Best Handguns For Home Defense 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Auto Ordnance 2. Smith and Wesson 3. Glock-G19
Auto Ordnance Thompson 1911A1 Best Handgun For Home DefenseSmith and Wesson SW22 VictoryGlock-G19

Handguns are one of the best self-defense for beginners that can help you to take care of your life in case of an emergency. There are several reasons why people need to choose the best handgun for home defense. Some of the major reasons include protection, competition, and hunting.

By design, home guns are easy to handle, and can be easy to target at short distances. If you are a beginner you need to check features like calibre, safety, ammo style, accessories, as well as ergonomics.


If you are looking for a defense equipment that can safeguard you and your loved ones, nothing can be better than a handgun. Having a handgun makes it easy to shoot since there is more mass to absorb recoil, and you also get a larger area to grip. Use of handguns gives a longer sight radius from the front sight as well as to the rear sight.

In this article, we will help you to purchase the best handgun for self defense. The list includes top ten handguns that have been tried and tested by our experts along with factors and FAQS to look for when buying them. So let’s start our top ten list of handguns for self defense.

Top 15 Best Handguns For Home Defense 2020

1. Auto Ordnance Thompson 1911A1

Auto Ordnance Thompson 1911A1 Best Handgun For Home DefenseThe Auto Ordnance Thompson handgun incorporates GI specifications. It features a matte black finish frame, barrel, and slide. The parts of the gun like the carbon steel slide, sear, and disconnector are machined from a solid bar stock. The handgun is then treated properly to assure best in class durability and long life.

The low profile sight of the gun features a blade front sight and a rear drift that is adjustable for windage. The grip is ensured properly with brown checkered plastic. The handgun is chambered in 0.45 ACP and it has a length of 8.5”. The gun weighs just 39 oz and thus, it is very easy to handle.

The AO model handgun is manufactured in the USA and it comes up with 7-rounds of magazine. You don’t need to worry about the safety protocols of the gun as it constitutes proper thumb safety, grip safety, as well as firing pin block.


  • GI specification
  • Beautiful Matte finish
  • Adjustable rear drift
  • Proper thumb safety


  • Shorter sight

2. Smith and Wesson SW22 Victory

Smith and Wesson SW22 VictoryThe Smith and Wesson handgun with model SW22 Victory is constructed on a single-action and hammer-fired blowback semi-automatic design. The handgun is chambered in 0.22 LR. One of the best qualities of the SS22 Victory handgun is that it comes up with highly featured and innovative design quality.

The handgun includes a match-grade, interchangeable barrel that offers superb accuracy on the range or the field. The simple one-screw takedown design gives a handsome look to the gun. The high-end features of the Smith and Wesson gun features, modern styling and enriched functionality.

The handgun also features steel reinforced polymer thumb safety. Fiber optic front sight of the handgun is another best feature. The Handgun features a texture grip panel with finger cuts for easy magazine removal. The handgun also includes ten-round magazines.


  • Innovative design and quality
  • One-screw takedown design
  • Polymer thumb safety
  • Textured grip panel


  • Number of magazine rounds are not too great

3. Glock-G19

Glock-G19The Glock G-19 is a 9mm Luger that is best for versatile tasks. The handgun comes is known for its reduced dimension and that’s the reason it is easy to handle. In addition to using it as a conventional pistol and handgun, it can also be used as a backup weapon or for concealed carry purposes.

Glock G19 will help you in getting maximum security, safety, reliability, and simplicity at an affordable cost. The barrel length of Glock G19 is 4.02 inches. The handgun is not too heavy to carry as it weighs just 855 grams.

Glock G19 is Glock’s first ever crossover handgun. This handgun basically features a combination of its two most popular and field tested handguns. The full length Glock 17 and the combined Glock 19 have joined focus to produce an ideal handgun for all purposes and situations and thus you can call it best glock for self defense.


  • Reduced dimension
  • Lightweight handgun
  • Features combined characteristics of two best handguns
  • Joined focus


  • May not be idle for people with bigger hands

4. ED-Brown KC9

ED-Brown KC9All ED Brown handguns are handcrafted for high levels of performance. The brand manufactures high grade, high performance, and custom firearms at most affordable price. The company uses its innovative designs, superior components, and old-fashioned craftsmanship to get you the best home defense hand gun.

