Best Gun Belts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. The Ultimate Steel 2. Wolf Tactical 3. Hanks Gunner
The Ultimate Steel Best Gun BeltWolf Tactical Heavy-duty EDC BeltHanks Gunner CCW Leather Gun Belt

While most gun enthusiasts spend their time and money looking for the ultimate gun accessories such as holster, what they should be investing money in is the best gun belt. A lot of people tend to skip searching for a gun belt and use the ordinary belts they already wear, irrespective of whether it is a good match or not.

This might not seem like it but it actually is a huge mistake for many reasons. This detailed buyer’s guide is a must-read for anyone who is starting their search for the best gun belts for the first time. You will know all about why exactly it is necessary to have a gun belt, the benefits it offers, and the way to choose the perfect one for you.

Top 8 Best Gun Belts 2020

1. The Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt

The Ultimate Steel Best Gun BeltThis handmade leather belt is coupled with a lifetime warranty. It is well known to be one of the strongest models on the market because of its spring steel core that makes it very stiff.

This helps it hold even the heaviest of the handguns. The manufacturers claim the belt doesn’t stretch out or sag, making it strong and secure for your IWB and OWB holsters. This model is made from genuine leather and has a thickness of one and a half inches.


2. Wolf Tactical Heavy-duty EDC Belt

Wolf Tactical Heavy-duty EDC BeltWolf Tactical is made for concealed carry. It consists of two-ply nylon webbing and supports OWB and IWB holsters. Made from metal, the buckle in this belt has a quick-release feature that allows you to adjust your holster quickly and easily. The belt doesn’t slip or sag because of the running ends secured by Velcro loop and hoops that ensure that the belt is cinched tightly.

The nylon is double-layered, measuring about one and a half inches in thickness, and is therefore rip-resistant. Wolf Tactical is quite comfortable to wear so you can wear it on a daily basis. The belt is highly adjustable, ensuring that it fits you perfectly. The only downside is the limited availability of only 5 size variants.


3. Hanks Gunner CCW Leather Gun Belt

Hanks Gunner CCW Leather Gun BeltThis thick, durable belt claims a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. Made from one and half an inch wide, hundred percent full-grain leather, the design prevents the gun holster from sagging. They are secured firmly in their positions. The removable buckle can be fastened using Chicago screws for the best durability.

The most impressive feature is the hundred-year warranty that comes with its very reasonable price. The top and bottom edge lack stitching which can prove to be a matter of concern for heavy handgun users.

But worry not, those questions are answered with an assurance of firm support by first-hand users. Available in five color options and nineteen size options, customers have claimed it to be one of the best gun belts from a comfort point of view.


4. Poyolee CCW Leather Gun Belt

Poyolee CCW Leather Gun BeltPOYOLEE is constructed with top-grain hundred percent tanned leather. It works well for concealed carry and can handle heavy handguns or accessories like mag pouch, flashlight, or holster. You can quickly and easily adjust the fit of the belt without the risk of holster sliding or sagging with its heavy-duty buckle.

Improved durability is offered by the expertly stitched double-layer design. This model also comes with a cent percent satisfaction guarantee where you will be provided a refund by the manufacturer otherwise.

Available in three colors and ten size options, it does a great job of securing your holster and accessories in place. This belt is versatile and tough enough to support all sizes of handguns at a pocket-friendly price.


5. Klik Belts Tactical Belt

Klik Belts Tactical BeltKlik Belts are made of Nylon, which is the second-best material for gun belts that you could ask for. They come with a Cobra Quick Release buckle that is made of some amazing 7075 aluminum alloy which allows you to take it off in an instant.

It is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. The durability, anti-sag ability, and easy access to vital necessities make it optimal for police, military, and EMT usage. Available in five different colors and ten different sizes.


6. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun HolsterThis non-traditional yet efficient gun belt – the Ultimate Belly Band Holster has taken the gun community by storm. It has a bunch of benefits that make this belt perfect for concealed carry for times when you don’t want to advertise the fact that you are carrying a handgun.

You don’t have to face the discomfort of tucking the gun inside your jeans with its completely adjustable neoprene band whose waist that can be expanded up to 44 inches.

The attached holster can fit any size of a handgun- even full-size pistols. It also comes with a removable pouch and an extra built-in pocket for any additional accessories. This belt by ComfortTac is one of the best gun belts for discreet daily use.


7. Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather Belt

Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather BeltIf you are, however, looking for a more traditional gun belt, you will probably end up sticking to Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather Belt. This belt is a gem as it is made with very reliable quality, bull hide leather made in the USA.

The brand also claims to be the thickest concealed carry weapon (CCW) in the market and can therefore carry any heavy side bag without rolling over or sagging. This belt is used by law enforcement, narcotic units, and the military so you can rest assured about being in good company. Your purchase is also completely protected because the belt is available with a lifetime warranty.


