If you are a gun enthusiast then chances are high that you know about the iconic Thompson rifle used heavily during the second world war. This is a classic model that came in multiple variants such as the experimental .30 caliber carbine or the west hurley M1.

There are many books an articles that you can find regarding the Thompson. One such book is the American Thunder, The Military Thompson by Frank Iannamico. There are also many impressive pictures of the wide variety of models that you can checkout in this book. If you are a gun enthusiast then you are bound to have a collection of your own. Keeping them secure , safe and well maintained can be a challenging task.

This is where gun cabinets come in. While you might decide to store them in a normal safe, choosing a gun cabinet will ensure that you get the best security features and space that’s designed for your weapon. In order to make your shopping easier we have curated a list of the best gun cabinets in the market. Take a look at our buyers guide now!