Best Guns For Home Defense 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Brownwells .308 2. Geissle Automatic LLC 3. Ruger Slender Ballistic
Brownwells .308 Caliber Best Gun For Home DefenseGeissle Automatic LLC Coated 16” Super Duty RifleRuger Slender Steel Superior Ballistic 5.7x28 Handgun

With the pandemic across the world many jobs were lost this has also increased the crime rate almost in every continent. People are neither safe on streets nor safe in their own streets and it must be unsettling to sit defenseless at home.

This article guides you around buying the best gun for home defense, how to choose the best weapon, accessories and how to go about maintaining it too.


A gun’s barrel length and magazine-style make a massive difference to gun users of any gender. The way you hold a gun has a great deal to do with your dexterity as well.

Have a look at our top ten choices of the best guns for your homes, and find your best home defense weapon without any hassle. Find out all you need to know about rifles right here, without having to stop anywhere else to clear your doubts, from our FAQs.

After all, self-defense is the best way to protect oneself and family, instead of depending on a third party for help.

Top 10 Best Guns For Home Defense 2020

1. Brownwells .308 Caliber Semi-Auto Replica Retro Battle Rifle

Brownwells .308 Caliber Best Gun For Home DefenseBeing a replica, this semi-automatic rifle by Brownwells imitates Eugene Stoner’s lightweight rifle design, allowing the average shooter fine craftsmanship at a fraction of its price. Even new shooter can shoot the target with great detail and match up the expectations.

With a completely machined aluminum billet, the design matches the original down to every detail, while still maintaining a futuristic feel.

The BRN-10 model flaunts an A2 style horizontal thumbwheel, giving more access to elevation settings. Carbon steel detailed bolts on the inside of the hood prevent any premature failure unlike in the original model.

Having a QPQ Nitride coating leaves the barrel impervious to surface wear and tear. With two variations in the model, this semi-automatic suits both quick handling as well as classic rough handling.


  • Lightweight Build
  • Detachable Box Magazine
  • Varying Ammo Compatibility
  • Trigger Style Handle


  • No Rail For Mounting Add-ons

2. Geissle Automatic LLC Coated 16” Super Duty Rifle

Geissle Automatic LLC Coated 16” Super Duty RifleGeissle Nanoweapon technology guarantees protection to your gun from corrosion and regular wear, as well as resistance to abrasions. With its coating as hard as a synthetic diamond, the super duty firearm can operate with ease without the want of any lubrication.

With a super mid-length gas system, a lighting bow trigger, and a REBCG with high-speed feeding reliability, this 16” super duty with H2 buffer guarantees rifle tuning with ease. This REBCG design guarantees better stability and offers quicker feeding speed. A unique feature of the Geissle Ultra Duty parts is comfortable ambidextrous support to the user.

With an unmatched resistance to wear and smooth handling design, this rifle is the best gun for home defense.


  • A2 Style Grip
  • Accuracy Perfection
  • No Rail Rotation


  • High Priced

3. Ruger Slender Steel Superior Ballistic 5.7×28 Handgun

Ruger Slender Steel Superior Ballistic 5.7x28 HandgunThe Ruger-57 offers lesser recoil as opposed to the 9mm Luger. Its Slender steel design flaunts a better ergonomic grip as well as ambidextrous safety. With 20+1 rounds in the barrel, the handgun offers impressive accuracy at unbelievable velocities.

This single-action pistol is fitted with an internal hammer and a safety level on the trigger preventing any accidents on impact. Its adjustable windage and reversible magazine release makes it a superior design.

Hosting the in-demand 5.7x28mm cartridge, the Ruger-57 is worth every single penny. Featuring a delayed blowback system, with the barrel recoiling after a firing, preventing any rearward movement.

With simple steps to disassemble and reassemble, this pistol retracts smoothly, making it a top choice for your defense.

Its front and rear cocking is made from alloy steel and it is wear resistance. Moreover, it is shipped in a lockable hard case. It comes with 20 round steel magazines.


  • Secure Action Fire Control
  • Reversible magazine push button
  • 20 round magazine


  • Hard To Conceal

4. Smith & Wesson Black Finish Striker Fired 9mm

Smith & Wesson Black Finish Striker Fired 9mmThis 9mm semiautomatic by Smith and Wesson sports an intuitive lever to engage and deactivate, preventing any accidental discharge. Present since 1887, the S&W safety hammerless design flaunts grip safety which is hard to come in more recent models.

The trigger has been ergonomically designed to feel lighter and more refined on the trigger. It also incorporates a distinct reset, allowing better precision and trigger control.

Being a striker-fired design, the absence of a hammer prevents the pistol from snagging on clothing during a draw. Giving you a smooth flow of action, this integration by S&W is the best home defense gun to sport at all times.


