Best Biometric Gun Safes 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Vaultek VT20i 2. Awesafe Gun 3. SentrySafe QAP1BE
Vaultek VT20i Vaultek VT20i Best Biometric Gun SafeBest Biometric Gun SafeAwesafe Gun Safe with Biometric LockSentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

A gun safe should always be accessible and easy to unlock, which is what biometric gun safes ensure. In case of an unfortunate emergency, the delay of even a few minutes or seconds can lead to deadly outcomes. Hence, investing in a biometric gun safe is necessary if you want to secure safety for your home and valuables.

Picking a gun safe can be tricky because of the number of options available in the market. If you are not sure about what makes the best biometric gun safe, this guide will help you out.

Top 20 Best Biometric Gun Safes 2020

1. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Smart Safe

Vaultek VT20i Vaultek VT20i Best Biometric Gun SafeBest Biometric Gun SafeThe compact design of this gun safe makes it easy to store it anywhere. Along with a handgun, it can also keep magazines, passports, and other files inside. It can be mounted easily into vehicles or desks with the help of the hardware that comes with it. It is quite portable and can fit into travel bags, luggage, etc. The overall exterior dimensions of this gun safe are 11.5 x 9 x 2.6 inches and interior dimensions are 11 x 5.7 x 2 inches. It is all-black in color and comes in a gorgeous powder-coated finish, which prevents corrosion.

It also has some advanced anti-theft features. With bolstered interior hinges, pry bars, and two anti-impact latches, this gun safe is sufficiently equipped to keep its contents safe. The biometric scanner is capable of remembering 20 unique fingerprints. It also has an auto-illuminating keypad with a built-in proximity sensor for your smartphone. Manual keys also come with it as an alternative unlock option.

You can operate this safe with the help of your smartphone, too. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 4-6 months after fully charging. The micro-USB charging kit charges the safe in just 2.5 hours. This gun safe combines cool looks and smart features, making it a good purchase.


2. Awesafe Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

Awesafe Gun Safe with Biometric LockThis gun safe has a storage capacity that can contain two guns at a time. You can keep one large pistol and another smaller ammunition in this box. It is constructed in a pry-resistant manner out of solid steel. The locking mechanism is reliable and break-proof, and you cannot open it with standard hand tools. It also features a gas strut and LED lighting inside. It will open quietly and you will be able to see its contents clearly because of the light.

Its design is lightweight and easy to conceal, which makes it ideal for carrying with luggage. It is very affordable, too, and comes with a one year warranty.

You will be able to access your gun with the soft swipe of a finger on the safe’s biometric reader. You can set your own safety password on the digital keyboard as an alternative opening option, too. The light and indicator run on 4 AA batteries. You will also get to know when the batteries are running out because of a low-battery indicator.

So, in total, it comes with a biometric lock, a digital keypad, and two keys. You can choose your preferred mode to unlock the gun safe. There’s also a mounting kit that comes with the box. You will be able to install it on a wall or in your car on your own.

It is a responsive, sturdy, and compact safety device for your gun and worth the money you pay for it.


3. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric LockThis gun safe has a one gun storing capacity. Its dimensions are 9.9 x 12.1 x 3.2 inches, and it is made out of steel. It comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner for added protection against theft. It features a gas strut that helps open the vault safely and quietly. It is a highly durable gun safe that is also easy to operate.

It also comes with a manual keypad that you can set up on your own. You can register a pin code and unlock it within seconds. It is powered by four AA batteries to operate. You will not get them with this gun safe but can easily find them at any store. The batteries will require a change after every few months. You will also get backup keys with this safe.

Its rugged steel construction promises durability. The interior comes with a foam lining to give your handguns added protection. It is also lightweight and weighs 11.9 pounds only. This gun safe is also mountable. You can mount it anywhere you like in your home, office, or vehicle to keep it out of the reach of unwanted people.

In all, it is a fine gun safe, with no unusual features but with promising quality.


4. AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint Gun SafeThe AmazonBasics biometric gun safe is a 0.5 cubic-foot gun safe. With its fingerprint technology, you can access its contents quickly. You can store guns and other important confidential items in this safe. This biometric gun safe promises greater security than a safe with a digital keypad.