The ED Brown KC9 is modeled as per the Kobra Carry handgun that was introduced almost 20 years back. Significant features of the KC9 model handgun include trademarked bobtail frame treatment, stainless-steel frame, and the snakeskin texture treatment.

The gun is highly optimized to take care of all kinds of situations. Thus, no matter if you want a handgun for the purpose of hunting or personal safety, the ED Brown KC9, won’t leave your side ever. The gun is best 9mm for home defense with a full barrel that measures 4-inches.


  • High performance pistol
  • Superior components
  • Innovative design
  • Stainless steel frame


  • Aesthetically not very pleasing handgun

5. Smith & Wesson SD9VE

Smith & Wesson SD9VEThe Smith & Wesson SD9VE handgun is basically a semi-automatic pistol that can operate with striker-fired action. The gun can activate with a 2-piece self defense trigger that will give you a consistent pull. The pistol comes up with a distinctive 2-tone look.

The black polymer frame and stainless steel slide gives Pistol a great combination and look. The gun looks amazingly beautiful and stylish as it features white dot front and dual white dot real side.

Some of the additional desirable features of the handgun includes front as well as rear serrations on the slide. This best home defense pistol is designed for easy and concealed carrying as well as for ready home defense in all circumstances.


  • Semi-automatic functionality
  • Offers consistent pull
  • Textured grip
  • Designed to offer concealed and easy carrying


  • Assembly of this gun is not an easy task

6. Walther Arms Inc PPS M2

Walther Arms Inc PPS M2The Walther Arms PPS M2 is one of the best pistols for home defence. The brand offers a revolutionary and practical concept that delivers premier concealed carry options with unprecedented accuracy and comfortability. The best part about the Walther arms INC is that it is capable of withstanding anything thrown in its way.

The PPS M2 is one of the best pistols for home defenseas it transformed the gun-manufacturing industry by introducing a polymer single-stack concealed carry pistol. The PPS M2 is a more refined version of the original design that measures only 1” thick.

The gun comes up with a comfortable and full frame that provides more grip on the surface. The Walther Arms PPS M2 version handgun is known for offering maximum accuracy as it includes an internal steel chassis that provides superior slide to the frame fit.


  • Manufactured by using revolutionary and practical concept
  • Unprecedented accuracy and comfort
  • Full frame provides better grip


  • A bit heavier gun

7. Springfield XDE 3”

Springfield XDE 3The Springfield XDE is one of the best handguns. XDE 3” is a single stack 9mm pistol that comes up with melding of both old and new designs. The traditional exposed hammer double action and single action ignition system gives an added layer of safety with precise single action function.

The Springfield XDE 3” is a beautiful pistol that offers maximum thumb safety. The decocker as well as the magazine release are ambidextrous. The Thin 1” grip width makes packing of this handgun pretty painless. The ambidextrous thumb safety and decocker levers are perfect sized that gives you instant access.

The 3.3” hammer-forged barrel is well-built to offer the needed long haul. The double action and single action trigger system is a time-tested defensive system that will help you in getting safety as well as precision. The Springfield XDE 3” handgun features an 8-round magazine and you will also get a one-extended 9-round magazine.


  • Melding of old and new design
  • Maximum thumb safety
  • Double action and single action trigger system
  • 8-round magazine


  • Few complaints about rear sight

8. Ruger EC9S

Ruger EC9SThe EC9S may seem like all other guns initially but it is much slimmer as compared to other guns manufactured by Ruger. You may find slight indentations on the top part of the grip that makes this already slim gun feel even slimmer. The trigger of all Ruger guns are quite nice and it is especially nice with EC9S.

The light trigger of the handgun offers you quick and easy shooting ability. You also get an in-built blade safety into the EC9S handgun. The handgun is pretty easy and comfortable to use and shooting almost 300 rounds through the gun won’t take more than a few hours.

The best part about Ruger guns is that it has equipped guns with lots of features but still the guns are available at an affordable price. The EC9S pistol is easy to shoot and it also includes a wide range of accessories. If you are looking for a handgun that can offer you maximum safety at the minimum cost, your choice should be the Ruger EC9S guns.


  • Slimmer gun
  • Nice triggers
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Affordable price


  • Not the best quality handgun

9. Remington RP9

Remington RP9The Remington RP9 is one of the best guns for self defenseas it is designed to deliver a high level of shooter control and accuracy that is superior to all full-sized guns available in the market. The design as well as the features of Remington RP9 guns is quite impressive.