  • Increased Cocking Grip
  • Reversible Ambidextrous Controls
  • Easy Barrel Assembly


  • No Magazine Safety

5. Ruger Highly Durable Single Action Wrangler .22LR

Ruger Highly Durable Single Action Wrangler .22LRThe simplistic six-round cylinder design of the Wrangler 22LR is an apt choice for both first-timers as well as experts. Unlike cheap replicas, this hand-pistol by Ruger is lighter on the hand and more compact to carry around.

Ergonomically designed after the classic Colt Single Action Army, Ruger has removed the second cylinder and replaced the steel alloy frame with an aluminum alloy frame in this 22LR.

Perfectly fitting together out of the box and weighs a mere 30oz. Furthermore, the smooth build gives a consistent array of shots with more precision than the previous versions.

Its selling point is the Cerakote coating, making it a long-lasting handgun – the perfect choice for your everyday defense.


  • Quieter Shoots
  • Budget-Friendly Price
  • Long Durable Finish


  • Suppressor Mount Unsupported

6. FN America LLC 9mm Tactical Modular Handgun

FN America LLC 9mm Tactical Modular HandgunThis patented model by FN America LLC has a signature FDE, featuring a threaded barrel along with a unique optics-mounting system. Its unique packing includes the optics mounting kit containing capacity magazines for 12, 15, and 24 rounds, along with their appropriate grips in a sweet and easy to carry case. It comes in a lockable hard case along with two round 20 steel magazine.

An instruction manual clearly explaining the various parts, attachments, and other guidelines for the best effect, as well as the warranty card, are part of this model. The 509 Tactical Optical Mount system improves the handgun’s functionality multifold.

As an added advantage, FN has added a rubber ring before the threaded barrel providing more stiction. All in all, this 9mm handgun is one of the best guns for home defense at any time of the day.


  • Ambidextrous magazine
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Best Optics Mount


  • Heavy and Rough Trigger

7. B&T USA APC 308 Winchester Chambered Rifle-Caliber

B&T USA APC 308 Winchester Chambered Rifle-CaliberPresenting rife caliber as a pistol variant, B&T brings extended capabilities in its APC 308. Functioning on a short-stroke gas piston mechanism, this variant experiences lesser recoil.

Its ambidextrous ergonomics offers two variations – a rifle with an 18-inch barrel and a carbine equipped with a 16-inch barrel.

This APC by B&T has incorporated an integrated shock absorbing system in the receiver that makes the gun more controllable. Designed to replicate SWAT and other military operation purposes, this variant APC is the perfect choice as the best guns for home defense.


  • Reduced Recoil Feel
  • Folding Charge Handle
  • Additional Cleaning Kit


  • Considered High Priced

8. Sig Sauer, Inc 9” 300BLK Chambered Pistol

Sig Sauer, Inc 9” 300BLK Chambered PistolCombining compact needs as well as reliability, Sig Sauer introduces the MCX Vitrus pistol, featuring a Matchlite Duo trigger. This ergonomic design offers a cleaner and crisper feel during the action.

Offering versatility in its upgrade, free-floating M-Lok handguards are provided in four different lengths to suit user requirements. Engineering of the pistol has been designed to support ambidextrous AR-styled control, along with a folding SBX Stabilizing Brace making pistol storage and handling very easy and comfortable.


  • Adjustable Length
  • Collapsible Variant
  • Higher Accuracy


  • Heavy Trigger

9. Wilson Combat Q-Comp Muzzle Combat Pistol

Wilson Combat Q-Comp Muzzle Combat PistolWith its double stage Tactical Trigger unit, the match-grade pistol by Wilson Combat has proven successful in its accuracy. The perfect combination of the stainless steel barrels to the muzzle offers perfect recoil control, as well as crisper trigger pull, each time.

A simplified ergonomic structuring allows users to take down and clean the AR-15 Protector pistol effortlessly. Carbine Super Stoc patented Wilson Combat pistol grip and the Aluminum Tactical Trigger Guard together make up this tailored package the perfect choice for self-defense as well as home defense.

This entry-level series sports an Armor-Tuff finish over the entire carbine, as well as direct gas impingement, making it more reliable. Its medium contour offers lower weight, keeping the rifle balanced while firing. This AR protector offers optimum qualities required in the best guns for home defense.


  • Q-Comp Muzzle
  • Optics Mount Rail
  • Cost-Effective Model
  • Multiple Barrel Length


  • Possible Receiver Overheating

10. Smith & Wesson Built-in Crimson Trace Laser 9mm P9

Smith & Wesson Built-in Crimson Trace Laser 9mm P9Smith & Wesson is a well-known brand in terms of pistols. The M& P Shield M 2.0 retains all the original features while adding in the Crimson Trace laser as well as interchangeable magazines between variants.

This variation model sports a distinct trigger that offers better control and precision during use. With a manual thumb safety feature, the M&P9 can be disassembled and taken down without any hitches.

S&W has added a Gen 1 shield which renders the pistol perfect for all-time use. The 18-degree grip angle on the trigger calls for a natural pointing of the handgun.


