with manslaughter or murder down the road only because you had to deny someone their life to save yours.

No matter how hard it is to believe, this is how it goes. It’s certainly an unsavory reality of carrying a concealed firearm. You will be alive, but in the end, you may lose everything just because you saved your life.

This is why it becomes crucial to hold concealed carry insurance. This is one of the best concealed carry tips. It is sure to help you get through the process and to provide coverage for fees. Insurance is a must-have if you want to conceal carry in today’s world.

Why Do You Need To Conceal Carry?

1. Concealed Carry Deters Crime

Most of the states that introduced concealed carry laws have successfully reduced murders, rapes, and other aggravated assaults to a great extent. To defend one’s self has become a necessity. You don’t know when you’ll be attacked, so having a gun with you is the only way out. Concealed carry permits you to be on alert and safe at the same time. To be able to conceal-carry is actually a blessing in disguise.

2. Allows Citizens To Arm Themselves From Possible Danger

Violent criminals, without doubt, will have guns on them. Concealed handgun carriers give you a sense of safety and security, especially when you’re outside during nights. Most often, people carry guns so that it makes them feel safer.

For women, it becomes essential to have a gun on them to protect themselves from the probable dangers that lie in wait for them. Reports state that victims of robbery and assault were less attacked upon revealing their pistols. In short, a concealed gun is a symbol of self-defense.

3. Helps You To Use Your Weapon Properly

You can always take a concealed carry permit. Before you acquire a permit, you are required to attend eight-hour classes. These will help you know the deadly instances where you may have to use your firearm. It helps you to get yourself out of trouble and most importantly, you’ll know how to use your weapon well. Several courses may also include practice on a shooting range and defensive shooting.

4. It Is Permitted By The Law

Many court rulings suggest that concealed carry is an implied right of the Second Amendment. It offers states the right to permit concealed carry for self-defense purposes outside of the home. It also allows you to keep your guns concealed when one’s safety is threatened.

5. Concealed Carry Permits For A Faster Response During Emergency Situations

It takes about 11 minutes for the police officers to reach your spot during an emergency. We don’t know what can happen in this short span of time. There are situations that require police response in three-four minutes, but if it doesn’t, it calls for danger. In reality, officers do very little to actually prevent a violent crime from happening.

Their role is to investigate what happened after the occurence of a crime. The Supreme Court also ruled that a police officer does not have a legal duty to protect citizens. This legal standard makes concealed carry a necessity for the common citizen. This will help them prevent a violent crime.

So Concealed Carry Or Open Carry?

By now, we know you have found the answer to this intriguing question. Even though open carry is allowed, concealed carry is always the better option to choose. One of the best parts of carrying concealed is that in terms of technique, gear, and mindset, you can only improve your skill with experience.

You’ll be ready to use your weapon once you’ve landed your feet in a variety of situations. The above given concealed carry tips and tricks are definitely worth a try. It not only makes things easier for you but also helps you get your hands on an effective gun belt and rig.

If you’ve been debating about carrying a concealed gun, it is definitely worth a try. It gives you a sense of safety and security. You no longer have to look for other self-defense options when you can keep a gun hidden with you.

Also, make sure you receive a concealed carry permit and undergo training courses. These sessions put you through training situations where you have to use your firearm. And when you get the permit finally, you’ll be as ready as ever!

Wait no more, make use of these amazing concealed carry tips, get your guns concealed, be a superhero while you save your life and the lives of others in danger.