It operates through a biometric fingerprint sensor that comes with 500 DPI semiconductors. It can store up to 50 individual fingerprints and has a quick match speed of less than one second.

It is made out of heavy-duty carbon steel to make it truly safe and durable. It will resist damage and last for long. It also has two live-door bolts and pry-resistant hinges that are concealed. No intruder will ever be able to open this safe.

You can mount this easily as it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and other useful hardware. It also comes with backup keys that can be used in case of an emergency. It beeps when you open it. You can also mute the beeping system if you want to. It will give you a more stealthy feel.

The problem with this safe is that the hardware that comes along with it is not reliable and of bad quality. You can get this safe at an attractive price, but there are some minor shortcomings to this product.


5. Viking Security Safe Mini Biometric Gun Safe

Viking Security Safe Mini Biometric Gun SafeThis is a compact 8 x 12 x 8 inches gun safe. It is easy to set up and operate. It can save up to 32 individual fingerprints and a PIN code. The memory of this biometric safe is non-volatile, meaning that the fingerprint information will remain safe even when the batteries run out.

You can register your fingerprint on it or set a PIN code for easy access. It is suitable for personal and office use. It has an upgraded 500 DPI optical sensor to capture the fingerprint. It also comes with two four-prong cross keys for emergency purposes.

It also has a built-in interior LED light and one removable shelf to organize your handguns. It has a tightly-sealed, solid body to ensure maximum protection from intruders. Two 20mm steel bars lock the whole safe and are impossible to break. It comes with a rough military look.

It has four pre-drilled holes and anchor bolts and hence, can be mounted anywhere you like. It comes with a limited one-year warranty. This safe is not water or fireproof. So, you will have to put a little thought into where you want to keep it. This Viking Security safe neither disappoints in looks or functioning and is worth spending your money over.


6. Viking Security Safe Large Biometric Gun Safe

Viking Security Safe Large Biometric Gun SafeThis large Viking Security safe measures 14 x 12 x 20 inches and can safely hold several handguns, pistols, and other things. It is a highly secure, durable safe that requires a registered fingerprint to open. You can register up to 32 individual fingerprints on it and can also use a combination code to open the safe via the touchpad.

It comes with three adjustable shelves inside that help you arrange your handguns. The design of this biometric safe is pry-resistant, and even the heaviest of tools will not damage it. Another thing that will keep it safe from intruders is its weight of 50lbs. This is the best biometric gun safe if you want one in a large size. It is mountable and comes with mounting hardware to make your job easier.

Its interior is all carpeted and also comes with a built-in blue LED light. You will be able to see the contents of your safe, even in low light. It beeps every time the door opens or closes. You can also set the sound settings on or off as per your preference. It is a little costly but worth buying if you need a secure safe for your gun collection. Also, note that it is not fire-resistant.


7. Barska Quick Access Biometric Security Safe Box

Barska Quick Access Biometric Security Safe BoxYou can access this gun safe through multiple access methods like keypad, fingerprint scanner, and keys. It can store 120 fingerprints and one unique pin code.

The safe comes with tamper-resistant edges and solid steel walls that make it a robust construction. Its durability will keep it secure from theft. The safe weighs 12.5 pounds. Its dimensions are 14.5 x 11.7 x 7 inches.

The two built-in motorized steel deadbolts that lock the safe help resist any attempts at breaking in. Any tampering will cause the locking-unlocking system to fail. Its carpeted interior protects the valuables inside. You can also safely mount the gun safe on the floor, shelf, or wall with the pre-drilled holes and hardware that comes along with it.

It requires 4 AA batteries to function, and one set comes with the safe. The fingerprint scanner can be a little fussy, but you can always use the keypad to open the safe, too.


8. GunVault Speedvault Biometric Gun Safe

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Gun SafeThis gun safe comes in a unique and discreet design. It is a hard-steel construction that features a protective foam lining inside. It is ideal for accessing your gun quickly. You can unlock it by using your registered fingerprint. The safe can hold up to 20 individual fingerprints.

You can use it at home or the office for gun security. It measures 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches and requires the use of one 9V battery. It is very light and can be easily shifted. You may also want to keep in mind that its weight makes it more prone to theft.