8. Magpul Tejas Gun Belt “El Original”

Magpul Tejas Gun Belt El OriginalMagpul has a reputation for their prowess at making polymer gun gear. However, they also make equally good quality leather goods. Their Tejas “El Original” gun belt is one of them.

The sturdiness in the belt is achieved by double layer construction- reinforced polymer inside that helps make the belt more water-resistant and stronger as compared to a fully leather traditional belt. The second layer is premium grade bull hide leather at the front that lends it a rustic classy aesthetic.

As implied by the name, a large firearm (or big knife) can be hung from the belt without any problems. It will not warp or sag like other leather cousins that are less bonded and don’t look as good as this. It comes in five different colors and seven size options.

This classic fashionable gun belt also has a ton of positive reviews by satisfied customers.


Buyer’s Guide For Gun Belts

It is very important to wear a belt that is designed to support the weight of the gun and store enough ammunition, even if an IWB carry is what you have. The correct belt will support your firearm’s weight keeping it stable and secure while storing spare ammunition at the same time.

Your gun will not be held securely or supported properly if the belt is not designed for these purposes. It is also common to be uncomfortable while carrying your firearm with a regular belt. Therefore, it is necessary to do your research so that you find a model that caters to your specific needs- something with many storage options or something that is adjustable and durable.

Read on to get to know the benefits of these types of belts and what features to look out for in the best gun belt for your firearm.

Benefits Of Wearing Best Gun Belt

  • They are specifically designed to keep your guns stable and secure. Regular belts instead of gun belts result in your pants often sliding down and you won’t be able to draw your gun fast because it won’t be positioned right.
  • Good gun belts can improve the carrying experience significantly. Many people like to argue why they should purchase a special belt for their firearms when they already have a belt that they wear the holster with. The answer to this is that they are designed for the sole purpose of handling a handgun’s weight effortlessly.
  • They are affordable, durable, and can store extra ammo in their additional storage compartments.
  • Traditional belts are made of a single layer of leather with some inferior quality stitching and material. Though it is enough to prevent your pants from falling down your knees, it isn’t ideal to hold a hoster or handgun with and would stretch upon doing so. A gun belt doesn’t stretch or twist.
  • They keep the holster in a stable position so that you can make a faster draw.
  • Gun belts help make training and practice more effective by making a good foundation for personal security and a carrying system.
  • They last way longer than a regular belt.

Features To Look For When Buying Best Gun Belt

1. Durability

Look for a model that is well scored in terms of durability as gun belts are designed to last much longer than traditional belts. Models that come with high-quality craftsmanship, good internal stiffener, and double stitching will easily last a decade or more.

2. Material

Most novice gun buyers make the mistake of opting for cheap belts that are made of low-quality materials. These belts are usually made of leather, polyester, or nylon. Leather belts have a design with double layering available in a range of grades. While shopping online, choose the highest two grades that are full grain and top grain.

The difference between these is that a full-grain leather belt has a 3 to 1 ratio of top versus bottom layers while the top grain leather is a lot closer to an equal division. The bottom line being, the only two grades to be considered are top-grain and full-grain when going for a leather belt.

3. Internal Belt Stiffener

Internal belt stiffeners are one of the features that matter the most. It can increase the strength of the belt significantly, which is a key advantage of a gun belt over a traditional one. It increases both vertical as well as horizontal strength of the belt. Where most regular belts focus only on horizontal strength, vertical strength is important as well to support the holster and the handgun.

4. Stitching

A belt with limited stitching will work just fine. Web belts, well-known to be durable, come with limited stitching. However, usually the more the stitching, the better it is. Your belt should include a lot of strong stitching that is uniform and without any loose frays. Whenever possible, try to go for the belt that has double stitching.

5. Hardware

Another common mistake gun users often make is purchasing belt models that have poor quality hardware. Always avoid belts that come with soft metal buckles. Buckles that are too weak or can be bent easily by hand will not last long.

6. Price

The price of a belt model varies with various factors like brand, stitching quality, type of material, and thickness. Even size affects the price because a bigger model will have used more material in the making. Usually, the most expensive models are the ones made of leather followed closely by nylon. Prices vary from $20 to $200 for a good quality belt.

