Twenty Three

The West Hurley Tompson with it’s 50 round drum is one of the most iconic rifles from the second world war. This is a top choice for collectors looking for old weapons in pristine condition. While some models are left untouched, you may also find certain parts of the weapon modified over the time. Some parts are also created as a replacement to repair pieces which might have been damaged over the years.

As with any old weapon, if you are planning on getting one then you must make sure that you have the tools necessary to maintain them. Rust can be a big problem and cleaning is required at regular intervals as with any weapon that you might be storing. How and where you store it is also important as it should not only be secure but should also protect against water and other issues.

Gun safes are one of the best ways to store your weapon. These are made for small arms but you can also find them in sizes meant for rifles. To make your shopping easier we have curated a list of the best gun safes in the market.