It makes a beeping sound whenever it is opened or closed. You can turn the beeping system on or off as per your liking. However, be wary of the fact that it takes a longer time to read the fingerprint. Roughly, it takes around three whole seconds to open this box, causing problems in case of emergencies.

This is not the best biometric gun safe that you can get for the price and is also a bit unreliable, but if you need a temporary one, you can consider buying it. It does not have any serious shortcomings, but in the case of safety equipment, it is better not to take any possible risks.


9. GunVault Minivault Biometric Gun Safe

GunVault Minivault Biometric Gun SafeGunVault has used a modern design and combines it with high technology to create this reliable gun safe for your safety ammunition. It is made up of 16-gauge steel and can withstand heavy blows. Its door is spring-loaded that opens noiselessly, and it is tamper-proof, as well.

It measures 12 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches, weighs 9 pounds and uses one 9V battery to operate. The battery-power helps make it portable. Its compact size allows you to successfully keep it hidden from places that are easily accessible. You can even place it in a standard-sized drawer. Despite its small size, you can safely keep a handgun, documents, or your other valuables in it. Its interior comes lined with protective foam to provide additional safety to the contents.

This safety vault uses advanced fingerprint-reader technology to provide ultra-quick access to the contents of the safe. Its unique design reads and stores your fingerprint. It also comes with audio and LED lighting that you can conveniently turn off whenever you like.

It is a little pricey for its size but it’s also a highly reliable biometric gun safe that will keep your handgun secure and away from the reach of breachers.


10. Tigerking Biometric Lock Box Safe

Tigerking Biometric Lock Box SafeThis is an affordable biometric gun safe. It is large in size and measures 13.7 x 12.6 x 10.2 inches. It is quite heavy and weighs over 24.2 pounds. It is a reliable gun safe and has gone through multiple security checks. It opens up without any delay, even when the finger position is varied. This will ensure that you get to your gun in no time in the case of an emergency.

It is made from tempered steel that ensures durability. Tempered steel makes the construction heavy and harder to lift. It has two active locking pins inside that will help resist any prying-attempt. We are sure that it will withstand even the most determined break-in attempts.

It features a collapsible shelf inside that gives you even more space to keep all your valuables in one place. It can conveniently keep A4 size papers, files, jewelry, and even a laptop, apart from just a handgun. However, if you only wish to keep your firearm in it, you can remove the shelf from inside and store it elsewhere.

There are two alternatives to opening this biometric gun safe. One is by entering a passcode on the keypad, and the other is by using emergency keys. Setting up the passcode and the biometric is also easy.

On top of all these features, this safe also scores points for its looks. It is stylish and appropriate for keeping in the office or at home. This is the best biometric gun safe that not only functions well but looks good, too.


11. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Drawer Safe Box

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Drawer Safe BoxThis is an easy-to-program, biometric security safe that uses fingerprint-reader technology to function. It can store information regarding 120 separate fingerprints. All your near and dear ones who need to access the safe can register their fingerprints in this system. It has a hydraulic-assisted top that opens and closes quietly, ensuring complete stealth as you take your gun out from it. The silent mode is entirely optional. You can choose not to keep your security box silent, and in that case, it will beep every time you open or lock the safe.

This safe box has tamper-resistant edges and is built with solid steel. It also has two deadbolts inside to offer maximum security against breachers. Its solid construction promises durability, ensuring that it lasts for years.

The pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware will help you mount it anywhere you like. This Barska security safe is approved by the Department of Justice. You can stay assured of its quality. It also features protective mats inside. The carpeted floor acts as cushioning for the contents inside.

It comes with two emergency keys and four AA batteries. You can choose whatever mode of unlocking the safe that you prefer. It is advised that you do not leave the keys inside the safe and lock it. Keep them somewhere, as it will be easy to access at the time of an emergency.

It is a childproof construction and emits an open door alarm if you keep it open unattended for 3-5 mins or more. You will get to know if someone is prying. It uses BioSecure technology to give you quick and easy access to your safety equipment without creating any fuss. Its size is 11.4 x 14.7 x 5 inches, and it weighs 21lbs. We can safely say that this is the best biometric gun safe that you can get for the price.