How To Use A Gun Belt Properly

  • You might be misled into believing that purchasing a new firearm, holster, a belt, and then putting everything together will work out perfectly. Many people even do this but committing this mistake doesn’t help them get the most out of their carry equipment. Your belt and holster should feel comfortable together. An uncomfortable pair of holster and belt can increase the chances of you hesitating to carry your firearm often. This is actually one of the most common reasons why people tend to leave their weapons at home until it becomes a habit. The fault lies with the chosen equipment.
  • Therefore, the wrong combination of holster and belt can result in a disaster. For example, a plastic tactical holster worn inside the waistband will probably get wedged against your body ultimately causing the sharp edges to dig into your skin. i. A leather holster is a much more comfortable option until it starts warming up against the skin and causes excessive sweating. In these cases, introducing a belt to the mix will eliminate both these difficulties. The right model will prevent the firearm from sagging and you can carry it more securely.
  • You can try switching to a gun belt and an OWB holster. This is a simple, foolproof, and affordable set combination.
  • OWB holsters are attached using either a belt or a clip. In a belt slide holster, there are a couple of slots or a loop in the holster that can slide the belt through. Both leather and plastic loops are commonly used.
  • The belt has to be removed from the loops, slid through them, re-threaded through them on the pants, and fastened, in case of a sliding belt holster. The positioning of the holster in the required place must be ensured before fastening. If the belt you have chosen is good, it should have been designed to keep the holster from sliding down and therefore you would need to unfasten the belt for making any adjustments in the holster’s position.
  • The other kind of holsters, IWB, is tucked inside the waistband which then requires you to position it perfectly before fastening the belt. This has to be done because after pulling the belt taut, it is difficult to adjust the holster. It is recommended to first put the holster at the desired position beneath the waistband, followed by fastening the pants and then the belt.
  • IWB holster, just like OWB, can be attached using clips or through loops. The popular ones are the clip models but they are not anywhere close to how secure the loop style is.
  • In the end, the choice of the best gun belt will be determined by the perfect combination of holster and belt. The combination must be selected according to the type of gun you use, your environmental conditions, your lifestyle needs, and the season too. A loop-style holster clubbed with a gun belt offers the ultimate level of security and protection while making sure you can draw quickly at the same time. They stop the holster from slipping out of place or sagging and provide the utmost wearing comfort.

Best Gun Belts – Conclusion

Selecting the best gun belt is very important if you use a concealed carry and wear the firearm beneath your waistband. Regular belts will clearly not work because of their weak design which cannot support the weight of a handgun. This is the exact reason why gun belts have been designed for this purpose.

Not only do they secure your firearm in place and support its weight, but they also make it much quicker and efficient to draw your gun out easily while offering better comfort. This guide and the list of best gun belts available on amazon will help you select the ideal model for your firearm, budget, and comfort needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. u003cstrongu003eWhat Should Be The Ideal Thickness Of A Gun Belt?u003c/strongu003e

This question is heavily debated and the answer to it depends purely on the type of firearm you use. However, most of the time gun enthusiasts agree on an inch and a half to be the minimum thickness in order to support the firearm properly with improved user comfort.

Q2. u003cstrongu003eDo Gun Belts Actually Make A Difference?u003c/strongu003e

Absolutely. Gun belts are designed to keep your firearm in position while providing good support to its weight. A heavier firearm calls for a thicker belt. Gun belts stop the gun and holster from protruding or sagging, which could expose your firearm. A sagging holster also twists or catches when you sit down, specifically while driving.

Q3. u003cstrongu003eHow Are Gun Belts And Regular Belts Different From Each Other?u003c/strongu003e

As mentioned earlier, the design of gun belts is modified to support the weight of the gun and holster to prevent them from sagging and to provide more comfort while wearing your firearm. This is very different from regular belts which are designed only to hold your pants up with significantly thinner materials and constructed of a single layer. They do not offer any support for the extra weight of the gun or any ammo.

Q4. u003cstrongu003eWhat Makes A Good Gun Belt?u003c/strongu003e

This depends on a lot of factors, the material of construction being the primary one. The go-to choice is often leather because of its durability and attractive look. It also matches with the majority of holster designs.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhile looking into leather belts, an aspect to pay attention to is the thickness. A thicker leather piece will offer more holding power without the need to cinch tighter as opposed to a thinner one. This thickness creates more friction after the belt is secured which also allows the belt to provide a tighter hold.

Q5. u003cstrongu003eIs Concealed Carry Legal?u003c/strongu003e

This depends entirely on the specific laws decided by the state you reside in, which can also change at any point in time. Therefore, we didn’t list them here individually to avoid spreading any misinformation. The bottom line, however, is yes. Certain states have legalized concealed carry.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIt is necessary to do proper research on the laws of the individual states you might use the firearm in. For example, if you use it strictly in your home state or take it along with you on trips. Police officers may react differently in different states depending on whether concealed carry is allowed in the state or not.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you are stopped, according to proper protocol, keep your hands on the wheel and declare to the officer that you are carrying a concealed weapon permit with you and where they can locate it, before saying anything else. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAfter notifying them, seek their permission to reach for the permit yourself to show them. If they disagree, direct them to where it is placed. Therefore, knowing the accepted protocol for the concerned state will save you a lot of trouble in the future.u003cbru003e