Remington is a brand that has included all features that are needed for modern, striker-fired, and polymer-frame pistol design. The gun looks heavy with a blocky pyramidal top end, but the overall weight of the gun is only 1.65 lbs.

One of the most distinctive features of the Remington RP9 handgun is that it comes up with an impressive 18+1-round capacity. The gun comes up with slightly longer grips to make sure that it can accommodate larger hands. Each Remington RP9 pistol comes up with three backstraps and almost every shooter will feel comfortable using this innovative handgun.


  • High level of control
  • Impressive shooting capacity
  • Longer grips
  • Can accommodate bigger hands


  • Quite heavy handgun

10. Ruger LCP 2.75

Ruger LCP 2.75The Ruger LCP is one of the best pistols for home defenseas it is a sub-compact, 380-chambered, lightweight, and compact handgun. If you are looking for a gun that can easily slip into your pocket, the Ruger LCP 2.75 can be one of the best options to choose.

The new model is equipped with an aggressively mediocre bang switch. The gun also features a heavily textured grip that will help you to control snappy and fairly tame recoil. The 0.380 chamering of the Ruger LCP makes it easier for the shooter to carry on follow-up shoots and rapid fires.

The extra width of the gun is pretty easy to grip especially if you have larger-sized palms. Overall, the gun is much more accurate as it needs to be. Ruger has used much combat-oriented sights on this model and the colored front post makes it easier for users to find the side.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to fit into pocket
  • Offers easy follow-up shoots
  • Offers good levels of accuracy


  • Trigger can be a little sticky initially

11. Ruger 575.7X28

Ruger 575.7X28When it comes to an emergency situation, you can never be prepared. But, using Ruger 575.7X28 is one of the best pistols that will help you in getting reliable and easy shooting experience. All Ruger handguns are made up of solid steel sidewalls that makes them rugged, reliable, and dependable.

Ruger 575.7X28 is a fully-featured handgun that is wrapped around with a standard capacity. The handgun comes up with a 20-round steel magazine that is chambered inside a high-performance and low performing 5.7X28 caliber.

The most loved feature of the new Ruger 575.7X28 handgun is its beautiful and impressive ergonomics. The slender steel magazine is surrounded by a glass-filled nylon frame that features an optimized texture. You will get a natural and sturdy grip when you hold the handgun.

You also get ambidextrous manual safety with the handgun. The robust side release and the reversible magazine latch are some of the best characteristics of the Ruger handgun. If you are looking for a gun that can offer you superior ballistic performance, nothing can be better than the Ruger 575.7X28 handgun.


  • Easy shooting capability
  • 20-rounds of steel magazine
  • Natural and sturdy grip
  • Robust side release


  • Not the lightest handgun

12. Mossberg MC1

Mossberg MC1Mossberg MC1 is a pocket-friendly, pint-sized, affordable, and reliable handgun. The trigger mechanism of the gun is an internal-striker fired double-action only. This model of Mossberg pistol permits the shooter to pull the trigger four times and fire all the rounds chambered.

Mossberg has a reputation for building robust and reliable firearms. The Mossberg MC1 handgun has revolutionized the market with its performance. This beautiful handgun was introduced on the 100th anniversary of the Mossberg brand. The Mossberg MC1 is a subcompact, magazine-fed, and semi-automatic handgun that is chambered in 9mm parabellum.

The MC1 model of Mossberg is available in two models, namely the standard black finish and the high gloss black with gold accents. The gun features an autoloader and it weighs only 22 ounces when it is fully loaded. The lightweight and durable polymer construction of the Mossberg MC1 gun is perfect for everyday carry.

The gun features palm swell grip and it will feel natural and comfortable in your hands. The grip panel of the gun is integrated with an aggressive texturing that gives an added control to the user. So, if you are looking for best self defense guns, choosing the newly launched Mossberg MC1 can be one of the best options.


  • Standard black finish look beautiful
  • Aggressive texturing gives better control to the user
  • Durable construction


  • A bit pricey

13. Fusion Firearms -1911

Fusion Firearms -1911The Fusion Firewarm handgun features a frame, slide, and barrel machined from bar-stock steel. The Fusion Firearm 1911 model guns are gun-smith fitted for the best accuracy and reliability. The gun features the classic series 70 firing system.

The overall system of the gun is built to provide today’s handgunner with an ideal option for action as well as defensive style shooting. The gun is good for picking as well as target shooting.