12. AmazonBasics Deluxe Safety Device with Biometric Lock

AmazonBasics Deluxe Safety Device with Biometric LockThis biometric gun safe by AmazonBasics measures 12.4 x 9.6 x 3.4 inches and is suitable for keeping one pistol. It allows floor mounting and comes with pre-drilled holes. Along with a fingerprint-recorder, it comes with a rubber keypad, too, which helps you access the contents of the safe in a quiet manner.

The 500DPI semiconductor biometric fingerprint sensor has a match speed of less than a second, ensuring quick and smooth access. This biometric gun safe also has a large fingerprint capacity. You can safely store up to 50 individual fingerprints on the biometric reader.

It is also approved by the California Department of Justice as a suitable firearms protection device. It is very affordable and does not compromise on security. It also comes with two keys to be used in the case of emergencies.

However, there are some shortcomings with this gun safe that one cannot overlook. It cannot withstand all attempts at prying it. A simple drill would be enough to open the top door and take the contents out. The quality of the interior foam is also not very satisfactory.


13. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeThe Barska security safe comes with unquestionable quality. This particular safe can store four rifles comfortably inside. It also comes with one removable shelf inside and can retain up to 120 individual fingerprints, and has a silent mode, as well.

The safe comes with three pry-resistant deadbolts to lock the rifles inside. It is built with solid steel that makes it unbreakable. With this rifle safe, you will be able to access your firearm within 2.5 seconds. It will deter unauthorized access without a doubt. This fun safe is also mountable. You can fix it at a secure location to get convenient access to your ammunition.

The interior is also lined with a protective floor mat. The door hinges in this safe are concealed for maximum security. It measures 46 inches from the floor and comes with mounting hardware, four AA batteries, an emergency battery pack, and backup keys.

You can activate the silent mode for even stealthier defense. This biometric safe also emits a low-battery warning tone. This is an affordable burglary protection device and is certainly worth investing in.


14. Vehipa Quick Access Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint

Vehipa Quick Access Gun Safe with Biometric FingerprintThis quick-access gun safe is made of military-grade bulletproof glass plastic. It is tough and can withstand attempts at prying. Its durability makes it a fine choice to keep your handgun or pistol in. It measures 11.6 x 8.9 x 2.6 inches. You will get backup keys, a Bluetooth safety case, a USB charging cable, and a user’s instruction manual with this gun safe.

The biometric fingerprint-reader takes 1-2 seconds to recognize your fingerprint and unlock the safe. It can hold the fingerprint information of up to 20 people, enabling you and your close ones to access the safe. You can also alternatively add a six-digit security code to unlock this safe. Furthermore, you can operate this via an App on your personal phone, too. You can conveniently set and delete fingerprints, adjust the lighting, and unlock it, as well.

The battery is charged through a USB cable. The surface of this safe is scratch-resistant. It also has a soft foam lining inside to protect the contents. The rechargeable lithium battery only lasts for about three months, after which you will have to change it. The battery can be an issue with this gun-safe.


15. Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Smart Biometric Vault

Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults Smart Biometric VaultThe Liberty Safe biometric gun safes have the lowest fail-rate in the market. It is a reliable brand and is known for the accurate, quick, and ready access that its gun safes provide. This biometric gun safe is equipped with everything that will keep your firearm secure, concealed, and accessible.

There are two modes through which you can power this gun safe. One is by charging it with the help of an AC adapter, and the other one is by using replaceable batteries. The process of opening this safe can be slightly delayed if you use the adapter to power it. You can open this safe within a second of practising the biometric swipe while using it with the AC adapter and in under two seconds with a battery. The excellent speed at which the safe opens can be helpful in situations of emergency. You will also get an adapter and a 9V battery with this safety vault.

The heavy-duty door of the vault is auto-opening and noiseless. You just have to gently swipe your finger at it to access the contents. It is a 14-gauze pry-resistant steel door that guarantees durability.

The overall design of this biometric security vault is tamper-proof. All your valuables will stay safe in it. It comes in a grey color and is worth the price that you pay for it. If you are looking for the best biometric gun safe, you can rely on this one by Liberty Safe.


16. Secu Electronic Top Loading Biometric Security Safe

Secu Electronic Top Loading Biometric Security SafeThis heavy-duty biometric security safe is made from chrome steel. It is highly durable, and resists tampering attempts. Unlike other security safes that come with latches, this one comes with a dual-pin bolt throw system to offer maximum protection from theft. You can stay assured that your valuables will be safe in this biometric gun locker.