  • Bilateral Red Activation
  • Allen Wrench Adjustment
  • Recoil Friendly Grip


  • Bulkier version

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Gun For Home Defense

Good knowledge about guns, their purposes, various vital parts, as well as an authentic license to own a gun, can prove to be very friendly while purchasing a gun.

There are a large variety of guns manufactured and available in the market, but you will first need to address your purpose, your dexterity, and some other factors to track down the best home defense weapon. Here are the basic factors that decide the type of gun you choose:

1. Gun Application Use

Right from personal firearms to pocket pistols, shotguns, or even rifles, all have to be carried and stored a particular way for their proper maintenance and effective use. Address if you plan to store your gun at your home, or carry it as a weapon.

Gun sizes, weights, and portability are the primary features one needs to clear before checking further features and details. Shotguns are the perfect choice for home use, while a pistol might better support for concealment.

2. Budget

Yes, guns also come at a low cost and a heavy price. Decide if you are serious about the usage of the gun. If self-defense is the primary concern, then a common make with extra magazines, ammunition, cleaning supplies, and other nick-nacks will fill up your budget.

If you are a serious enthusiast you might consider other accessories and pricey makes. As an amateur although, you might want to keep aside some money for your training purposes. Verify before making any payment, lest you get cheated by a cheap fake model.

3. Local Laws And Other Compliances

Regional laws and jurisdictions play a vital role when it comes to owning and using a firearm. Recheck and confirm any restrictions on types of firearms, magazines, ammunition, and other accessories you might be penalized to possess. Some states also place strict rules on hunting, which could affect your possession of a firearm altogether. Verify these details prior to your purchase.

4. Performance Basis

Once you have narrowed down your style and purpose of use, you will need to determine the reliability and performance features of a good gun. With proper research or consulting an expert, you could rule out the obviously wrong choices and corner out the models that fulfill your requirements of performance and reliability.

5. Ergonomic Design And Aesthetics

Another key feature that sets apart a good gun from normal guns are the aesthetic features and ergonomic designs. Compare your choices to see which better suits your requirements. For instance, the grip texture, control placement, trigger support, and others. Is the best home defense gun comfortable in your hold? Try handling it to get a better feel of the device.

6. Storage And Securing

As much as you need a gun, it needs to be stored and secured well for proper maintenance purposes. A proper holster, storage devices, or other means of securing the device is necessary for long-lasting use.

7. Gun Caliber And Size

A final feature that most amateurs ignore while purchasing a gun is considering the caliber and size of the gun. Consider the gun balance against your comfort level. For instance, a full-sized handgun with a lower caliber will be easy in your hands, as opposed to a higher caliber which will pose more recoil.

Now that you are aware of the basic factors that make or break a good gun, you can choose your firearm with care and caution and make a wise choice.

Keep Your Home Well Protected With The Best Gun For Home Defense

Firearms give a sense of security and protection. If you intend to defend your home by yourself, then buying the best home defense weapon is the right answer. But prior to buying one such weapon, you need to gain sufficient knowledge about it.

You can go through online websites or talk to someone who is having sufficient knowledge about these devices. Ensure you go through all options of such weapons and check out all the factors until you find the perfect gun that fits your hands like a glove.

Even the best looking imitation guns can end up risking your lives at the most important moment. Ensure you possess authentic firearm license before you buy a gun, to prevent any legal complications. It is your duty towards yourself and your family to get this license. Only then you should opt for these device.

Always compare atleast five to six different models to have a better understanding of what you require and how you will use it. Explore customer reviews online as well other thank talking to someone who has knowledge about this.

Remember, safety of your gun is as important as your own life. So provide proper maintenance and care to your firearm for long durability. Keep the device away from children and leave the safety lock on to prevent any accidents.

FAQs on Guns for Home Defense

Q1. What Is The Best Home Defense Gun?

In general, pump-action shotguns are considered the top choice for home defense as per the firearms community. Their lightweight design and ease of use make it the optimum choice for rough usage.

Q2. Is It Safe To Leave A Home Defense Gun Loaded?

As long as you follow the rules, leaving your firearm loaded and chambered at all times is an ideal option.

Q3. Which Is Better For Home Defense? Rifle? Or Shotgun?

Unlike rifles, shotguns can fire multiple projectiles during each trigger pull. Most experts consider shotguns a better choice for home defense as opposed to a rifle which will require more expertise and training to handle.

Q4. Which Is The Optimum Rifle Caliber?

A 7mm Remington Magnum or a 300 Winchester Magnum might offer a good velocity increase and a flatter trajectory.

Q5. Which Is The Best Place To Store My Home Defense Gun?

Leaving your firearm by your bedside while you sleep would be a wise option, as it will be easier to access. It is advisable to always wear your firearm during the daytime, to avoid any lapse in use. It is also suggested the firearm be stored in a safe place when children are around.