The barrel length of Fusion Firearms 1911 is 5 inches and the overall length of the handgun is almost 8.5-inches. You will get a gun with a blued metal finish. Fusion Firearms 1911 gun is equipped with a 9-round magazine. Some of the major features of firearms 1911 guns include sure-grip front, rear-slide serrations, and target-crowned barrel.


  • Gun-smith fitted
  • Offers best levels of accuracy
  • Sure-grip front
  • Metal finish look


  • Large-sized gun

14. Springfield-Hellcat 9mm

Springfield-Hellcat 9mmThe springfield hellcat handgun is a compact carry pistol with lots of rounds on-board. This is a concealed carry gun with an introduction of the revolutionary Hellcat 9mm. The Springfield Hellcat gun is known to be a compact pistol that comes up with a high number of rounds on board.

The handgun measures just 6-inches and it is equipped with a 3 mm barrel that weighs almost 1 pounds. In a small package, the gun features an incredible flush-fit magazine that holds 11 rounds of magazines. The gun even ships extra rounds of magazines that add up to 13 rounds. The all black finish of the gun looks incredible and stylish. The Hellcat version of Springfield handgun features a striker-fired operating system and a polymer frame that helps in weight reduction.


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Incredibly stylish handgun
  • Striker-fired operating system


  • Not too easy to carry

15. Ruger SR1911

Ruger SR1911The Ruger SR1911 is one of the best self defense guns that offer a powerful 10 mm cartridge. This beautiful pistol is built on the robust 1911-style frame, and it ensures that shooters get the ergonomics and design they deserve.

The Ruger SR1911 is built by using a stainless steel slide and a frame that features government model and size. The traditional single-action operations add beauty and performance to the handgun. The gun features an adjustable iron sight and it is available with 8-rounds of magazines.

The gun is on a heavy side and it weighs almost 2.52 pounds. The barrel of the gun measures almost 5-inches long. Thus, Ruger SR1911 is a medium-sized handgun with lots of added features and characteristics.


  • Powerful cartridge
  • Government size
  • Medium-sized gun with good grip capability


  • Weighs a lot

Factors To Consider While Choosing Best Handgun For Home Defense

Different factors need to be considered when you are thinking about choosing the best first gun here we have listed those factors.

1. Caliber

Calibre is one of the most important considerations that you need to pay attention to when you are thinking about purchasing the best handguns for home defense. The caliber of a handgun offers power and lowers recoil. A minimum of 9 mm calibre can be sufficient for a home defense gun.

2. Round Count

Round capacity varies from one gun to another. Always choose a handgun that offers higher round count, especially if you are a beginner shooter.

3. Size And Weight

Buying a handgun is not enough. You have to carry it and use it for your defense. Thus, it is important to check the size and weight of a gun as per your requirement. If you have small sized hands, always choose a handgun with less weight and smaller size.

4. Safety Features

It is important to pay attention to the safety features when you are purchasing a handgun for your defense. Always check safety protocols like manual safety, transfer bars, hammer block, and grip safeties before purchasing a handgun.

5. Price

This is one of the most important factors that you can’t neglect when you are purchasing a handgun for defense. Everyone has their own budget and it is important to stay in budget when you are purchasing a gun.

FAQs on Handguns for Home Defense

Q1. What Does Caliber In A Gun Refer To?

Caliber in a gun is used to describe the diameter of a bullet.

Q2. What Is The Difference Between An Automatic And Semi-Automatic Gun?

A semi-automatic gun fires a bullet every time the trigger is pulled. On the other hand, an automatic gun fires bullets continuously until the trigger is released.

Q3. Is It Bad To Clean Your Gun After Every Use?

Generally, the gun should be cleaned after every 250-300 rounds of firing.

Q4. How Long Should A Gun Last?

Guns can easily run for almost 120 years, if it is not exposed to corrosion.

Best Gun For Beginners Can Save Your Life

In this highly urbanized world, you may face different types of threats like burglary and theft. Thus, it is important to have ammunition that can offer you maximum safety and security in case of an attack. In this article, we have provided you a list of best handguns for self defence. All these handguns have received 5-star ratings from customers and shooters.

Thus, before you think about purchasing a new handgun, go through this list to make the best purchase. Your safety is in your hand if you purchase the best quality handguns. Keep in mind to get a government approved license before you use a gun.