It can easily mount on the wall and comes with two anchor bolts. It is a medium-sized security safe whose dimensions are 14.3 x 11.3 x 7.9 inches, and weighs 13 pounds. It has plenty of space inside to store a personal handgun and other valuables. It is also easy to set up. The biometric reader and the keypad take just a few minutes to set. You can use either of them to open the safe. It also comes with keys to be used as an emergency backup.

This is an extremely affordable vault that compromises with neither safety features nor looks. It looks robust and can be stored anywhere at home or in the office.


17. Bulldog Vaults Magnum Biometric

Bulldog Vaults Magnum BiometricIf you are looking for a gun safe that looks discreet and stylish, this is it. This biometric pistol vault comes in a fashionable matte black color with a powder-coated finish. It measures 12 x 10 x 7 inches and can register up to 100 individual fingerprints. Also, its heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction makes it durable.

Your pistol will stay safe behind the heavy door of this safety vault. The biometric lock helps to further secure the contents and works better than other vaults. It also reads fingerprints with accuracy.

Its door is tamper-resisted and spring-loaded to make the unlocking process even quicker. When it opens, an interior LED-light lights up. You can switch the lighting off if you want to keep it more stealthy. It also has a battery indicator. It is battery operated and is also mountable. You can mount it on the walls at home or in the office.

You won’t have to swipe your finger on the biometric reader. Just a light touch of the finger will be enough. Overall, this pistol vault does its job well and won’t disappoint you.


18. Fortress Large Quick-Access Safe with Biometric Lock

Fortress Large Quick-Access Safe with Biometric LockThis is a large biometric gun safe from Fortress that measures 12 x 10 x 8.2 inches and weighs 17 pounds. It is highly durable and made of solid steel. It comes in a black color that gives it a discreet look. If you own more than one handguns, you can store them all at one place with this large biometric gun safe. It is easy to operate and quick to access.

It is equipped with an Alarm-U security system in case someone repeatedly enters the wrong codes. This will help alert you about a possible intruder or pryer. It comes with a collapsible shelf inside that increases the storage. It also has a Mute-U option to make the process of unlocking the safe noiseless.

Your valuables will stay protected inside the vault because its interior is lined with padded-foam. It also comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware to securely mount it. It is an affordable option, as well.


19. Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric SafeThis is one of the most reliable biometric safes. You have to swipe your finger over the biometric sensor to unlock the safe. It opens quickly so that you can access your safety ammunition on time. It has a 15-fingerprint memory, which means that it can store up to 15 individual fingerprints. All your important family members and near and dear ones can access the contents of this safe by registering their fingerprint over it.

It comes with a five-year warranty. It also comes with an AC adapter. It is a tamper-resistant design and will fit most standard handguns. It comes at a good price for a large biometric gun safe. It measures 14.5 x 12.2 x 9 inches. It can be recharged through the adapter or one 9V battery.

The door is 14-gauge heavy-duty steel that includes anti-pry tabs and an advanced latch system. You can rely on this sturdy safe to protect your guns and pistols.


20. Fortress Medium Portable Safe

Fortress Medium Portable SafeThis safety vault for guns opens with the touch of a finger. The biometric sensor can store the data of up to 20 unique fingerprints. It comes in solid steel construction and is durable. It also provides a 1500lbs test steel cable that can help secure the safe to a stable object. The interior of the safe is padded with foam to ensure even more safety to the contents.

This safe meets TSA guidelines and comes at an attractive price. The all-black look makes it look stylish and serious, and it can also be opened alternatively by a key.

The only con seems to be its speed. It takes more time to unlock than other biometric gun safes. If you can compromise with speed a bit, this will make for a good purchase.


Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Biometric Gun Safe

1. Type Of Lock

Gun safes come in many versatile types. Biometric gun safes are the most convenient when it comes to easy operation and functioning. Biometric gun safes can be of different types, too. They can come with alternative unlocking features like combination code, lock and key, etc. Having an alternative way to open the safe is always a good idea. So, while choosing the best biometric gun safe, make sure you look for one that has at least one alternative way of opening it.

The type of lock as a feature is also crucial because it will determine how much time the safe will take to open up. Time can be a big factor when you are faced with an emergency, and your life depends on it. A lock and key will take the most time to open up, while a passcode will open up the safe sooner. A biometric sensor, however, will only take a few seconds to unlock the vault.

You should be able to get lighting-quick access to your gun when you need it, and that is why you should put time into thinking about what you want in a gun safe.

2. Size

The size of the safety locker that you buy should be enough to hold your gun. A handgun will fit in most small-sized safes. However, it is a good idea to invest in a slightly bigger one, especially if you have plans to add more to your gun collection.

You may also want to consider the place in which you are going to keep the gun safe. If you want to keep your handgun in a vehicle, you should buy a compact, lightweight safe. Likewise, if you want to keep the safe at home, you can invest in a larger safe that can accommodate your gun and other valuables. A heavier safe will also be theft-proof as nobody can carry away a massive steel locker.

3. Power

This is another factor that you should think about before buying a gun safe. Gun safes can be charged or operated by batteries. Look for a safe whose battery lasts for a few months, at least. Battery operated gun safes can survive longer than chargeable ones. High-end lithium batteries are powerful and can last anywhere between three to six months. Longer battery life means greater suitability as you will not have to worry about charging the safe often.

Also, you should get a gun safe that indicates a low battery. That way, you will get to know beforehand that the battery is running out, and you will be able to charge it on time.

4. Brand

The brand can play a big role in the quality of a gun safe. Established brands that are loved by the consumers are successful only because they cater to the needs of their buyers. The more years in operation a certain brand has, the more they know about the kind of products that sell. Therefore, while buying safety equipment like a biometric gun safe, you should look for a trusted brand.

Branded gun safes can also come with more features. They can be a bit pricey, but they also generally come with a warranty.

5. Other Features

A biometric gun safe comes with many other features like padding, lighting, Bluetooth operation, etc. These are all added characteristics that will cost more than the most basic safes.

A feature like interior padding can ensure even more safety for your gun. Some gun safes come with foam-padding inside that keep your ammunition snugly fit in it. If such a safe is kept in a moving vehicle, its contents will not be jeopardized.

Interior LED-lighting will help you identify the contents better in low light situations. You will get to know precisely where your gun is even if your surroundings are entirely dark. However, in case of an unfortunate emergency, the safe’s light can attract attention as you try to take the contents from it out. So, choose your pick wisely.

Some gun safes come with a sound system, too. They will beep every time they open or close. Generally, you can choose to keep the sound settings on or off according to your preference.

Also, consider if you need shelves inside your gun safe or not. Larger gun safes come with collapsible shelves inside to increase the space. You can arrange your guns and other important things within the same safe.


Choosing the right gun safe is crucial because it can help your family access safety equipment at the right time. Having a mere gun does not ensure safety. Guns need their own protection, too. The right safety vault for your gun will keep it away from the reach of your children or other intruders.

Moreover, buying a good biometric gun safe requires some monetary investment. Therefore, it is important to explore your options and keep your requirements in mind before buying one. We hope that this guide has given you ample help in choosing the best biometric gun safe for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. u003cstrongu003eAre Biometric Safes Reliable?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, biometric safes can be trusted. However, what matters more is the overall quality of the safe that you are buying. It should be sturdy, durable, and loaded with anti-theft features to make it truly reliable. Biometric safes are definitely more convenient and dependable than simple lock and key.

Q2. u003cstrongu003eWhat Company Makes The Best Safes?u003c/strongu003e

The best biometric safe is the one that is secure, sturdy, and durable. It can be tough finding all the features that you need in one safe, but SentrySafe, Liberty Safe, and Barska make some of the most popular biometric safes. These are all trusted brand names, so you can rely on them.

Q3. u003cstrongu003eHow Fireproof Is A Fireproof Safe?u003c/strongu003e

Any gun safe that says it is fireproof is not actually entirely fireproof. Most fireproof safes can stay fireproof for up to 30 minutes, after which the safe will start getting severely damaged. However, in many fortunate cases, a fire can be doused within 30 minutes.

Q4. u003cstrongu003eWhat Is The Best Place To Keep A Gun Safe In Your House?u003c/strongu003e

If you want to keep the gun safe in the house, it should be placed somewhere where it is easily accessible yet not quickly identifiable.